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Sunday, December 4, 2016

72 hours with my family in gothenburg

Hello everyone!!!
A long 72 hours have now passed and I'm trying to remember everything I've done!!!of you follow me on Snapchat you've most probably already seen some of what I've been up to!!! :)

Usually after a weekend I feel rested and ready for school but not after this weekend.  It's been full days with my parents and I actually feel like I could do with a day just to myself!!! Safe to say that it feels good to get back to an empty apartment this weekend even if I love my family dearly, I can sometimes feel drained of energy when I spend too much time with other people!

So, time to look back at the past 72 hours! Starting off with Friday! So first up a whole day of lectures and the first day of my physiology course. Luckily it's only repetition for me so hopefully this course won't be too demanding! And then after my last lecture I headed to the hotel where my mum who had traveled from Stockholm was! After getting some rest and opening a few late birthday presents we headed into town to eat dinner at my favourite vegetarian buffet place before we headed back to the hotel and spent the evening in the jacuzzi, drinking wine and having deep conversations!!! Hahaha apparently I am very much like a therapist when I drink I ask very deep questions.  My mum suggests I start a business where I am the therapist and people join me in a jacuzzi and drink alcohol and talk about their problems with me ^-^ hahahah.

Then it was Saturday which started with a hotel breakfast and I was happy with the range of vegan food,of course I wish there had been vegan pancakes or crossaints or maybe falafel but I really shouldn't complain, I could have just been served fruit!!! After that I got some reading done while my mum was at the spa, and after that we headed into town where my mum did some shopping and I mostly just wandered around like a little puppy and showed my mum around!!! Finally it was lunch time and we went to another of my favourite places, vigĂ„rda, where there are vegan burgers and salads and of course the fires are amazing!!!! And then post lunch we went to the store, Happy Vegan;  where they had their weekly event of food samples and I got some vegan chocolate, sea weed snacks, liquorice and a vegan croissant (to make up for the lack of it in the morning!). Then we headed back into town and I ended up getting my hair cut as it was very much needed (and the hair dresser I went to used vegan and cruelty free products, that was important that I checked beforehand!).

By this point it was only 4pm and we headed to the train station to meet my dad and younger brother who had arrived from Ireland to visit me this weekend!!! And first up we went to the place they are staying and we dropped off their bags before heading to another part of town where we went to dinner at a sort of pub. I knew they had a vegan menu which was supposed to be good however I wasn't super satisfied with what I ordered so got nachos with vegan cheese and soy meat to fill me up!!! And finally it was 9.30pm and my mum and I headed back to the hotel where it was just to go to sleep and try to get 8 hours of sleep!!!! Safe to say that I did a whole lot of walking and the whole of Saturday felt like a never ending day, but in a positive way!!!

Then Sunday, today! Once again starting the day with hotel breakfast before we packed our things, headed to the spa and then checked out of the hotel (hahah luxury to spend the weekend at a hotel and eat a breakfast buffet!). We headed into town, met my dad and half brother and wondered around town for a while before my mum took the train back to Stockholm and my dad and younger brother went to lunch. I must say, going somewhere to eat when there is a vegan, celiac and a person who doesn't eat vegetables or cheese is a difficult task hahahahha. I don't think any of us where super satisfied with the lunch but it was food so we really didn't complain!!!! As neither of us felt like walking around in the cold and dark we instead headed to the cinema to watch the new film from the book J.K Rowling wrote. I actually didn't know the plot of the film but that meant I had no expectations either!!! I must say I liked the film and the graphics but it's not on the list of top 10 films anyway, but worth to see in the cinema!!!

And finally to end my Sunday, we went to the store to buy food and made dinner back at the apartment my dad is staying at.  And I have to be honest..... being around the smell of bacon and eggs wasn't appealing or nice for me at all.  Makes me so thankful that I live on my own and that in February I'm going to move in with a couple who are also vegan so that I don't have to deal with the smell of meat in the house!!!

But to end this super long post, (and skip the pictures if you dont lile food photos as it's just a bunch of food and small other things!!!!) I will say that I have had an amazing weekend with my family and they mean so much to me!!! They are so caring and wonderful and to spend time with them means everything and to see my younger brother who is getting so much older now feels crazy!!! Not everyone has a great family and not everyone loves their family and that's OK, but for me I love my family and they have always been there for me and will always continue to be there for me!!!! I know they read my blog and they have read through the comments so they have been so caring for me as they know that the comments have gotten to me but I'm moving on and not letting them affect me anymore!!! I have had an amazing weekend and now I'm just ready for some me time and back to regular study and school!!! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend as well :)

Day 2


  1. Awe this makes me so happy to see and hear that you had such a lovely time with your family!! You looks so happy :)
    And ohmygosh I love your hair!!! It suits you soooooo well.
    I'm always so jealous of all the vegan buffets in Sweden! I can only think of 2 cafes that even offer a mainly vegan menu in my city!
    I'm hoping to see Fantastic Beasts after my finals are all finished....I write my first one this coming Saturday :)
    Have a wonderful week back <3

  2. I loved reading about your busy weekend with your parents - it sounds as though you had a really great time! I bet you loved staying in the hotel too.
    Your food pictures looked lovely - I am so envious of all the places you have in Sweden that offer avegan menu, they are very few and far between here.
    Hope you have a good week and enjoy some "me time" after your enjoyable, but hectic weekend :)

  3. I love your haircut! Those light bangs look great on you. Glad you had such great quality time with your family :)

  4. What's your snapchat username? xxx

  5. Looks like you had a blast! I really love the fringe on you! Frames your face really nicely. <3

  6. I agree - the fringe really suits you, sets off your eyes really well