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Friday, December 30, 2016

Is it normal to have bad body image days? And how to cope.

Would I say that bad body image days are normal.... no I wouldn't, because they happen very infrequently for me anyway.  But I would also say that having bad body image days now and again is normal.... as long as it's not an everyday feeling then I don't think it's strange if Somedays you feel a little off with your body or just a little low which leads to negative feelings about your body. Of course wouldn't it be amazing if you never had bad body image days, maybe there are people who never have them. But I think for the majority of people sometimes they have a day where they just don't feel 100% in their body. However what I have come to realise is that negative body image feelings aren't actually about or due to my body but the feelings stem from stress, anxiety, tiredness or if I have eaten alot of food which sort of puts my body put of balance.  This is the same with "fat feelings ", I don't actually get these feelings anymore but it's important to remember that fat isn't a feeling.... it's due to some other emotion such as anxiety, stress, tiredness, fear... and it's good if you learn what the actual trigger to the fat feelings are.

So.... the days where I have bad body image days I try to make positive and not let those feelings ruin my day.

First off drink lots of water -not to fill you up but because water can have a refreshing and clearing feeling!!

Wear comfortable clothes and either 1) spend more time on your hair and make up so you feel more fresh... or 2) avoid those things because you want to avoid the mirror.  Whatever works best for you.  Sometimes option 1 works best and sometimes option 2 works best!

Make sure to eat regular meals throughout the day. Skipping meals won't make you feel better and that would just give in to negative thoughts and behaviours.

Journal, write or express your feelings.  It can be good to figure out what your actual emotions are  so that next time you will know how to cope better.

Do fun things, think of other things and avoid mirrors. The thoughts and feelings are just in your head  (obviously!), so if you do other things, get out of the house and not let your feelings ruin the day you will be stronger but also hopefully the feelings will pass!

Know that the feelings will pass and that fat isnt a feeling either!!!

It can also be good to make sure that you arent having frequent bad body image days because then you do need to sit down and ask yourself what the actual emotions and feelings are and so that the negative body image days dont take over or control your life or thoughts.

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  1. Hi izzy please could you help me, lately i have been eating an excess amount of cereal and bread and having been anorexic I'm scared I'm getting BED. Where does the line draw on eating cos you're starving and binge eating. I've put on a lot of weight recently and now I'm at target but I'm scared that my weight will keep soaring if i can't stop this eating in excess. but then I'm left hungry? i seem to have a problem with eating excess of anything, veg, fruit, then cereal and bread. its like i have 1 thing i can eat then thats all i eat. i feel so fat and ugly i just want this to stop but each day i tell myself no and yet i can't stop

  2. I'm not Izzy, but I experienced the same during my recovery from anorexia. Your body still needs a lot of food, being at your target weight is *only* an indicator that you're finally at a healthy weight. But your body has a lot of things to repair and needs lots of energy to do so. Also your metabolism is speeding up now that you're at a healthy weight and your system simply burns more energy and needs more energy to function properly. Another aspect is that after restricting heavily for a decent amount of time, your finally setting your mind free of the "cage" of anorexia and suddenly all the delicious food you've deprived yourself and labelled as forbidden at all cost is allowed and available for you; it is completely normal and healthy for you to crave these things in high amounts now. I can tell from my own experience that when I hit my target weight I could barely stop myself from eating all the time, I was extremely hungry and it felt as if my body was already at the normal and healthy place, my mind still thought: who knows when I am going to get this delicious food again?? It seemed to me that my mind still didn't trust that tomorrow will be another day where I can eat whatever I want and then another day and another day and no more starving days. It took a few month for my mind to "trust" in this and then eventually the extreme hunger stopped. In this whole period I have never ever been overweight or gained a lot, yet of course shot over my target weight. You have to keep in mind that the target weight is (usually) the in the lowest range of "healthy" and you most probably will (and should) shoot over this sooner or later. But that does not mean that you are a binge eater or going to be overweight. You have to trust your body and the recovery process that what you're experiencing now is just a phase and after the long restriction, your body and mind need some time to balance out with food. But it is part of the recovery process and it will pass!

  3. Do you have any advice about finding a structured eating pattern that works?
    I know you cannot prescribe for everyone's situation, and I don't even mean specifics so much as rules-of-thumb about the main things (quantity & composition of meals), and then where one might change or adjust things to suit one's individual situation.
    For people who are at a healthy weight.

    1. I too wonder about this, though it has become way out of controll. It's as if I am forever searching for a "just right" feeling when it comes to meal times, amount of food, excercise, hunger etc. Like I overthink it. For example the hunger and fullness scale. In order to have a low body fat you'll need to feel hungrier before eating a meal than say an overweight person would (because they have a lot of badyfat, they don't feel that hungry really). And that is what keeps me from eating when i start to feel hungry, because I don't know HOW hungry I am supposed to be before I can eat. Also Izzy saying how hungry she gets before meals triggers/backs up my ingrated theories. Also, this gives me anxiety attacks, which then leads me to question whether I am just crying because of hunger or if it is just stress and anxiety... Gah.. (This is not ment as critique, just writing out my absurd thought process. I am going to get help for this very soon FYI - the problem is really all in my head, my controlling is just a way to deal with uncertanty:) Don't know if others think likewise.