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Friday, December 23, 2016

Back in Stockholm and christmas (vegan) food preparations

Hello everyone :)

The day before Christmas eve, and despite the christmas music playing in the background, a decorated house and christmas food being prepared i still dont have any christmas feeling. I guess its the lack of snow... or just the fact that i am older and christmas just doesnt feel like Christmas. Instead its just a cosy time with my family :)

So yesterday after a day of cleaning and packing, lunch with a friend and then having to stressfully run for the train carrying 4 super heavy bags, i made it to my train in time! There was a bit of a time confusion with me leaving the keys to the apartment so i was down to the last minute when rushing for my train... safe to say that it took me 1-2 hours for the stress and cortisol to leave my system when i sat on the train!! Also as i had to rush to the train i had no time to buy snacks or dinner like i had planned and the only thing available on the train was an overpriced sallad, so instead i just wited the 4 hours on the train until i was in stockholm until i could eat. But i made it to Stockholm anyway and my family were there to pick me up when i arrived! My dog was so happy to see me and so was my family!! It felt so strange for the 4 of us (and the dog!) to sit in the car again.... it was in August that that last happened, but it didnt feel like it had been so many months when we all sat there!!

This morning after a not so great sleep i headed out for a walk with my dog before i began with the christmas food preparations. I didnt do so much research before hand and had just requested a few basic ingredients like different vegetables, soymeat balls, sweet potatoe etc and i would just work with what was available.... and i have made so much yummy food which i cant wait to eat tomorrow! I made roast sweet potatoe with brussel sprouts and walnuts, home made coleslaw in a mustard sauce with raisins (XD), a beetroot, carrot and potatoe sallad (which is mixed with a thick oatcream base), and also a kale and onion pie and lastly a saffron and gingerbread cheesecake as dessert for everyone!! It all tastes amazing, and tomorrow there will also be potatoes, soy meat balls, a thyme and garlic fake meat, bread and my step dad is making some type of vegan gratang... so safe to say that i wont be left without food the next few days!!

I love cooking and making food and baking, but i must say that when you live on your own you can so easily lose inspiration to cook food and sit and eat on your own. Food becomes so boring when you just eat on your own and just cook for one person all the time, so i am so happy to be able to eat with others now and to make different foods and lots of food for everyone, haha.
A suggestion if you live on your own is to try to eat food with friends or family every now and again to keep the social thing with eating and not get bored of eating because you are always on your own!!

TOdays lunch:

dessert/post making food snack:

Tomorrow the plan is to drive out to my step dads parents house where we will eat our Christmas lunch, and then we will spend 2-3 days there before we return to Stockholm again! Its so strange to think that tomorrow is Christmas eve, hahaha... crazy! But tomorrow is the day that we in Sweden celebrate :)

Ill show the pictures of everything i made tomorrow when its all plated up!! If anyone is wondering or curious :) For now i am just enjoying being with my family and my dog and it feels good to be home and have a few days off from studying!!!


  1. hello Izzy, what do you do when perishable items are running out of time to use before they go off? Sometimes I eat more than I should just so that they "get eaten", but I used to prioritise eating only what I needed/wanted, and I didn't have a problem with throwing things away. Neither is good really. What do you do? Don't worry if you don't have time to answer. Have a happy Christmas.

    1. If you can plan your meals in advance that will cut down on waste, ie have a list when you go shopping of all the food you need so you will only buy the things that you need. This is what I do and it works out far cheaper too as I`m not buying things "just because" and the food that I do buy gets used.
      Just my tip although I expect izzy can advise you too.

    2. Thank you, Carol, that is sweet of you. I used to have everything planned when I was in the AN mindset, but since then I don't really, as I want to respond to what my body needs and that means having more food in the house, often. But some of it is probably more about comfort and/or temptation.... Thank you, though, for your kind reply.

    3. I can understand that. Sometimes I get "the fancies" for foods that aren't on my normal meal plan or something for a bit of achange from the usual stuff I buy. So the trick is to not to buy too much of it at once, just buy one small packet of whatever it is. The shops are always open and you can always buy more.
      Hope you are having a great Christmas :)

  2. I know you've talked about this lots before but could you please do a short post of ignoring the media on Christmas? I find it really difficult about how the media is freaking out over eating too much. For one day/week each year why can't people just enjoy themselves and not stress about food? Their stressing is making me stress. :/

  3. do you have a recipe for your pie? it looks lovely. also whats in the patly pots. what are your views on dairy free (vegan) cheese?

  4. Hi Izzy - hope you are having alovely Christmas break with all your family - and theres nothing like all that delicious looking Christmas food to get you in the mood for the day itself !
    If you have the recipe for your kale pie, could you post it?
    The supermarket here has just started stocking "Oatly" products which is really good as up until now there was hardly anything non-dairy, so I have been buying some things to try. I particularly like the custard :)
    Happy Christmas!