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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

Hello and Happy Christmas everyone :)

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas eve and Christmas day, or just had a wonderful "day" even if you dont celebrate :) I have had a lovely 48 hours and havent had time to blog as well as not having internet on my computer, but i thought now when i do have internet i would make a quick post about my Christmas.

In Sweden we celebrate on the 24th, so on Saturday morning i was up before everyone else and went out for a walk before i returned home and ate a christmas breakfast with my family. Then we had Christmas present opening, and i got some lovely gifts from my family such as a subscription for a vegan recipe magazine, also a chance to try out ninja/extreme obstacle course training with my sister, as well as some hair and body products which were all vegan and creutly free - apart from one product.
Then when all that was done we packed our stuff and the food we had prepared and drove out to my step dads parents place where we ate a christmas lunch and then we played some board games and such before it was bed time! All together a lovely day!!

Today, the 25th also started with a morning walk while listening to a podcast before i ate breakfast and then spent the next 4 hours studying. It had not been my plan to study at all, but as no one else was awake and i had no internet i figured "why not" and i find my studying so interesting so for me its no problem to study as i love learning more! And after that i ended up taking a nap and then woke up and ate my second lunch (as the others had eaten lunch while i slept), and then it was just family time before we ate dinner together and now there is some random old swedish film on TV which my family are watching while i blog!! Today has been another great day, but i am glad that christmas and christmas celebrations are over with now!!

And just like usual... i cant seem to avoid the food, weight and appearance comments such as "wow i eat so much", "am i really eating again", "i look too muscular", "girls arent strong enough so i'll lift the bag" etc etc and now i couldnt avoid the vegan questions either or the talk about hunting and fishing at the dinner table which made me lose my appetite completly (But it was just to eat nonetheless and tune out the conversation), and of course there was diet and weight and exercise talk during dinner but those dont bother me anyway.  Those conversations dont trigger me, its just that i get tired of them.... i get tired that "normal and healthy" people have to bring up those conversations as well. Cant people just eat without commenting about what others are eating or talking about "good" food or "bad" food... its that type of thinking and conversations that triggers and can lead to other people developing negative food thoughts when others keep promoting that type of thinking. Its hard to formulate myself in words, but its just tiring and i know i amnt the only one who can feel that way during family gatherings... where the conversations are just tiring, hahahah. Luckily i could avoid the whole "are you single/in a realtionship", or "what happened with your ex?" conversations, haha.

Anyway, to not make this post too long I am just going to add a bunch of photos from my Christmas celebrations, and i hope that you have all had a lovely Christmas and comment below how you spent your Christmas :)

^^My drawing on the left... 10 points if you can guess what i was trying to draw... or who knows... ill send you some vegan swedish chocolate if you can get what i was trying to draw XD

And lastly this picture as a reminder to you all <3 p="">


  1. Hey Izzy! Glad you had a good time with your fam! <3
    Must be super annoying to hear them talk about such things. I must say my own family has made lots of improvements regarding being more careful when choosing topics to talk about. And when they do brag out I usually put them to silence I.e. change the subject or just tell them an actual FACT! I mean, fat doesn't make you fat, yes plantbased eating is healthy (healthier even haha) etc. Butttt this Christmas I made the dinner! Which was pretty cool. As I made an entirely vegan Christmas dinner :) So glad that my mum was excited for me to do that. As a starter we had beetroot risotto, then as a main I made lasagna with minced 'meat' plus 'b├ęchamel cheese' sauce and for dessert soy ice cream! Everybody liked it a lot. Though I must admit the lasagna didn't turn out as nice as I wanted it to. Just a matter of improving the recipe hahah (never made vegan lasagna before so it wasn't the best choice to pick for a Christmas dinner for non vegans hahah). My dad is super pro meat and used to get extremely angry even when talking about veganism. Pretty weird.. But slowly he's turning around a bit more. Which is super awesome. Of course this dinner brought up some kind of interesting/provoking arguments and conversations but it was positive nonetheless! Must say i feel so good and content with the fact no animals were harmed for the Christmas dinner <3 Really i am an ethical vegan so that's what truly lifts my mood and fills my heart with pure joy.
    Unfortunately yesterday's dinner consisted of a whole grilled chicken :'( And tomorrow my family will be having a gourmet (basically you only eat meat and grill that yourself on a table kitchen plate). So that's really not that nice. However my mum eats vegetarian all the time and most of the time she joins me as i cook for myself everyday so don't bother cooking some extra of course. Yesterday i had a Mexican mix bowl with spinach, rice, hummus, home made falafels and salad. Simple yet delicious. Don't know what i' ll have tomorrow. We' ll see!
    As for the day i went on a morning walk this morning. And then yesterday i had my usual rehabilitation in the morning and also went on a walk with the dog in the afternoon! Then this afternoon i went to see my Shetland ponies to cuddle and pet them. Think I'm going to do that again tomorrow. Love them so much! My first ' own' pets :) They live at our summer cabin by the way, about 12km from my home. Really nice! Oh btw, we celebrate Christmas in the Netherlands on the 25th and 26th haha which is different than in most countries i think!

  2. What a wonderful day! Aside from all the diet/animal cruelty/appearance talk haha
    My family spent the morning opening presents and shovelling snow. We got A TON of snow on Christmas Eve, so it was nice to wake up to a white Christmas this morning :) I'm really not a fan of winter, but the clean snow is really nice.
    Now everyone is just doing their own thing, but dinner preparations will be starting soon....
    Tonight we're going to play some board games :)

  3. And I absolutely LOVE your dress!!!

  4. Merry Christmas to all of you :))) I had lovely days as well, I went to my hometown and spent Christmas with my Dad and my Stepmom and th rest of the family, like every year. Though it's demanding to go through 48 hrs of non-stop family time, I love spending time with my Dad and my Stepmom alone, they're just great and we always have the best and most interesting conversations. I am wondering though that you all experienced this "weight" and calorie talk on Christmas, it has never been a topic in our family, especially not on Christmas. Yes, everybody eats a lot and there's talk about the amount of food, but not really in a negative but rather a funny way. Nobody is over or underweight and surprisingly, weight and calories and food are not an issue on Christmas...We just enjoyed the delicious food and cookies and wine :) Maybe my parents don't bring up food talk because of me and my ED history. Which is something every family who has a (former) person with an ED sitting at the table should keep in mind, I think, especially on Christmas.