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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Seeing the positives in life

Good morning everyone!!
It's Tuesday morning and i am ready for the day, but i must admit it feels alot like Monday today as yesterday was not at all like i had planned. Yesterday basically became another weekend day when i overslept and just didnt feel like going to school so instead stayed home and ate brownies, made scones and studied and later on went to look at an apartment/room to rent, which hopefully i will get to live at. (However fun fact [not really!], when i got home 2 hours after leaving and having met the girl renting the room and looking at the apartment and sitting on the bus and talking with the girl, and then tkaing a train home..... i finally looked in the mirror and saw that i had had toothpaste around both sides of my mouth. Hahahahah. And it wasnt a little toothpaste, it was super visible. I guess thats what happens when you brush your teeth in a rush, but atleast i didnt have bad breath i guess! But maybe not the best first impression, definitely feels a little embarrassing but i just think - who cares, atleast i have good hygein XD )

So it's a new day and it says its -5 degrees outside and the streets are covered with snow after the "snow storm" yesterday. When you love the sun and the warmth its hard to not feel a little disheartened when there is so much snow and its so cold outside, but i am reminding myself that if i think negative it wont make it any better or easier. The snow and cold will still be there, so it is better to just accept it. But also to remember that its actually good that its snow and cold, i live in Scandinavia, it should be cold and snowy this time of the year... if it was warm and no snow that wouldnt be a good sign.  So i am going to make the best of this season and winter, why waste 6 months feeling miserable because its cold and dark?

Todays plans are lectures from 9 until 3pm and then maybe group studying with friends and maybe going for coffee or wine afterwards, hopefully anyway. Would be fun to do something outside of just studying and i think we all need a little mental break from studying and worrying for a while!

So, staying to the theme of this post... seeing the positives! As mentioned berfore, looking for rooms has really made me step outside of my comfort zone. Take contact with people, meet new people, call new people, leave my house at the evenings (hahah), be open. Of course this isnt the first time ive searched for apartments/rooms and gone through this process, but it definitely makes me more social and more open. I like my routines and habits and moving to a new place always disrupts those for a little while, but the older i get and the more often i move the easier i have to just accept and embrace the changes and to find new routines and also new routines living with other people!

Trying to focus on all the positives in my life and all the good things. Starting my day with positive thoughts and trying to end my day with positive thoughts. One thing which i hate is when i start off my day with negative thoughts (such as yesterday, when i had both anxiety and negative thoughts that lasted half the day. But decided to change my way of thinking half way through the day and could end my Monday on a positive note!).Sometimes it feels like the first few thoughts you have in the morning is what decides how your day will be.... for example if i think "i am not ready for today. I dont want to.." then my day often doesnt turn out great, but if i wake up and think "Its a new day, lets make the best of it" (no matter how i feel mentally or physically), it often turns into a good day!!

So try to think positive within the first 10 minutes of your day and see if it makes a change, and to end your day with some positive thoughts as well!!

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  1. Good job Izzy! Feeling you on the cold and darkness, haha. Though i guess Sweden is worse than here in the Northern part of the Netherlands. But yeah, we're having -1 degrees celcius which is almost a cold. But it is a waste indeed to think negatively because of something you can't change anyway like the weather. So better learn to cope with it instead.
    Persnally i set myself a goal for this week to change my sleeping routine. I slowly got into the habit over the last year or 1,5 year to go to bed very late and then have trouble waking up. Always ends with me feeling sluggish and grumpy and just OFF. So i'm trying to change that! Yesterday i went to bed at 21:30 and somehow i managed to fall asleep. Although waking up a couple of times during the night i slept till myalarm went off at 7 am. Which is such a big accomplishment for me. Sorry this is so uninteresting for you but i felt like sharing so badly hahah. As it's such a big part for me changing my habits into ones that are good/better for my mental and physcial well being. Also it's great that i finally were to eat breakfast at a normal time and then go to rehab instead of first going to rehab because i'm lacking time and then having a big 'brunch' just basically having a shitty routine. Anyways: Hopefully you'll go out for a drink or so after lectures today! Very funny story also about the toothpaste haha. Don't worry she's probably just happy you smelled good ;)

  2. Oh my god, I love the toothpaste story! Good you have a sense of humour about life :) I once had a job interview, aad when I got home I realized I'd popped a button on my shirt - right between my boobs! I'd been showing bra the entire time. I got the job, lol, but I hope it was because of my merits and not because of the show I gave them! Stuff happens, we're all human, and I was able to laugh about it instead of sink into a mortified shame spiral.

  3. I love your posts Izzy! Are you going to do any more vlogs.