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Monday, December 5, 2016

New week and last month of the year

This post was originally supposed to be up on the 1st of December, last week... but well life got in the way and there was no time to post so i thought i might as well make a new post for the start of this week!

I thought this post had posted this morning, but i guess not!! XD

Its now only 3 weeks left of the year, roughly and this year has passed by like crazy. At times the weeks have flown by and other times it feels like it has been a standstill. The year may not be over yet but i dont know what to say about this year.... so much has changed, ive grown and changed as a person and experienced so many different things. Lots of positivity and lots of negativity, but through it all ive become stronger and gotten experience and of course makes dealing with life just that bit easier when you have been through things already! If i am honest, i just want this year to be over with now. I dont personally believe that a "new year, new me, everything will get better/change" mindset, because it is all about what you do with your life and your choices. In the end a new year is basically just the same as a new day and there is no point sitting around and waiting to make changes until its a new year - just like people sit and wait until a new week to make changes when infact you can make a change right now!!

 I mostly want a new year because i want to leave 2016 behind me, i just like that "new and fresh feeling" and the excitment of what a new year can bring. Of course there will be ups and downs and highs and lows in 2017, but its like a fresh 365 days which i get to experience and live through and that makes me excited. Imagine how life can be a year from now? So much can happen and change that makes me very excited and happy at the moment!!

So how am i going ot make the best of these last 3 weeks of the year?

First off, its lectures and studying so that i can take a break during Christmas and new years and not have to worry about studying for my exam too much (if i put the work in beforehand!).

Second, i am going to do some reading. I got a book as a birthday present called "according to yes". I have no idea if it is good or not, but i think reading a book and spending less time infront of a computer will do both me and my eyes a good thing! I'll let you know if i actually start reading or not  - i have a habit of getting distracted and finding youtube videos more interesting. I.e if i amnt reading university litterature or reading articles or researching i dont really feel like reading which is a little silly!

Third, make sure to get some fresh air everyday. Its so easy for me to just jump onto a bus, head to the gym, do strength training, then head to school and sit in lectures all day and then jump onto a bus and sit in the sofa all evening, the only time i really get fresh air is when i stand and wait for the bus. Or the days where i decide to go for a walk instead of the gym, but those days arent as often, haha. But i have found a walking route where i live so going to go out and explore that route and see where i end up!

Fourth, since my test and the move are over i dont feel stressed at all so i want to keep it this way for the reaminder of the year!! Just enjoying each day and not worrying or stressing, just feeling at peace and calm!

Fifth, i might do some more vlogs as i now i have a little more time to edit videos but also that as i live on my own i can freely vlog as long as the lighting is ok, hahah! So if you want me to vlog just let me know... or maybe do some fulldays of eating if that would be of interest to anyone :) Or just suggest video ideas, maybe ill do some baking or cooking and film that if that is of interest (of course these would be done during the weekend as i spend my days at university during the weekdays).

Sixth, just make the best of these last few weeks. Enjoy them, stay happy, make sure to not catch a cold and just keep energized :) hahah

Do you have any goals for the remainding weeks of the year?


  1. Those are all really great goals :)
    Some of my goals for the rest of the year are to:
    1. Eat more nuts/Peanut butter/lara bars
    I love nuts a lot, but they are still a fear food....but I'm working on it
    2. I start my final exams this weekend, so my goals is to find a balance between studying, physical activity, eating, and 'me' time.
    3. Limit my time on social media so I can concentrate on studying!!
    4. Focus on a positive mindset :)

    I love your vlogs!! A baking/cooking one would be cool. Or maybe show us around Gothenburg?

  2. Vlogs are definitely a great idea! I really like watching them!! :)

  3. Vlogs sound great!
    My friend got me a really incredible early Christmas present, and one part of it was a large malteser chocolate. She said that it'll last for a long time, so when I'm ready to face a fear food I can start with that! It was so sweet of her, so that's my goal for now. :)

  4. Some vlogs would be great - especially a baking one or just about how you spent your day. If you`re in the mood for some research though a vlog about how we can reduce our carbon footprint would be good - I recycle but I`m looking to do more, as I`m sure we all could :)

  5. To get all my Christmas presents wrapped BEFORE Christmas Eve this year - I always leave it to the last minute and then its an unenjoyable, rushed affair.
    Some vlogs would be really good if you get the chance and time to make some - I love watching them!

  6. My goals are to continue with the gentle leg exercises and gradually increase the distance that I walk so that my legs gain strength and return to normal again

    To continue eating more and varied foods

    To try another fear food and to be able to eat it ok by Christmas

    To get over this awful cold I have at the moment and then remain well for the remainder of the year

    To remember to be thankful for the smaller, lesser things in life and be happy!

    To finally get round to colouring my hair again - I have been putting it off for too long

    To sort through all my books (I have a lot) and get rid of all those I have read and know will not read again - to make room for any new books I may get for Christmas

    To enjoy Christmas and not get stressed out - or if I do to handle it better

    I would love it if you did another vlog Izzy - I really like watching them!
    Things like baking, your day would be good as would some footage from around the town where you live - your favourite places etc.