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Monday, November 21, 2016

Start the week with positive thoughts

Good morning!!

Today i definitely feel like i have to force myself to think positive or to even blog or do anything. Ive woken up with a headache and just feel like i have been run over by a truck - too little water and i think i've caught a cold are the two culprits! As well as just having a bit of an emotional roller coaster yesterday, hahahah. So safe to say that i am not super filled with energy or motivation today, instead all i want to do is lie in bed and continue watching How to get away with murder.
But i plan to drink my coffee, eat my breakfast and head to school and if i feel worse under the day or feel that the lecture isnt contributing with anything then ill head home and get some well needed sleep and rest!!!

I thought i would start off this week by listing my positives about the previous week. Just small moments or reflections and positives. I personally want to start my day with good thoghts everyday even if that isnt always the case, but i can try :)

So my positives of the previous week:

1) This weekend getting ahead with all my school work and feeling like i am on top of things and not overwhelmed with the amount of litterature to read/study.
2) Passing both of my two recent tests - i.e chemsitry and microbiology!
3) Going for tapas with my class.... even if i didnt have a super amazing time, it was still fun to socialize and meet my class outside of just studying and school.
4) Moving the first of my stuff to the apartment i will live at during December!
5) Getting to see more of Gothenburg with all the different bus rides and tram rides all over the place. Connecting together the different parts of the city!
6) Signing the contract for the shared apartment in February!
7) Free vegan cinnamon bun the size of my head!
8) Making a vegan lasagna, which was gone way too quickly!
9) Trying new Lenny and Larry cookies
10) Actually doing my test - and passing it - on Monday!! Feels like it was two weeks ago, haha.
11) New pants and a cardigan which i feel like i have lived in this week!!
12) New clean room and with less items in it so it feels less cluttered. I really dont know why i have so much stuff with me when i barely use it... all i really need it like workout clothes, one set of normal clothes, my computer, phone and charger.... and then like my medication and books and stuff.... but why do i have so much other stuff??!! (ok, of course i do need some other stuff but i need to go through everything i have when i have moved and just throw away stuff which is unnecessary to have=)
13) No snow anymore and the temperature has actually been ok, i.e you dont freeze as soon as you go out!

Wow... all those positives!! Even if it feels like this week has just been a blur and a bit of a roller coaster of emotions and longing for the future, there has actually been alot of good things and positives even if its just "material" things like a pair of new pants or a cookie, hahaha. But its the small positives in life that count :)

Can you think of your positives from the previous week or any positives about the coming week? :)

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  1. - I finally had my tooth out at the dentist, so whilst its still uncomfortable at the moment there will be no more tooth ache :)

    - My kitten has started to go outdoors which means money saved not having to buy kitty litter all the time

    - I found a pair of boots online that i have always wanted so treated myself

    - The bug i have had for the past few days seems to be going

    - Its not nearly as cold this week, which makes me very happy

    - I changed gas/electricity suppliers and they are now a lot cheaper

    Where are you moving to Izzy? Is this a stop-gap until the February apartment becomes available?