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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Questions about exercise and working out

Have you ever considered joining an exercise class or do you prefer to workout to your own agenda and your own pace?

I did think about joining a running group when I lived in Stockholm and felt that I would improve more if I ran with others. But the groups were always in the evenings and I didn't feel super excited to run at those times as well as I do prefer to workout on my own!
   I do want to join a crossfit club sometime as I loved the group feeling which you got while working out there and how everyone kept trying to motivate and pep each other to keep going! I also love that form of exercise with the high intensity!! But for now I enjoy my workouts on my own as they are my time for myself and can just "not think" for an hour, though I don't mind working out with others as long as they actually workout and don't just sit/stand and talk for an hour which many do when working out together!!!

Do you change your diet at all when you are running or training for one of the runs you do? What is the longest distance you have ran?

The longest distance I have ran is 21,5km :) and when I was training for the half marathon I didn't think so much about changing my diet but I did make myself eat more. Long runs don't actually make me so hungry, strength training does. So I had to consciously make myself more.  I did however make sure to eat lots the night before I would do a long distance run as I would then eat something small like a banana and raisins or rice cakes in the morning before I ran and then post run even more. I know one day after a 20km run I had a 1000+ calorie breakfast  (I roughly calculated the calories as I was interested to see how much it actually was!). As I was eating enough I didn't really need to change my diet, just needed to increase on the days I did long distance and also to get more sleep which was important!!!

Have you ever considered running a marathon?
  I have and it's been on my bucket list for years however now I am beginning to realise that I don't know if I can or want to run a marathon.  At this point in my life I am not willing to put down the hours of running necessary to run 42km, as well as having hip and knee problems that can flare up after just a 15km run so I wouldn't want to end up very injured just to finish a run. But never say never, in a few years maybe I will but first I need to get back into running and maybe run a 21km again!!

Do you do the runs for yourself or do people sponsor you for charities?
All the races I've done have just been for fun:) but one day I would like to raise money for either CF foundation or for mental health awareness/foundation! :)

How did you discover you were good at and liked running?
I wasn't actually so good at running, that just came from practise and lots of running.... and I still wasn't that great, and now I'm basically back to stage 1 of running as I don't do it so often, haha! I enjoyed the freedom and feeling of running- once I had gotten rid/changed the thoughts that connected running with anxiety and burning calories.  Once I reached the stage where I could exercise for enjoyment and appreciate my bodies capabilities and how strong it was, running was alot more fun. And then as I ran more and practised I also got better!!! Running and strength training are things which are "fresh produce" so to say,I. E if you go with months without running then you will notice that you might not be where you were before, just like with strength training.  However cardiovascular health is easy to work up again and you will have  muscle memory making it easier to get back to where you were before. So I know that once I begin to dedicate more time to running it  won't be too hard to make progress!

What classes should you take to become a health coach and your passion about it.
What classes you take depends on where you study and also if it's more PT focused or more nutrition  focused. Some of the classes I'm taking/have taken are nutrition, food knowledge , bacteria and food, chemistry and biochemistry, physiology and will be taking health coaching classes  (with practical work), sicknesses and health care/sickness in society, more about nutrition and food and things such as bmr,rmr, activities levels and then in my 5th term I might read some psychology and business and maybe something about exercise nutrition!! There are of course some courses which aren't as fun but most of them are alot of fun and there is a mix of practical and theoretical!!! :)

And why I want to study this program? Well because I want to help people stay healthy or want to be healthy.  Help people with their nutrition to be optimally healthy and happy and then also if I study some psychology and business I can have my own company and maybe help people more with their mental care (even if I could never replace a therapist, I think it's good to have some understanding!). There are some online educations which give people a "health coach" diploma after 2 weeks which is a little irritating considering that I will study 3 years at university and sort of have the same title "though my title will be more "hälsovetare" which is translated to health knower hahha a.  I am pretty sure people who study 4 years to become a dietician feel irritated when someone who has gone a 3 week online course starts writing lots of meal plans and making money. Of course there is nothing wrong with not studying at university  (not everyone wants to or can), but sometimes I think people in university question there choice of study when someone hm else has done a 3 week online course and is given the same job title (almost!) And does the same thing.... hahah.

Anyway, this was part one of some of your questions and I'll try get around to the rest of the Questions :)

(Note, this is written on my phone if there are any grammar mistakes!!)


  1. I'm honestly so scared of that.. Going to uni and spending all my parents money to become a health coach when I can do a quick online course... Why are you going to uni? :)

    1. It's free (apart from litteratur) to study in sweden. But also that I get a bachelors which I hope means something in the future hahaha! When you go to university you get taught by professors and I guess you hopefully get more knowledge and deeper understanding than just doing online courses.... and of course I love university! But university is more focused on if you want to do research in the future and more on knowledge rather than practical,or that's my understanding of it anyway!! :)

    2. Going to uni here in the UK costs thousands - you have to get a student loan for the courses you want to do and once you complete uni and start work you pay the loan back out of your salary in instalments - that is unless you are fortunate enough to be able to afford the fees upfront. So many students leave uni and start work thousands of pounds in debt.
      I loved reading your answers and about your running:)

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