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Thursday, December 29, 2016

I'm thankful that my family understand my choice of being a vegan

Something which I wanted to write about is how thankful I am over the fact that my family are very understanding over my choice to be a vegan i.e live a vegan lifestyle. They are also very supporting which means a lot as well as I know that this isn't the case for everyone. My mum I the one who has had the hardest to accept my choices and who still questions my choices and actions but she is getting better.  I think at first it was hard for her to accept because veganism is so easily connected with restriction or eating disorders.  So in the beginning it was me just having to promise that it wasn't due to an eating disorder and now over time my actions have shown her that. And like I always say, actions speak louder than words.  I did initially lose weight but that was due to other factors as well, I did however regain the weight and still maintain a vegan diet and now I maintain my healthy weight while on a plant based diet.

Being vegan is of course easier when you live on your own and you buy and cook your own food. But whenever I am home my parents are so kind and do buy me vegan foods even if I tell them they don't have to because I'll buy my own food and as long as there are basics like lentils, chickpeas, vegetables and soy milk as well as some soy products which they eat anyway,I'll be fine. I think it was also easy for me to go to a fully vegan diet because I've grown up eating a mostly vegetarian diet and my parents are pescatarians but they do consume soy milk instead of regular milk as well as eating alot of beans and lentils etc so it's not a huge change or difference. However when my family make meals that everyone will eat they will make a vegan version for me or fry in oil or vegan margarine and use other binding ingredients than egg when making food. And that means so much to me. Of course veganism isn't about being perfect and I have accidently eaten vegan pancakes which were fried in butter and eaten scones that had butter in them when I was told they were vegan. But it's not the end of the world, it's just to move on.... you can't live with guilt over food or feel paranoid over others making you food.

I also have to say that I am lucky that I have both online and in real life friends who are vegan and in my class there are 2 other vegans and one or two who I have managed to inspire to eat more plant based. So that of course makes it easier when we go out to eat as a group and I'm not the only vegan or plant based eater.

It can be hard to be vegan when your family and/or friends are against you or keep questioning your choices.  But ig you believe in veganism for the ethical or environmental reasons then you will stick with it.

I've also been asked whether veganism has taken over my life... and the answer is both  yes and no. No in the sense that there is more to my life than veganism but also yes because when I buy products I make sure they are vegan whether it's lip balm, alcohol, food or make up. It can be time consuming or difficult in the beginning but it gets easier and if you find a brand you like then you just keep buying that brand. It doesn't have to be difficult or take up all of your time and it shouldn't consume your life either. I mean I believe in veganism but I AM MORE THAN A VEGAN. I.e i don't introduce myself as a vegan... I am me, what I enjoy to do and my personality. So even if I have certain beliefs and morals and ethics I am more than them. Just like I am not my CF or like I wasn't my depression or eating disorder.... if that makes sense, haha!

Remmeber that all you can do is your best! It's not about being perfect and I also think that there should be less judgement and that people don't have to be 100% vegan, but instead if everyone were to eat a few plant based meals weekly and maybe choose vegan options when available and buy non animal tested products then it will make a difference.  Even if people can be 100% vegan, every small choice makes a difference!!


  1. It's so nice to have a famlily who at least supports youwhen you make a change like this. I mean, even when it's not that big of a differnece food wise (it wasn't for me either as i grew up eating mostly vegetarian food too) but still it's nice to know that the people you're close to do support or at least understand your lifestyle choices :) I must say that my mum was very septical at first too. But my dad was waaaaaay worse. He still acts pretty immature from time to time tbh. Making nasty jokes about his food while consuming it. For ex. when he has a saucage he starts making pig noises or sth like that. It's super embarassing and i get mad about it! But now most of the time i ignore it and move on. Just dont pay any attention to it and nw it's gotten better a bit. Well at least his attitude towards me has improved a lot. As at first he used to get super mad at me for choosing to eat vegan. Refusing to order me a vegan pizza and things like that(the delivery does vegan cheese so it's not weird to order or sth it's litteraly just to pick a number on the menu just like veryone else does!) Or when i would ask him to buy me soy yoghurt for example he wouldn't buy me any and say he couldn't find it. Which wasnt a lie but he could have asked the people in the shop you know? Well at least im happy that nowadays he starts to be more accepting and not making stupid comments anymore all the fucking time. As for my mum she has gotten really open to it and went from a mainly vegetarian (but with lots of dairy and some eggs as well as cheese and a bit of meat here and there) to vegan whenever she can. She doesn't really try to do an effort but when i cook my own food i offer her to make her some too and she usually wants some then. As she cooks with a lot of meat for my brothers and father. Because my dad refuses to eat anything else... So all in all: It's getting better!
    What i really experience though is that family and other relatives or people close to you they have to adust. And that takes a while. At first they may be hesitant or even very sceptical especially if you have and ED background. Which isn't necesarilly a bad thing! It also means they are concerned about you i think and they just care about your well being. But over time they will indeed see through your actions why you chose to pick this lifestyle and also that being vegan means more than just eatng plant based. But of course you can all adapt it to your own life and make it YOUR personal lifestyle. Clthing, bags, items, beauty care etc. Are all things to take into consideration. I also don't buy non vegan presents for others for example. But i do have pets. Some vegans are against that as well. Besides that i am not only concerned about animals. The reason i chose this lifestyle and choose to continue to do so is because i want to make a difference. Even if it's a small one. And i feel like i can contribute to maknig this world a better place by being vegan. But therefore i also try to buysecond hand clothing and not waste paper or glass i.e. i recycle. (Btw my mum and i are planning on doing a whole month plastic free as my mom is an artist and currently works on a project about plastic waste!). Plus i am concerned about things like childlabor/slaves etc. So i now found this website that tells you where to buy coffe and cacao from when you on't want to contribute to no-fairtrade (unfortunately labels wont tell you anything! They are outdated) s called also i use this web search browser in stead of google as their profits go to planting trees :D

  2. Izzy, I'm scared that when I go vegan, what my parents will do. My mom and dad say my aunt, who is a vegetarian isn't getting the right nutrition and never will. In 2-3 I will be going to college, to there study nutrition and health to become a holistic nutritionist. I hope that will help me explain but I'm still nervous.

    1. Kinda same here, whenever I say I would like to be vegetarian (not vegan yet, to give myself time to see how it goes) they say that I won't get enough protein, and however much I tell them, that we can have it from many other food sources, they don't believe me... especially not my mother, as my father says it's worth giving it a try (even though he is a huge meat eater)

    2. If you don't have much money this might be difficult, but go buy some fake meat or some high-protein vegan foods that have nutrition labels on them. Most vegan meats (so soy sausages, etc) have 10+ grams of protein per serving. Then take a picture of actual meat's nutritional labels. Give them solid evidence that vegan stuff can have the same or even more protein than non-vegan food. Of course, if they are set in their beliefs this might not even work. But it's worth a try?

    3. I went vegan when I left for college without telling my parents about it. I told them when they came to visit a month later. They were pissed and argued a lot, but they came around. I promised to take a blood lab test when I came back for the holidays to prove that I am not deficient, which, by the way, came out normal! ;) Best wishes.