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Saturday, December 10, 2016

How much to workout? How much is healthy?

You say you workout less now, do you think you have more balanced and better relationship now compared to when you were working out 6-7 times a week?

I was healthy back then, when working out more/more often, and i am healthy now as well. I had balance back then and i also have balance with exercise now as well, but the important thing to remember is that life changes so that "balance" with exercise changes. Back then i had time, energy, motivation and it fit into my schedule to workout 6-7 times a week and i had time and energy to somedays do double workouts i.e both a walk and the gym. But now my life is different, i dont feel the need to be at the gym 6-7 times a week (though i still do the times i want to be there so often), instead i go roughly 5 days a week (And yes, that is still alot and more than the average, but that works for me), and the other 2 days are complete rest days with just daily activity. Though with life changing and different stress levels and work amount some weeks i go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week and that is ok as well. Life is always changing and exercise isnt something i "Have to do", but want to do if i get the chance, but if i dont get a chance or just dont feel like it, well then thats life and theres always a new day.

With exercise its about finding what you find fun and what you have time and energy for. Dont worry about what others are doing, instead focus on what works in your life and what makes you happy. But also remember that life changes and exercise doesnt have to come first. Of course for me personally exercise makes me happy and is a way for me to destress and regain energy and feel happy, so its something i want to do as often as i can but its not something i stress about if i dont get to go to the gym or go for a walk. There are far too many people out there who put exercise before everything else in life - and sure i used to be one of those - but when you begin to live life and find other focus in life you realise that exercise isnt everything in life even if it may be PART of your life. Just like with food, it should be part of your life not your whole life. Remember that your body needs rest and you cant keep breaking down your body and muscles through working out and never letting them have recovery time, but also remember that life should come first. I.e go on roadtrips, travel, go on weekends away, go campling, stay at friends houses, travel with friends etc and dont worry about "not being able to exercise", because if that is your first thought when offers or experiences such as those arise, well then you have to rethink your relationship with exercise!

It was a great question and got me thinking, and my answer is that life changes and so does "balance". I had balance with exercise bcak then, but now my balance is different but i am still mentally and physically healthy.. (well, my CF and cardiovasclar health is not so great since i dont do so much cardio compared to the past. So i really need to start doing some form of cardio again to help my lungs and CF  health!)


  1. I watched a video about CF and it said that it's fatal and that 99% of those with CF die before 30. Is that true? How come you are able to live a nearly normal life but everyone in the video was barely functioning--coughing up bloody mucus and unable to talk. Do you just have minor cf?

    1. It's true, many don't live very long lives but it varies of course. But this was what first caused my depression when I was 11/12 and began to realise these things. I was very sick when I was younger and had a 60% absence from school and was in hospital every 1-2 months with IV treatments. But as I've gotten older and take my medication, make sure to exercise and eat properly as well as taking alternative medication I have been able to keep my CF health rather good. But I do have "minor" compared to others. However imagine having a belt around your lungs and breathing through a straw.... that's how it feels like to breathe for me as well as I often cough blood and take strong medication for my CF. But these aren't things I wrote about on here.... somedayso are worse with my CF and other days better. But I'm hoping that if I take care of myself I can live a somewhat long life!! :)

  2. Maybe you should google it? It depends on the person. Some are sicker than others. I know one person lived to be 76. I don't mean to be rude, but the way you asked it is not very great. Izzy takes a lot of medication every day and do have problems.

    1. When I first learned that people with cf might not live as long lives it caused me to feel very upset and lost and depressed. But I've now realised that if I take care of myself I can live a somewhat long life as well as there being so much health care now a days. However the worst thing is knowing that sometimes even if I do everything right with my CF and medications it isn't always enough:( but at least I can be happy that I can live a normal life now because when I was younger I couldn't as I was so sick and on antibiotics and in hospital basically 50% of the time.

  3. I actually just found out a girl I was in hospital with passed away from CF... she recovered from anorexia and then CF got her. It's so sad, I hate the illness and I hope they find a cure one day! <3