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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Overwhelming school work and taking care of myself

Hello and good evening everyone :)

Its 8pm and the first time today that i have had a moment to sit down and write a post! The hours have just flown by and it feels like time is racing by.
If there is one thing i simultanously love but also gives me anxiety is when time flies by fast.... i love it because there are things i am looking forward to in the future, but it also gives me anxiety because i feel like i dont have enough time to do everything i want to do. Like there arent enough hours to get studying, working out, socializing, taking care of myself, making food etc in a day. 

At the moment i feel very overwhelmed with school work. There is so much and it feels like i dont have the time to sit down and study with everything else going on in my life. At the moment i just want 48 hours where i can just spend several hours where i just sit and read through my litterature and just make sense of everything and study what i need to. But also to have a few hours to myself to just "breathe", hahaha.

Yesterday i was supposed to have lectures from 9 until 4pm, but when we got out lunch break at 12.30 i just felt like i had enough. I felt low and tired and just didnt feel motivated to be in school, and so i decided to just head home. Read my litteratur, eat a delicious lunch and then take an evening to just take care of myself. And that was exactly what i needed. Thats one thing which i love about University is that its up to you to take control over your studies, and you dont have to go to lectures but you do have to do the work whether you do it at home or at school. Its more freedom compared to highschool!!

Today it was back to business with school from 9 until 4pm and half way through the day i had to go to the store for coffee and chocolate to get me through the last 2,5 hours of lectures!! 

And then after school i met up with the girl who i will be sharing apartment with in February and i signed the contract and we got to talk and get to know each other better! It felt good to meet again (and this time not have toothpaste round my mouth!!) and to get to know each other better and we both said that we were excited to move in February, so i am hoping for the best!!

And then as we sat until closing time we got some free vegan cinnamon buns to take with us! And when i got home after dinner i ate the cinnamon bun and it was amazing, not to mention that it was basically the size of my head which made it even more amazing, hahah!

Tomorrow is another long day in school with lectures but then in the evening i will go for tapas and wine with a few friends from my class which i am looking forward to. However i looked at the menu and there was nothing vegan on there so i'll see how i do with food whether i decide to eat beforehand, not so sure... i guess i will talk to my other friends who are vegan and see what they are going to do!
I dont plan on missing social events just because of the way i eat - i wont let that stop me!! :)

Anyway, keep commenting on my previous post and keep sharing your recovery successes! I love reading them and it inspires others, so keep being positive about your own recovery!!!


  1. It's great to hear that thinks are looking better with the apartment business :) and that you two are understanding each other well.
    Have fun tomorrow night!

  2. I am so happy for you that it seems like you found a nice roommate to share an apartment with! However where are you going to stay during December and January? Have you found a solution for that? Or will you stay in the current apartment until then?
    I can totally imagine you feel overwhelmed with schoolwork. University is an underestimated thing if you ask me! Many people say it's supposed to be the best time of your life (well at least around here I hear that a lot from adults) but honestly it's tough. So many people struggle to catch up with the heavy workload and then also trying to have a social life somewhat, exercise and then have family time somewhere in between and not even get me started on the time to just relax to watch a series or do nothing..pfff.
    However I think you are doing a great job! Also really good you try to listen to your feelings and go home when that feels like the best thing to do at a certain time.
    Hopefully you' ll have a good time tomorrow over the tapas! Maybe they can make you guys something vegan if you ask? Shouldn't be too hard. Good that you are aware not to miss out on any social stuff due to your diet preferences!! That would be a shame if you did and totally unnecessary as well. Have a great rest of the wek and a good weekend in advance :)

  3. Oh my goodness, cinnamon buns *heart eyes* I think I NEED that in my life. Maybe I'll find one as a celebratory treat if I pass my gestational diabetes test next week haha. I've been so behind in blogs, but now that I've graduated (hooray!) I will start reading again! I'm so glad you've found someone to live with in February. I'm sure it'll work out and a little toothpaste never hurt. If you're going to live with her then I'm sure there will be LOTS of more awkward/weird things to come!

  4. wow - the cinnamon bun looks amazing! And the perfect treat after all the studying you`ve been doing :)
    All you can do is try to pace yourself where school work is concerned, try to concentrate on the "now" rather than what is ahead. And have plenty of breaks so you can recharge yourself.
    Hope you had a great evening and enjoyed the time off from your studies!