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Friday, December 9, 2016

Life - Christmas, antibiotics and physiology studying

Hello and so sorry for the lack of updates and lack of reply to comments. Life, school and health come first!

I thought I would write a little update, so at the moment I'm studying physiology which is super interesting but also so much to learn. All about the brain and nervous system, different transport methods in the body I. E glucose to the cells, salt and calcium into the cells and bones, oxygen through the lungs and cells and not to mention about hormones, muscle movement and the different Latin names of body parts! Luckily I don't hace my test until January and I did pass my biochemistry test so there isn't too much pressure at the moment. But at the same time it's so fun to study and learn that I don't mind doing it at the moment, not to mention that a few hours have been spent just watching YouTube videos about the brain and nervous system and muscles, so can't say that studying is too difficult!

What am I doing apart from studying? Mostly sleeping and eating.  I've been hit with an infection in my lungs so I've started taking anti biotics and well, it leads to an emotional roller coaster and extra tiredness as well as nausea and lack of appetite which sucks. Mentally I want food, physically my body is saying no.... but making lots of soup and eating bread and nuts which are easy to eat and don't upset my stomach.  But otherwise, all of you curious about my weight, no I haven't lost weight, I've actually gained weight since September/October and yes I'm a healthy weight! Next week I'm going back to the hospital and going to see if I can get some blood tests just to make sure that I am getting the right nutrients.  I think that everyone should get blood tests done 1-2 times a year just to check. I mean no point taking extra dose of vitamins if you don't need them!!

Otherwise I've gotten some questions about why my blog feels "less personal". All I can say is that how much I choose to write and share depends on my life situation and how much I want to share. But also I'm more aware of who reads my blog.... my family and people on my life read my blog and well, I do want to get into the dating life again (though in all honesty I hate dating.... I just want deep conversations and to know a person. I hate small talk!!!!) And it's so easy to just Google my name and find my blog, so well I guess I'm just being more aware of what I share and who reads! But of course I'm very honest and open here nonetheless, if I need to write out my thoughts I will... but like I wrote 2 days ago. I feel very happy and content with life at the moment :)

Lastly.... 2 weeks until Christmas and only now am I buying Christmas presents!! I'm not so much about material items and don't like the whole present thing for birthdays or Christmas, I think it's far too materialistic.  But at the same time, I love when I know that I can buy an item for someone  which they will truly appreciate,that makes me happy!!! It's funny though how I can easily spend 50 euro on a present for my sister but if I see a top I like that costs 15 euro I'll be like "nope, far too expensive and unnecessary.  I already have 5 tops from 2012, why do I need more". I just can't seem to buy anything for myself unless I have a present card, but I can easily spend money on others? I think it's because I just see all items as unnecessary and materialistic when it comes to myself but for others I feel like I make them happy by buying them something they want or need?

What are your opinions on Christmas presents? Are you celebrating Christmas this year or maybe it's just "another day"?

Anyway, for now I am going to study and then take a nap because the antibiotics steal all my energy!!! I'll be lucky if I manage to go for a few walks these next two weeks,hahahah. The last time I spent so little time at the gym was in 2011 when I wasn't even allowed to exercise!!! ^-^


  1. You say you workout less now, do you think you have more balanced and better relationship now compared to when you were working out 6-7 times a week?

  2. Giving gifts at Christmas isn't "materialistic"--it's literally symbolic of the gifts that Jesus received at his birth. And the act of giving gifts is an act of service, something that benefits the giver of the gift, not the receiver.

  3. I hope you feel better soon! I can understand that it might be frustrating to be put out of action for so long :)

  4. I totally share your views! First with the dating, I also got out of a really bad relationship recently and now am starting to see other people as I feel read. But all the superficial talk drives me insane! It's like I spend so much energy on it and I'mnactually a huge introvert so feel I need to recharge and isolate myself after too much talk. But some people it's easier with because you just click and they make you laugh so much that you don't mind tge subject and also they don't mind when you lay out all your cards on the table and share deeper stuff. I don't think I have much of a fikter or energy for pretense in what I say anymore. Going on a date tomorrow with a guy who I enjoy chatting with on whatsapp so holding thumbs!! Some guys are such assholes though and just want sex. Christmas I also agree with you. I hate the commercialised chrisgmas we now have. Presents are nice but it's really about family. My Christams will be spent alone though as my mom passed and other family lives all over the country apart from each other. But at least I have my beautiful, silky huskies. Have a great Christmas Izzy! Xx

  5. Hoping you feel better soon Izzy!
    I`m practically all ready for Christmas, got all my present shopping just have to buy the extra food items - crisps and nuts etc which I plan to do this week. Then its just the last minute food items like the fresh veg which I can`t do until nearer the time. I think we are planning to put the tree up this afternoon, which should be fun as this year we`ve got a 5 month old kitten - and somehow I think she will view the tree and decorations as a new play we shall see...hopefully she won`t wreck it too much!
    I don`t really do Christmas as much as some people do and in all honesty I am glad when it is over. It starts far too early here, the shops start selling Christmas food and decorations as early as September - which is ridiculous. Past years I have got incredibly stressed over Christmas but this year I am determined to handle it better. We have "streamlined" the day itself and cut down on the entertaining and planned and prepared ahead as much as possible. We are having family round for Christmas day dinner and after that it is usually out for a walk then the usual Christmas film on tv.
    I like buying presents for other people too but I`m also not so good myself in receiving them. Like you I will happily spend x amount on a present for someone but will think twice about spending that on myself! Afew years ago my partner and I stopped buying presents for each other at Christmas because we felt it was just getting too commercialised - and we can buy each other presents any time throughout the year and they will mean more rather than on that one particular day when presents are often brought not for their meaning but because it is the done thing to do. (we often buy each other surprise gifts just because and it means so much more)
    Apart from spending Christmas at home, what are your plans for the holiday? Do you entertain family/friends?
    Your course sounds really interesting - and its so much easier to put the study time in when you are interested and enjoying what you are studying. I`m so glad its all working out for you better this year :)
    Hope you have a great weekend and manage to take that nap!