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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Gaining weight and seeing your body change is a difficult process that takes time

Back to normal again after the Christmas weekend. Time to start focusing on the new year and goals for the new year :)

Over the christmas weekend i saw something on facebook (and something i see often on Instagram) which i wanted to try to write my thoughts about. It was that a person i am friends with who has struggled with an eating disorder posted a christmas photo of themselves and someone (whether its a friend, not so close family member or just a stranger) commented and mentioned that the person had gained weight and was looking "brighter". I am guessing that the comment was meant in all good will but i thought it was a little strange....  I dont personally know how mentally recovered the girl i am friends with is, so i dont know whether that comment triggered her or not, but whether it did or didnt i think the weight gain comment was just unnecessary. People know how their bodies look (though of course if you have body dysmorphia it can mess with your body image) and often know whether they have gained weight or lost weight and it doesnt help to have people comment about it.... or not in the straight forward "You have gained weight" type of comment. I think its better to compliment the person with comments such as "You look so much happier", "you look healthier", "there is a sparkle and energy in your eyes", "You seem to have more energy", "you look more radiant and glowing"....  of course for some they can struggle with being told that they look healthier, as "healthy" is equal to "fat".

One way or another the person with the eating disorder has to learn to deal with comments whether its food, weight, appearance or calorie comments. You have to learnt to cope with them and not let them trigger you, because unfortunatly people think its ok to just make whatever comment they want about your appearance. Of course, not all comments are rude or mean, sometimes you need to listen to certain comments about your weight and realise that the person is trying to help you.

I dont really know why i am writing this post, i guess because i just found it strange... but i see those types of comments very often on Instagram, but then the comments are often writen with illintention it seems and trying to bring the person down.

But i just wanted to write that, in recovery you might have to deal with comments about your changing appearance. And its tough enough to see the changes yourself and learn to love your body wthout having people comment about it. But dont let other peoples comments affect you. Instead focus on self love daily, and if you want to post photos to help you love your body.... go for it. Others prefer to not post any body photos or bring any attention to their body and that is ok as well..... (i personally have mixed feeling about body photos and feel that it can be a little too obsessive at times), but if it works for you to help you love your body... go for it. 

You are more than your body and remember that your body will always change. The way you look now isnt the way you will look in 20 years or 30 years from now... or maybe even 5 years from now. The body changes always and its about accepting and loving your body anyway!!

Dont let silly comments about your body effect you or bring you down!

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  1. For sure, over all I think we should stop compliment how people look so much since that just makes more focus on apperance. Better compliment other things that's not together with the body. I mean a lot of people allready are very focused on the body, even healthy people so it just don't feel like it's any good coming out of it in the long run more that you get more aware of your body.

    1. Exactly i think the same thing... i mean i prefer if people compliment me as a person or my intelligence or capability or strength instead of just "You look good/you look skinny/your body looks great" etc... i dislike those comments and prefer compliments about other things!! Its so generic and bland to get body comments hahahha

  2. I know that these comments are sometimes told with good intentions but they can come off as really offending. Just two days ago my grandma's first sentence to me was 'You have gained weight' and it was really ignorant from her to say so, as 1) it wasn't even true, 2) she knows that this is an extremely sensitive subject...

    1. Oh exactly... it most probably wasn't meant as rude but some people don't think before they speak and we'll... appearance and weight comments are just unnecessary. I hope you didn't get offended or feel triggered. Older people often speak without thinking and I'm sure the weight gain isn't a bad thing <3

  3. I think that it is not just about "weight gain" but it is about weight in general. I mean, I don't really understand why people have always to say some thing about your weight or your apparence. This summer I've been presented by my aunt as : a lovely, but too skinny girl. And I think that be labelled as the skinnier or "the girl who doesn't eat" ( because of my past ), is even worse than some comments about weight gain...

    1. I know,I hate how most people describe as the skinniest girl, because I can't seem to break away from this state as it apeals to me, and I'm afraid people will start telling me how I've gained weight and how visible it is.