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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Positives of the week

So last week I never wrote a "positives of the week", and then I was too tired to do it yesterday evening.  So I thought, why not start off the new week with a positive mindset and thinking  about the positives about last week (some of the positives might be from 2 weeks ago because in all honesty time just blurs together haha)

1) getting to eat dinner with my step dad!
2) getting my vegan apparel t shirt!
3) Making and eating chocolate brownies
4) trying my first lenny and Larry's cookie
5) going for a really nice walk yesterday where I just felt thankful and positive!
6) hopefully all my hours of studying will pay off for my test today!
7) now that I need to move it means I'll see different areas of gothenburg.  Connect with other people. Push me outside of my comfort zone. So I'm just seeing these as positive changes and hoping for the best!
8) reconnected with 2 of my old friends again!
9) another positive is that it isn't freezing cold yet which I am so thankful for!
10) another positive is that I've also cleared the air between me and the woman I live with so now it feels fine/good living here the next 2 weeks before I move!
11) all the helpful and kind people in my life and all of you who reached out to me and to see if I was OK! It means the world to me!

It feels good to think about the positive and positive things in life, and a great way to start the new day and the new week!!!

So if you have any positives of the day or positives in your life,comment below:)


  1. 1) I had all of last week off of school, so that was a huuuuuuuge positive :) I accomplished a ton and got to watch Netflix haha
    2) I finished the first draft of an essay for my Health Studies class. And it's not due until next week, so I have plenty of time to edit.
    3) I made some delicious vegan banana bread waffles on Saturday
    4) My family went out for brunch yesterday for my sister's birthday, and I treated myself to a small slice of cake
    5) I'm also happy that the weather here has been so snow yet!
    6) Having the energy to dance and go to the gym

    Those are so me of my positives :) Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. Some of my positives -

    I have now gone THREE weeks without missing a meal - a huge acheivment for me, normally I would have missed a few by now but I haven't given in

    I have at last found an alternative to milk that I actually like

    My local supermarket have started selling Oatly products and many more "freefrom" foods - making my shopping very exciting!

    My sister has got back in touch with me after a long absence

    I get to have my tooth ache fixed this week

    The weather is mostly bright and sunny - no rain :)

    I have at last started reading the books I have had for ages but never got round to reading

    I am going to bed earlier instead of staying up to the early hours

    I discovered that parsnip and cashew burgers are rather yummy :)

    Discussed Christmas and found ways of easing the stress so I feel better about it

    My dry skin has improved since I started using a body moisterisor

    My kitten has got over her neutering operation safely

    Was able to pre order a film I am dying to see

    Discovered coconut flour and made some delicious muffins :)

    Hope your test went well and you have a good week !