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Friday, December 2, 2016

Best thing about eating disorder recovery

So what would you say was the best thing(s) about recovery?

There are SO MANY positive and good things about recovery and i am pretty sure i will end up missing a few in the list below. All these positives come at different times and are based on how far into recovery you are or whether you are fully recovered or not, for example you might not feel the "freedom" that you get if you are still in half recovery but you might notice things like more energy or happier or able to concentrate better!!

I thought i would list the positives of being recovered, and if you know anymore or if you want to add YOUR positives that you have noticed in recovery/from being recovered, then comment below!!

(these are in no particular order!)

More energy! Of course how much energy you have is dependant on so many things such as stress, how much you have slept, how much you have eaten, hormones etc But from now compared to when i had an eating disorder or was struggling with depression i have so much more energy to live life!

Motivation to live and motivation to do things in life.  When you are sick and lose energy you can also lose life motivation and things that were fun arent so fun anymore, but with recovery intests and hobbies come back or change, but you find a motivation to want to live and to find things fun again!
Feeling happy. Being able to smile and not feel bad about it!

Thinking positive. When you are malnourished or have alot of negative thoughts or no life motivation then its almost impossible to see any positives with life, but as you begin to nourish your body you also begin to think differently and its easier to be happier and think more positive as hormones begin to regulate and balance in the body.

Stronger body. More capable to do things in life and a weak body doesnt hold me back from doing the things you want. Yyou can hike, run, walk, climb, work, be active!

More concentration. While i was sick i couldnt study or even read a book due to lack of concentration, but now with proper nourishment and no obsessive food thoughts that take up all of my time, i can study and concentrate!

Better hair, skin and nails. With lack of nutrients and malnourishment your hair, skin and nails (which are all made of protein) begin to suffer as the protein for taking care of them is much better used to actually keep you alive, not to mention that vitamins and enough energy and vital to keep your hair, skin and nails strong and healthy!

Being able to live life and wanting to live life. This goes hand in hand with enough energy and thinking positive. Finding interests and hobbies and having goals and dreams that you look forward to.

Food doesnt control you/its part of your life, not your whole life. If oyu fully recover and begin to focus more on life, food becomes less intrusive in your thoughts and doesnt play such a huge role in your life.Instead you eat because its tasty and you need it and you find balance with food but its not your whole life.

Exercise can be done due to enjoyment and not self punishment or compulsion. 

Food isnt seen as numbers, but as what  you like and want to eat and what you dont like and dont want to eat. And food doesnt cause guilt.

Food doesnt hold you back in life. For example, whether you say yes or no to going to events isnt based on whether there is food or eating involved. Or if people suggest to go out and eat you dont say no because there is food involed, instead you look forward to spending time with friends or family or partner etc

Being able to take naps and rest and listen to your body. When i was sick i barely let myself sleep 6 hours during the night and would never let myself rest or sit during the days if i wasnt forced to. So part of recoery was learning to listen to my body and to allow myself to rest and sit and relax - and now thats a huge part of my day and no guilt! If you are tired you should sleep/rest!

Loving and appreciating your body, feeling good in your body! This comes from change of mindset and working towards more positive body thoughts and body love. But the best feeling is being able to love your body, and not feel self conscious or worry about your body, instead appreciate it for how it looks and what it can do!!!

Learning to love yourself and not compare yourself to others. Knowing that everyone is different, everyone looks different, everyone has different talents, but that everyone is amazing nonetheless - variation and difference is what makes people unique!

There are so many positives with recovery... but of course the positives depend on whether you actually recover or whether you actively try to change your thoughts and face your fears. Body love and less food obsessed thoughts and healthier relationship with exercise - none of those things come just from eating, they come from changing your thoughts and facing fears! If you focus on makin your life better and wanting to recover you will notice the positive benefits!! Happier, healthier, not feeling cold all the time, not feeling tired all the time etc etc

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  1. These are great positives and are real inspiration to keep going. I think my biggest positive about recovery so far is the freedom - freedom from imposed restrictions where food is concerned and knowing that nothing is "off limits". And of course discovery too - discovering that food can be yummy and enjoyed, something I haven't felt for goodness how long.