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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Moving, biochemistry test and remembering to stay positive

Hello and update from my life at the moment!!

First off thank you for all the birthday wishes, you are all so sweet and kind and the lovely messages mean so much to me!! :)

So my life at the moment? Well I got back to gothenburg on Tuesday evening and I spent the evening just packing my things together. The on Wednesday  (my birthday) I started my day with a workout and then study at school before I picked up the keys to the new apartment and then headed to the old apartment where I cleaned the room and packed my stuff and left. (Leaving back the keys as well!). It was a lovely place to stay and am so thankful that I got to live there, but now I have an apartment to myself for 3 weeks! On the bus journey there with all my items I felt myself half panicking and feeling extremely sad. Tired of moving, feeling anxiety about the new living area and just feeling doubtful over everything.  Too little sleep, too much studying and worrying about my test and just feeling lonely is not a good combination!!! But once I got to the apartment I began to feel calm and happy again, to just feel more settled and at peace.  However as I'm just staying there for such a short time I'm not going to unpack my things.... though this evening I'm going to go through all my items and just throw away everything unnecessary.... or pack all my summer things in a bag and give to my mum to take back to Stockholm as I feel like I have too much stuff and I need to move with more times!!!

My birthday evening was spent with series watching and my favourite food. Not a bad evening at all :)

Then today, Thursday i was up early and headed to the gym before I had my biochemistry test. I have no idea how it went and I just want to not think about it for a while... I've done all I could do and I've studied as much as I can considering the other things going on in my life. So I'm just glad it's done and I'm not going to stress over whether I passed or failed!!

After the test myself and a few friends went out for sushi to celebrate that the test was done and also my post birthday celebration! I can't even remember the last time I had sushi - I used to eat sashimi! It was actually a little disgusting to see all the raw fish and I find it so strange that I used to eat sashimi and raw fish? Usch... but I enjoyed my avocado and tofu sushi, though if I'm honest it didn't fill me up at all... hahah i would have needed at least double the amount ^-^ that was basically a pre lunch and now I'm going to make actual lunch at home!!:)

Now after my test and meeting friends again and being back to university I feel so much happier and less doubtful. I've been having alot of anxiety and doubtful thoughts recently with all the stress and anxiety over moving but now I feel so much more calm and peaceful again. I remember that I enjoy school and enjoy university and that being in gothenburg isn't so bad!!! Now I'm looking forward to my next course - physiology which starts tomorrow, and just looking forward to spending the weekend with my family and getting back into lectures again as I barely went to any lectures this past course!! Hahah.

Anyway, just thought I would update you all!! And I plan to write some posts this evening as it's the first time I don't actually have to study or do anything else!!!


  1. I love your blog.

    I have a question for you, I was eating around 2,500-3000 calories in recovery, but for some reason I slowed down and now i'm just eating 2,000 calories. I only have about 5-8 pounds left to gain and I don't know if I should increase again. Also, I do moderately exercise (I do make up the calories) and I still haven't had my period yet.

    1. I'm not Izzy, but I'd just like to suggest that you increase your calories for gaining weight, as it usually means that you can maintain on a higher amount. Also, I'd hold off on exercise until you get your period, as this is usually about body fat percentage and the fact that you don't have it could suggest that your body isn't at a healthy weight for it yet.
      Of course, I'm not a doctor, just a fellow recover-er, so I'd suggest talking to an expert :) Good luck!

    2. I would increase your calories, even if you are gaining weight. This is because you want your body to adapt. But also 2000kcal when both working out and trying to gain weight really isn't enough. It's best to wait with exercise until you are a healthy weight and a healthy fat percent! Your period won't come back until you are a healthy weight and a healthy fat percent and your body feels healthy and safe enough! But also talking to a dietician is recommended so you get proper advice :) but don't be scared of increasing it will only help you!

  2. You look very skinny. Are you ok?

    1. I agree. She looks waif-life in all of her recent photos and all of her posts sound disordered. Like she's trying to prove something to us

  3. Hi Izzy - So pleased that you had a nice day on your birthday after all and that your move went ok and that you are beginning to feel settled again in yourself. Moving is one of the most stressfull things there is so it will be nice when you get to move into the apartment where you can stay for longer. How do you feel about living on your own rather than sharing? (at least you won`t have to wait to use the bathroom!) I should imagine you will somewhat enjoy the sense of privacy?
    Good luck with your test results - I`m sure you did ok :)
    Your photos of sushi looked interesting - I have never tried it myself - raw fish just doesn't appeal but I know many people love it. Is`nt it strange when you stop and think of things you used to do or eat that you wouldn't do so now!
    Hope you have a good weekend and enjoy finding your way around your new surroundings - and of course your family visiting too xx

  4. Izzy you are so anorexic looking. I'm sorry but A Life Without Anorexia doesn't really work for you anymore. You are either denying it and sick or really just aren't eating enough. Stop doubting yourself. You know you need to eat even your face looks gaunt, and your arms and legs... It's sad.

    1. Why would you even say that. Izzy is very happy with who she is and you shouldn't be judging her.

  5. Wow you have lost a lot of weight. Are you okay? You haven't mentioned it at all. A BMI of 18 isn't healthy if you are even that much. Your pretty dimples are even gone :'(

  6. I think these comments are totally unnecessary and somewhat rude. Its not the sort of thing I expect to read on here and Izzy certainly doesn't need comments like this either. If you no longer find this blog helpful to yourselves then stop following it. Take your opinions somewhere else where they are more welcome :(