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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Recovery is about change and learning to cope


Recovery isnt just about eating again or gaining weight. Its not just about finding balance with food but about finding balance with your thoughts - taking back control over your thoughts. Creating a life you love and creating thoughts that bring you happiness in life. Its not just about actions or saying you will do something, but about making changes that will actually make you feel better. If recovery was only as simple as eating or resting or not purging then everyone would be able to recover. But its about changing your mental thoughts, changing behaviours and learning to cope. Learning to cope with the actual problem because in the end food and weightloss and body image problems are just consequences of the actual problem. Often there is something more you need to deal with whether its self esteem, anxiety, depression, fear of lonliness or being unperfect or maybe its due to traumatic events in the past - or any other reason. But the self hate and the destructive thoughts arent just about your body - the stem from something so much more and you need to learn to deal with those problems. Bbut also to learn to cope with life..... because life has its ups and downs and if you dont learn to cope with the ups and downs or stresses of life then it will be easy to relapse to destructive behaviours to cope.

So even if eating and resting and keeping the food inside of you or eating without binging are HUGE things and important steps in recovery ,its not the only thing in recovery.

Remember to be honest to yourself - weight and the way you eat might show that you are healthy but you have to be honest with yourself whether you are living a healthy life or not.

Learn  to change your thoughts, learn to cope with life and all the ups and downs and learn to face your fears to fully recover!

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  1. Excellent post! Before when I attempted recovery it was totally focused on eating and my meal plan - I just wasn't aware there was anymore to it. Hence I managed to gain weight feeling the same. Since spiralling back down I have learnt that there is indeed more to recovery than just making sure I eat - this time in recovery I am going to make sure I make changes too. Thankyou for the heads up about this - I have learnt a valuable lesson and I hope I can make it this time.