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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

World vegan day and 3 vegan recipes (Vegan brownies, cinnamon buns & saffron buns)


If you follow any vegan accounts online i am sure you havent missed that it is world vegan day today, and if you dont follow any other vegans apart from me... well then now you know (so go eat a plant based meal!!)!

One of the questions i get asked when i say that i am vegan is 1) what do you eat? And my answer is... basically everything you do apart from the suffering. and second 2) Why am I vegan... and my answer is always, well why arent you?

Of course these answers might be a little provacative to some, but thats their reaction. Just like when someone sits infront of me and eats bacon, i can choose to react and say something or choose not to. And i choose to not say anything, only answer if someone asks me... or use my social media, hahha.

Recently i watched the documentary "before the flood" which you can watch HERE and its about climate change, and it was nothing new to me but it did make me think. Especially about palm oil and about certain things i can which i should think more about. I dont think i have a super high co2 footprint compared to some, but i guess there is always a way to lower it... however i also need to be a human being and live life, i.e i could sit in complete darkness if i really wanted to lower my CO2 footprint, but i dont feel like doing that, instead i just have 1 light on instead of 5.
I also think in a way that "we choose our battles" and choosing to fight one battle over the other, for example with palm oil. Quite alot of the vegan substitue products i buy contain palm oil from certified sources, however... i feel like i really should cut down on them and focus primarily on whole foods and maybe find alternatives to products with lots of palm oil.  But i guess just being a vegan makes a difference, i mean its great that people might be driving less cars or their are more efficient cars but the meat industry is the leading cause of climate change and co2 emissions.

There is so much to think about and i guess just doing what i can is the best.

Anyway, how to celebrate that its national vegan day, my test is over with, my group work was sent in and passed.... and of course how to inspire others to want to eat more vegan?
I bake!!

(click the titles to go to the recipe!). I didnt actually follow the recipes exactly, i changed ingridients, didnt measure and didnt let the saffron buns yeast enough but they all turned out really good!! And now i just need some self restraint and not eat it all at once, hahaha!

Check out the recipes, and next time you want to bake... maybe consider making a vegan alternative?
Vegan doesnt mean low calorie. Vegan doesnt mean raw food. Vegan doesnt mean restriction.
You can make super fudgy and moist vegan brownies using chocolate, flour, sugar, coconut oil etc 

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  1. Happy world vegan day for yesterday Izzy! I just loved your answers :)
    The recipes look lovely - especially those brownies.....
    hope you are having a good week - congratulations on your group work passing!