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Monday, December 12, 2016

Making the best of a new week

Monday and a new week! I wish I was filled with positivity for this week  (like I was last night), but instead I'm feeling pretty drained of energy, have pain in my lungs as well as nausea and stomach pain. So not in the best place physically, the anti biotics have knocked me down completely and feel very unbalanced.  (This is one of the reasons I hate antibiotics and avoid them as much as I can as they make me mentally more unstable I. E mood swings and such as well as physically making me feel sick, tired and just not feeling like myself.) However as i have an infection then I just have to deal with these 2 weeks even if it means I'm out of balance, sleeping more and the only thing I want to eat is bread and chocolate,hahah.

Despite sleeping past my alarm, which I've done the past week, I headed to my lectures and fought through the nausea and stomach discomfort as well as having some weird "muscle ache" type pain in my lungs. However when i got home the stomach discomfort and head ache hit hard so it was just to creep into my bed and take some pain killers. I actually have lots of plans for this week but i really amnt sure whether i can make it to those plans or not... i want to, but when i can barely get out of bed and can only manage to eat bread at the moment i dont know how good my chances are. But anyway... no more complaining. Though just to add something extra, today on my way to school i was listening to a podcast where the man who was being interviewed said that there had been a study done which showed that most people appreciated their body and health most after being sick... and i can definitely believe those results!! Its like when you are sick and you lose your sense of smell or taste and then once you get those things back its like the best thing in the world! After being sick you appreciate your body and health alot more.... though i appreciate those things everyday so now i just miss them extra much!!!

Anyway, going to try to find the positves of the day which is... 1) My lovely friends in school and all the awesome people in my class! 2) Warm, freshly (?) baked bread, 3) a bed!!! 4) Tea!!

Thats pretty much all my positives of the day, but atleast its something :)  Do you have any positives of the day? Do you have any plans or recovery goals for the week? :)


  1. I hope you feel better soon!
    I've always been one of those people that rarely gets sick...I actually can't even remember the last time I had to stay home from class or cancel an activity due to being ill!
    I'd recommend lots of tea :) have you ever tried taking echinacea? That helps me if I do ever feel my throat getting sore.

    I have 3 exams this week, so my days are basically just studying at the moment haha. I haven't really done any exercise in about a week, but I'm using this exam period to prove to myself that rest is good and I won't gain 10lbs just like that.
    I'm proud of how well I've been able to concentrate on my studies!

  2. When starting recovery would you recommend making a meal plan just starting with regular meals to begin with or should you start with a certain amount of calories?

  3. Hi Izzy - you have a lot of tests - one at the end of each subject you study? Do you find these helpful, ie helps you acknowledge what you have learnt/not learnt or would you rather you didn't have them/
    Also do you sit an exam at the end of your course or is your overall grade made up of what your scores were in your tests?Which is the most important, the regular tests or the exam at the end (if you have one)?
    Sorry for all the questions, just wondered how it all worked

  4. Sorry that you are feeling so lousy, sometimes the antibiotics can make you feel worse than the actual illness you`re taking them for. If they are affecting you badly could you see your doctor and get them changed to a different one? I know I can`t take certain antibiotics and myself have had to get them changed in the past.
    I hope you feel better soon :)
    I have been fighting a lingering cold bug this past week and are heartily fed up with it now, it just doesn't seem to want to go. I hate this time of year when all manner of bugs are flying around!
    My plan today is to get all my Christmas presents wrapped. We put our decorations and tree up at the weekend (much to our kittens delight who sees it as a new toy to dismantle)so I`m getting into the Christmas swing of things :)
    When do you break for the Christmas holiday? Are you still going home to Stockholme?
    Take care and try and rest as much as you can!

  5. Hope you feel better soon & get to enjoy Christmas Xxx

  6. I have just finished reading "Wasted" by Maya Hornbacher - I found it hard to get into at first but I`m glad I perservered because it was a very good book. I just want to share a quote from her book where she is writing about recovery :

    "it is worth it (recovery). its a fight. its exhausting, but its a fight I believe in" I know for a fact that sickness is easier. But health is more interesting. The leap of faith is this : you have to believe, or at least pretend you believe until you really believe it, that you are strong enough to take life face on."

    I thought this was so true of recovery and wise words indeed.