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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, December 9, 2016

All the vegan questions - answer (by Lauren Toyota)

One of my favourite vegan youtube accounts is Hot for food where tehy make a bunch of vegan recipes which i love and want to try them all, hahah! And i also love the different challenges they make, but also i love Lauren Toyota 's youtube account. Her way of thinking abot veganism and spreading veganism is so much better than the vegans who are super militant and strict and call all meat eaters "murderers". I dont believe in that type of behaviour, everyone has a choice and i dont think attacking people who eat meat is the way to go. Instead i think by inspiring others is the best way... i.e first getting people to make more vegan meals throughout the week, then maybe that leads to trying a whole week of vegan eating and that might lead to doing more research  about veganism and what changes you can make. But also just like myself, she says that she doesnt believe everyone wll go vegan overnight or even that everyone will or can go vegan... but instead if everyone makes small changes it does make a difference. Exactly what i believe in. My goal is to inspire others but i do not judge or force people to go vegan, i will talk about it as i am passionate about it but i dont believe that everyone can or wants to go vegan... but maybe they will be inspired to try or atleast do the best they can!

If you want to know more about veganism then i would recommend you watch her videos (linked below) where she answers some vegan questions. How she answers is basically exactly how i would answer so no point me making my own video, hahaha. Maybe you can have the youtube video on in the background while you do other things (i was making lunch while i had the video on in the background) and just listen and maybe you agree or dont agree, but i think her way of promoting and talking veganism is a very healthy and good one!!

Do you have any opinons on the questions or any questions for me you would like me to answer?


  1. Hi Izzy - I hope you start feeling better soon. My experience of antibiotics is that its better to eat whilst on them rather than not as eating can actually lessen the nausea, although it doesn't seem like it at the time when food is the last thing on your mind!
    I have listened to the first video and thought it very interesting. I like her attitude. I particularly like the way she describes veganism as a "feeling" and emphasises that you will feel better after eating vegan food, that your body will tell you what suits it best. Her overall attitude is great and I think will make people warm towards veganism as she is taking the pressure off, getting away from the often thought that it is strict and restrictive and that you will be missing out on a lot of foods if you go vegan. I also liked her comments about so called sustainable meat - made perfect sense to me.
    Plan to watch the second and third parts next :)
    You seem to share the same attitudes as she has and I think that is great!

  2. I have just watched the next part of this video series - what is the problem that she spoke of about the egg and dairy industry? Is the way dairy foods and eggs are produced really bad then?

  3. I have just watched the next part and each time I comment it disappears - not sure why?
    What is the issue with the dairy and egg industry? Is it really bad?
    These videos were really interesting and she is so normal and down to earth in her approach - thanks for sharing these!