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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Weekend of studying and procrasti-baking (lots of food pictures)


This weekend has passed far too quickly (though its only 3pm on Sunday!). Ive been productive and studied, somewhat, but still it feels like the more i read the more questions i have and it feels like the majority of my time studying is just spent googling definitions and terms, hahhaha. 
Trying to not panic or freak out about my test in 8 days time.... I still have a whole week to study, so it should be fine!

Anyway, yesterday my plan was to study at school however the school was locked so i couldnt get in, though supposedly you can study there if you have a student passage card, but i couldnt find the right door to use the card on. So instead i ended up sitting at a cafe for a few hours trying to get some revision done. 
Studying at a cafe definitely isnt optimal and not helpful when a family with 2 screaming babies decides to sit right beside me (despite there being many free tables elsewhere) and then talk really loudly and let their children scream..... I must say, that my irritation and nerves were bein tested at that moment. But i managed to find a quiet area of the cafe and spend another hour revising.

After that i got home, made myself lunch, watched youtbe videos about chemistry and made myself dinner and then in the evening i watched the film "Nerve".... i dont recommend it, hahaha. Would give it a 2/10 .

Then today, Sunday, i woke up to minue degrees and a small "snow storm" outside. I so badly wanted to go for a walk but i didnt feel like walking outside so instead i took my notes with me and did some treadmill walking and studying at the same time! After that it was home again, make brownies (as the ones i made before are all gone as i gave them to my friends. But i had promised to give some brownies to my step dad when he is here next week!), and try to study some more. 
So far my studying today has been "10 minutes revising", "3 minutes phone time" and repeat... !  Thats how it is somedays, hahaha.

Anyway, this evening i will make a "positives of the week" post where you can add your own positives from the week, and i also wanted to say that i am so happy that so many of you shared your recovery succeses in my previous post!!
I hope that you can find some inspiration from others there and realise that recovery progress and steps are positive ones and ones you should be proud over :)
So i will make that a weekly segment where hopefully you can continue to inspire each other :)


  1. That might be a stupid question, but I realised that even on your recent pictures you're wearing light clothes indoors. Don't you feel cold? XD Or is the heating so great?

    1. I'm always warm hahaha. My friend at uni have wondered the same thing as I wall around in a team shirt while they have 3 layers and a winter jacket on . Not so sure if it's a blessing or a curse to feel so warm, however my feet and hands are always ice cold :(

    2. *friends not friend
      *walk not wall
      *t shirt not t shirt

      Autocorrect hahah

  2. Hi Izzy - sounds like you had a good weekend and got lots of things done :) It is so cold here in the UK too, I am walking around indoors with 2 jumpers on despite the central heating and my hot water bottle is being constantly topped top! One good thing though ( a positive maybe?) is that it is bright and sunny, so at least its not cold AND miserable weather :)
    What struck me from your post is that you seem to be having a lot of tests with this course you are doing. Are they end of subject tests to check your progress? Do you find it beneficial having tests after each subject? Chemistry has always come across to me as very difficult so well done you for staying with the course!
    Your brownies looked delicious - and a reminder to me that I haven't done any baking for a while. I recently found some coconut and some chick pea flour in the shop and I`ve been meaning to have a baking session to experiment with the different flours but so far that hasn't happened :(
    Have a great week and stay warm in this freezing time of year!