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Thursday, December 22, 2016

First year of university done, and travelling back to Stockholm


My second term at university is now officially done for the year and it feels great but also like i cant quite understand it. It does not feel like Christmas and i still dont really "understand" that i am heading back to Stockholm today... and that in 2 days it is Christmas eve!? This year has been one rollercoaster of events and experiences... its strange to think how much has happened just this year, but also how much i have grown and changed in so many different ways. At times a whole year, 365 days, can feel like forever and never ending but then when you look back at the year you realise just how quickly it has passed by. And you know what... so much can change in a year, in just 6 months alot can change! But i am glad that i have found somewhere i feel happy, enjoy my studies and the friends i have made and feel content with my life, so in a way i want to stay here and not travel back to Stockholm because that isnt "Home" for me anymore, but then again i dont want to spend Christmas on my own and most of my friends have travelled back to their family over Christmas as well so its not so strange that i am also doing that!

So, how was my last day at univeristy (for the term)? It was a long day with lectures from 8 until 3.30, but luckily we had a great lecturer so the hours werent so tedious! And to celebrate that university was done for the year i went out to eat lunch with my friends. As we were a whole group we just picked a random place and that place didnt have anything vegan on the menu, but they managed to fix a vegan burger with gluten free bread and some salad for me and my other friend who is also vegan. I cant say i was super impressed with the burger or the overpricing of the meal, but luckily the company made up for it and im just happy they could make me something so that i didnt just have to sit there with a coffee and feel awkward, hahahah!

Then after school it was time to start packing and cleaning and laundry before i could finally curl up into bed and watch series!

Todays plans are to continue with the cleaning and then i will leave the keys to a friend of the house tennant (the person i rented the apartment from) and then i guess ill just sit at a cafe and study while i wait until its time for my train to leave!!! It feels like it will be a very long day but i am looking forward to seeing my dog, taking a warm shower (there has been no hot water in the apartment i live in so the showers i have taken have been very cold) and also seeing a fridge filled with food, hahaahah!

I hope you all have a lovely day and a lovely weekend and enjoy yourself :) 

And if you have any topic suggestions or ideas over the weekend/weeks just let me know :)


  1. I need to find ways of increasing my calorie intake each day. Would you recommend adding a dessert to my main meal as a way of doing this or simply increasing my portion sizes? Which is best?
    Thank you for your advice - I think your blog is great!

  2. Hi Izzy - I hope you have a good journey back to Stockholm and have a lovely Christmas with your family. This year has certainly seemed to have flown by, its hard to think it really is Christmas day in three days time! I don`t really feel like its Christmas yet, but no doubt I will soon get in the mood when the day itself is here :)
    How do you spend the day? We have family coming to us for dinner so the day will be taken up with their company and no doubt lots of TV watching - although we always mange a walk at some point in the day for a change of scene and some fresh air. Theres nothing like sea air to work up an appetite for dinner :)
    Do you move to your new apartment when you come back from Stockholm? How many others are you sharing with? I expect you are a bit sad to leaving your present apartment after having your own space, but hopefully you will get on great with your flat mate (s) and soon feel happy and settled again - and no more cold showers, that must have been awful!
    Hope you have a good Christmas and a lovely weekend enjoying the break from your studies :)

  3. Safe travels!!! I just arrived home yesterday as well, and I'm having trouble getting into the holiday spirit. It doesn't help that we have NO snow here at the moment haha I mean, I don't like the cold, but it does make me think of Christmas.
    Enjoy your break!! You deserve it :)