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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Not wearing make up- learning to love my natural look

One of the positive outcomes (?) From my depression is that I learned to love my natural look. I've never been someone who has worn alot of make up, just the bare minimum consisting of concealer and mascara, but it was still a daily thing I did. And at times I put on make up just to go to the gym. It made me feel better about myself... not as pale or unnatural.

But then when I was depressed putting on make up took too much energy and if I ever put on make up I never took it off so my eye lashes began to fall out. So I decided to just not put make up on at all, also the fact that I just didn't care how I looked. And after a while I didn't even see the point in wearing make up... I don't even need it. And now I only ever wear make up if it's a very special occasion and I like it this way. I don't feel self conscious not wearing make up and people don't comment and say I look "sick" the days I don't wear make up  (because I never wear it!). But also it saves me time in the morning!! Not to mention that I stopped colouring my hair as well (though I recently toned it again as the outgrowth was so dark and looked strange haha). It's not that I don't care about my appearance, like it was before, but that I like how I look naturally. Not wearing make up is also a way to feel more confident according to me. It makes you accept yourself for how you look and not just cover up or hide.

This post ISNT judging or critisizing people who wear make up.  Because each to their own... but I personally love not wearing make up.  However I know that when people have skin problems or acne it makes THEM MORE confident to wear make up, and that's awesome. I'm lucky that I have rather good skin and I understand that it can be awful to suffer from acne or such and it's awesome that you can cover it up if you want! But also, I am super jealous of all of you who have good make up skills. One of the reasons I don't like wearing make up is because I'm  not even good at putting on make up, but I'm sure if I had the right techniques and spent money on good products I'd be more willing to put the time on make up and my hair.

Everyone has their own choice and no one should be judgemental about other people's make up preferences! But I also think that women/girls should feel more confident without make up... not feel like they are "sick or pale " if they don't wear any. 

One thing which i have noticed since i have stopped wearing make up (though this could be due to diet change as well) is that my lashes are actually really long and "full now", i.e in the past my eyelashes kept falling out and there were almost spaces between them as they had fallen out. But also i have less (or i dont notice them anyway) dark circles under my eyes!  But i think the best thing is just having more time but also not caring what people think if i dont wear make up, not feeling the need to put it on and when i do its because I WANT to, not because i feel i have to. 

Anyway, sort of a silly post, but this has actually been a way for me to learn to love my face and to love my natural beauty. To just accept when i have spots or when i have dark circles under my eyes, and to just embrace how i look! 
 But everyone is different and like mentioned above, if make up gives you confidence then go for it, everyone should do their own thing and this is what i have done for me :)

Do you wear make up? Do you like wearing make up? Do you ever take make up free days? :)


  1. I haven't worn any make-up for ages, infact I can`t remember when I last did! There was a time when it was the first thing I did every morning and there was no way I would ever have left the house without it. But it was when I got depression that all changed, my make -up earing days got fewer and fewer and eventually I stopped putting it on althogether. I found that, like you did Izzy, that it was just too much of a chore and I didn't really care how I looked anyway. Nowadays I just don`t feel the need to waer it and I am happiest without it. Luckily, apart fro having dry skin at the moment I have always had spot free skin so don`t feel the need to cover up. I think I would feel strange if I suddenly started wearing make -up again! During my depression my partner actually brought me awhole new bag of make-up as he knew that previousily it was one thing I did that helped me feel good about myself - I have never used it. I feel fine the way I am and can`t say I have had any negative responses to not wearing make -up. Its great not to have to spend time on doing it in the mornings, not to mention the time it takes - if i did - taking it off again at night. Like you Izzy i noticed a change in my eye lashes when i stopped wearing mascara, they began to grow thicker whereas they were quite sparse before.
    I don`t miss make - up and i haven't any intentions to start wearing it again. I won`t rule it out though - if ever there is an occasion coming up where i think wearing make -up would be beneficial to me i would consider putting some on, but right now i am happy looking just like me.
    PS - i was never brilliant at applying make -up anyway and could never wear lipstick, i always thought it looked ridiculous on me :)

  2. Having always been a bit of a tomboy I would rather be covered in straw from the stables than worrying about being covered in loads of makeup to be honest! Also, when currently experiencing physical discomfort and just recovering from emotional trauma, I think that not wearing makeup is okay for now. The internal state of being is rather more important for me at this time!

    Do I think it is important to bother more about your appearance during special events or when going out in company; yes of course, yet it shouldn't take precedence over everything else! Learning to bother more than I used to is still a learning process, as it doesn't come naturally to everyone to find it easy to think so highly of yourself.

    I learnt a few years ago that it is ok to bother about yourself, especially when you have never learnt to think of yourself in a good light much before.

    I can so relate to your post Izzy and I must say how I have always thought you look lovely with and without makeup! :)

  3. I am the exact same haha! Before I only did a bare minimum of some mascara and something extra maybe for special occosians. Now I tend to not even do that. First because of depression, then because I didn't buy any as I couldnt find any vegan and now I dont bother and think I look fine without. In fact the last time I put some mascara on on a more frequent basis is five years ago hahah.

  4. Just to write something different (lol, nope): I'm probably a few years younger than all of you commenting above, and for me it was before that I never wore make-up, and I started doing make-up recently (though, it's really slight, just to emphasize my eyes) and I love it. Now, for me it's something new wich I enjoy, and not something I feel the necessity to do :) But of course, I don't do it every day, sometimes I forget it, sometimes I don't feel like putting on make-up, and I don't feel ugly being outdoors without make-up :)