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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dealing with feeling full

Something i realise i havent written alot about is full feelings. There are many who struggle with feeling full, that that feeling triggers something in your head which leads to anxiety, guilt and acts of compensation. There is something with that feeling that causes so many negative feelings, but you know what feeling full is basically your body telling you..."Thank you for the food and energy. Now thats enough for now. Wait until hunger feelings to eat again." It's your body thanking you for the food and telling you that now it is going to use that food as energy so that your body can continue to function.

Of course, there are times when you need to push past that full feeling and eat anyway, such as if your stomach size has shrunk and you need to expand your stomach size so that you can get the right energy intake into you. Or times when you cant listen to your hunger signals, for example if you need to fast to take blood tests or because you are having an operation and you arent allowed to eat, then you cant respond to those hunger feelings. But otherwise, listening to your bodies signals (if working PROPERLY are important).

But onto the full feeling. Like mentioned above, its a positive thing. Because you cant think properly, make right decisions or function properly when you are hungry. For me personally, if i am hungry then all my thoughts go towards food, almost. My body telling me that you better get food into you right away otherwise no work is getting done. Maybe i am just a little extreme with my hunger, but in general until i am satisfied hunger wise i cant really do anything. In general you shouldnt feel so full that you are going to burst, you want to puke or you cant even move... that is too full. But you should feel comfortably full, where you know you could fit a little into you, but choose not to because that would push you a little too far with your full feelings. You should feel satisfied, not still feel hungry. Though it takes roughly 20-30 minutes to feel full after a meal, so if you struggle with feeling full i.e you are always hungry (due to binging) then drink some water and wait. (Otherwise if you are always feeling hungry ask yourself have you eaten enough, honestly? Are you stressed? Tired? )

If you feel guilty when you feel full, then you need to change those feelings and equate them with positive thoughts and feelings instead. Realise that feeling full = good feeling. You are nourishing and helping your body. Write down your thoughts, think rationally. Take deep breaths, meditate or have a mantra which can calm you down. The worst thing you can do when you experience guilty feelings of feeling full is to compensate. That will lead to a dark cycle which is hard to break. Dont exercise, dont purge, dont restrict, dont self harm. Instead sit still, take deep breathes, drink some tea as that can help if you have stomach pain and most importantly try to think rationally. When you struggle with an eating disorder, it is like rational thoughts are forgotten. But you arent stupid, it is your eating disorder that is stupid. Your eating disorder tells you that something as simple and necessary as food, feeling full are bad and something you should feel guilty over. But your ED is stupid and you need to fight those thoughts, and know that YOU are smart and stronger than your eating disorder. Those feelings of guilt and anxiety will pass, you need to realise that eating isn't wrong, your eating disorder is wrong.

Draw, write, read, lie down, talk to friends or family, sow, lay puzzles, watch series, colour, make a collage book/board, make jewellery etc something to distract you from the feelings and know that you will survive. Dont be scared of feeling full, its a normal human feeling.

Feeling hungry = not good or something to be proud over. Instead, be proud over feeding and nourishing your body!!!

It can also help to ask yourself why feeling full gives you anxiety? It is not something you should feel anxious over.  It's a normal and natural feeling. Think rationally, what is it that scares you? What do you think will happen?  And also what can you do to combat those feelings? Don't let your eating disorder control you, take back your control!

Hopefully this post helps anyone who is struggling with guilty feelings connected with feeling full.


Bloating, indigestion and feeling too full


  1. Thanks for that post, Izzy! I struggled when I felt full for a long time. What helped me was acception. When I started to accept that feeling full doesnt feel good for me instead of trying to change that feeling, it got a lot easier. The fear of feeling full got less because I knew what would come. I didnt feel guilty because I still felt bad when I was full, because I acceptet the fact that this feeling was difficult to handle. And after some time, my body seemed to accept to. It didnt feel that bad anymore and the acceptance of my actual body and mind status helped me to move forward then.
    I hope you understand what I mean. Of course its important to move on and progress because eating disorders are tricky and dangerous. Bit sometimes, a little acceptance for yourself and selflove can help a lot. ♡

  2. Hi Izzy :) I struggle with feeling full a lot. I feel hungry all the time and now its become a joke with my boyfriends parents that if I say I'm full, oh just wait a little and then she'll eat it :/ ...Which I really hate because sometimes she's rights and other times then I feel obligated to eat the dessert or whatever. I know I eat enough, really, honestly I do. And I definitely drink enough, maybe a little too much so eventually I end up hungry since I'm just full of water...starting to realize this :/ But I really just like to drink water and it's the only thing I like to drink due to not liking juice or pop (ever since I was little, over did it with juice when I was younger and got sick of it and HATE the bubbles/fizz of pop). But I still really struggle and have to remind myself, no, you just ate, or no your full, this feeling means you're full. But it's still really hard. I think I'm getting better but I'm not sure, especially with the holiday season and me being home with different eating habits than my dad or eating at awkward schedules to accommodate for the holidays. Not sure what exactly I hope to get out of the comment or what I'm saying but I guess just getting my thoughts out :p Hope you have a good day!

  3. I used to get this quite badly when I first began eating properly again. I used to hate the feeling after eating so much that I had to go out for awalk directly after eating, whatever the weather. Luckily this phase didn't last too long and I found the longer I continued with eating proper amounts the easier it became.
    Today however I get a lot of stomach pain after eating so what I do is fill my hot water bottle, lay down and place it on my stomach - and just rest for half an hour or so. This always does the trick. I found it hard getting used to the feelings you get after eating but I guess my body just got used to not feeling full so when it did start happening it felt uncomfortable.
    You can get through this and it takes time, and quite right as previously posted- you need to have a degree of acceptance about your body and what is happening, and mind set is everything.
    Thank you for such a thought provoking post :)