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Monday, November 14, 2016

Wanting to go vegan for the label or because it is trendy?

Right now I'm deciding whether I should become vegan or no. Can you help me? I love food very much and I am afraid I won't be able to eat my favourite food as vegan. I love meat, I love eggs, I love milk, but I still want to become vegan. The problem is that my family is pulling me away from the thought about veganism, and you, Izzy, are inspiring me to become vegan. The next thing is that I am afraid I will have to be aware most of the time. About clothes, shoes I buy, about cosmetics, I think that I won't be able to deal with that. I think that veganism is extreme, but there's still a wish to become one of you, one of vegans. Can you help me?

Just like the anonymous commented i would say maybe you can eat a few vegan meals throughout the week? Test out new recipes, maybe buy soy milk instead of regular milk? Get your family wanting to eat vegan or vegetarian meals with you? You dont have to eat meat and dairy for every meal... or maybe you can have 2 completely vegan days a week? Those things make a huge difference... because that is what veganism is about, 1) limiting/no cruelty towards animals and 2) making a difference. 

First off, i wouldnt care about the label. It sounds a bit from your comment like you want to be vegan because it is trendy or for the label of being a vegan? First off being a vegan is the whole lifestyle as well as it being for the ethical reasons... its not a diet, but a way of living with a certain mindset involved as well. Its not choosing to eat brocolli and salads to be healthy, but choosing to not eat animal products because of ethics of eating animals or animal products.

I have a post HERE about tips if you are thinking about going vegan, also a guide to going vegan   aswell as a post about going vegan after an eating disorder 
I would instead focus on the small changes you can make.... such as find out what brands test on animals and then decide to NOT buy any of those products. You can check out a list HERE.

Being a vegan does mean being aware of what products you buy and what the products are made out of. Such as its not just buying any chewing gum or any lip balm or any shampoo or candle, but making sure that no animal substances are found in that product. This of course can be seen as extreme from the outside, but it doesnt have to be. But also that once you know what products are vegan then you just buy those products. As well as at first you do alot of label checking regarding food (and this can be triggering for someone who has an eating disorder) but after a while you just know which foods are vegan and which arent and if you are uncertain you can check or Google. So for me personally it isnt time consuming or tough to go food shopping, but in the beginning it might be. Not to mention that when you go out to eat it can mean that you have to double check what you order and be clear about what you want your food to contain or not contain and this can be seen as extreme or annoying for some and if you arent prepared to do those things then maybe you should just be make more plant based choices in your life but not be fully plant based or vegan.

Just aim to make small changes in your life, you dont need to make all the changes at once. Just like with all lifestyle changes, its impossible to make them all at once as it is too overwhelming. If you can eat a few plant based meals each week that will make a huge difference both to the animals and for the climate!! But also if you gradually introduce more plant based meals to your diet it will make your body adapt better to the fiber and different food rather than going from lots of meat and dairy to lots of fiber and vegetables and beans!!

I am glad that i have inspired you to go vegan or want to go vegan, that makes me so happy to hear!! I would suggest maybe watching some documenataries about veganism so that your choice to go vegan is about ethical reasons and not just because of health reasons or because veganism is "trendy". It will make the lifestyle sustainable but also because you will WANT TO make a change!! :)

If you do need any advice or suggestion or help about going vegan you can always comment or ask i would love to help you!! :) 
companies test on animals

Comment from anonymous which i thought i should share as well:

I'm not Izzy, but I think while you are trying to decide, you should try just having a few vegan meals a weeks or a vegan day every week, just to dip your toes in and see how it feels for you. And any decision you make does not need to be permanent! You can always change your mind or go back if it ends up not being the right choice for you. A lot of people are too focused on labels, to be honest. I am a vegetarian, but I don't militantly cling to that as my identity. Honestly, once or twice a year I might eat chicken or fish with my family, if i really want to in that moment. It's okay. Reducing our footprint, in any way we can, is the important part. I wouldn't beat myself up for it, it's just a choice that I make in the moment. I don't need to be perfect in order to be of service to this planet. And neither do you! Try it out, but don't hold yourself to a potentially impossible expectation. You might really love it, and transition to fully vegan. Or, you might find it more sustainable to simply be more aware, and choose to eat vegan *most* of the time. Or you might not like it much at all, but still want to make a difference, and so only have one designated vegan day a week. It's an individual choice, and ANY effort is better than none. At the end of the day, you need to feel good about your choices, your beliefs, your health, your likes and dislikes. This is just one persons opinion (and some militant vegans may totally disagree with me!) but I honestly believe there is no such thing as wasted effort when it comes to reducing meat/animal consumption. Find what you are comfortable with (and what's comfortable today might not be what's comfortable in 5 years), know that the choice is yours and nothing needs to be permanent, and that any effort is good effort. Happy UNhunting! ;)


  1. Hi Izzy - something I`ve been wondering, are there any real nutritional benefits to eating "fake meat" - I know you do but I was wondering if someone can manage just as well without it. There aren't really any "fake meat" products available here like there are where you are, mainly quorn products (not gluten free). I have noticed some shops sell dried TVP (which I could have) Is this a good idea or can I manage healthily without? At the moment I am happy with the way I am eating but the matter of "fake meat" concerned me.

    1. No you don't have to eat the fake meat, it's mostly there as an option and can make it easier for people to transition from meat eating to vegan. Not to mention that sometimes people want to eat similar meals I. E if I go to a friends house and eat burgers or tacos it's easier to just buy the fake meat version rather than make a lentil mince or sweet potatoe burger etc it's mostly a practical thing and easier for some and some fake meats are enriched with vitamins and minerals. But it's definitely better to eat whole foods and not the processed fake meats. (Just like you can be vegan and not buy the vegan spreads or cheese or sauces and just eat whole foods). But it's good that they are available but definitely not a necessity!! I'm focusing on eating less fake meats and more whole foods now, mostly because it's expensive ando also contains palm oil which I want to lower my consumption of due to the environmental issues of palm oil!

    2. Thanks for explaining this. I think I will probably buy some of the dried TVP just to see what its like, but will probably just carry on eating the way I am at the moment. The shops have started stocking Oatly products and I have found oat milk to be delicious - as well as their custard! It is going really well at the moment and I am enjoying making new things to eat - mainly vegetables, rice, beans and pasta dishes. I am looking for quinoa at the moment, can`t find it anywhere though :(
      My partner is going to cook a vegetable bolognaise at the weekend to see if I can now tolerate tomatoes (I hope I can as it would make things so much easier). So I am really looking forward to that!

  2. I didn't realise so many of the big brands tested on animals. I am shocked to see Johnson and Johnson and Dove amongst them - especially as they seem to promote "natural" products. This is quite disturbing - thanks for drawing it to attention