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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My future goals and dreams? Job, travelling, kids.

Izzy, just a suggestion.. You could write a post about your plans for the future, for example if you want to have a family, where would you like to live, would you like to go travelling, what job do you want to have, what are your plans for working out in the future... Maybe you could write a book!! You are great at writing and you could share your past and your advices for us who are still struggling! If you wrote a book, I would definitely buy it!! P.s. you are my best inspiration:)

Naaw thank you so much, it put a huge smile on my face to hear that i am an inspiration and have helped :) I am just glad that i can make a difference or inspire you in some way!!

Regarding writing a book, i would love to but i dont know if it will ever happen. It feels like 1) My whole story (mostly) is already written on here and available online for free, and well so is all of my advice... not so sure how much more advice i could come up with! But also its the problem about having time to write - with studying and university and blogging there isnt much time to sit and write a book, but who knows... never say never!!

I thought i would answer your other questions in this post as well, such as my plans for the future :)

So first up, i am studying a 3 year program in health promotion with focus on nutrition, so in 3 years time hopefully i will have my bachelors and then i'll see whether i want to study another 2 years and study something more specific to get my masters. That is nothing i am thinking about now as the focus is just on getting my bachelors! My goal is to work with people and their health... not so sure if i want to focus on working with people who are sick or people who are healthy and just want to be more healthy or maintain their health. As you know by now, i am interested in psychology and eating disorders and love helping people who are struggling with eating disorders. But at the same time i dont know if i want to spend my life helping people who are sick...? Or well, if the person is determined to get healthy then its more fun to help them, otherwise it feels like you are talking to a stone if the person doesnt actually want to get healthy. I am not going to be a dietician like i once wanted, now its more of a health coach type of thing. I want to help people with their overall health and finding balance in life!! Whether i own my own company or work for a company i dont really know!!

For now i am just focused on my studies and studying what i love and work and such will solve itself i am sure :)

Travelling plans? There are so many countries i want to visit!! In the past i wanted to travel but didnt because it caused anxiety due to the change in routine, now i dont travel because i dont have time as well as it costing quite alot (even though you can travel cheaply if you want to!), but also i dont think its good to fly and travel so much due to the effect it has on the planet and climate. But i guess travelling somewhere once a year or so isnt soo bad! Mmy goal is to travel to the west coast of USA sometime and spend a month or two there just travelling around but also to visit countries like Norway, Finland (again), France, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Germany (specifically Berlin), Amsterdamn and plenty other countries. Of course when and if i do visit these countries i dont know... but hopefully sometime!! Where i will live in the future i have no idea... i always had the idea and goal to move to New York and work with health and nutrition there, but now i dont know if i want to live in the USA. It just seems far too complicated and not so sure about the politics over there as well as the whole health care problem/insurance, and well because of my CF having health care and health insurance is very important.  I think i will most likely spend my life in Sweden as i do love it in Sweden but whether i settle in Stockholm or Gothenburg i dont know... for now i love studying in Gothenburg, but i think its a little too small for me to want to spend the rest of my life here.

Its funny how a huge city both terrifies and excites me. At first the fear of change can hold me back but at the same time i crave change so badly as i end up getting bored and just need change in my life, whether its changing my hair colour, changing my style of clothes, moving city or something else... i dont want to get stuck, i always need my freedom and to change things up when i get bored. Its a mystery that i still love my tattoos when i can so easily get bored of things and need to change everything in my life..... hahah. Strange how i can be so scared of change but at the same time long for it so badly!

Regarding a family and children? In the past i didnt think i wanted children. Im not much of a child lover but as i get older i guess i can feel that maternal instinct kicking in and babies who are silent are very cute, haha. Hhowever whether i can have biological children or not i dont actually know... there is unfortunatly a high chance that i cant have biological children because of my past with eating disorders as well as because of my CF. That doesnt sadden me though as i have always liked the idea of adoption, i think its a beautiful thing to adopt and if i want children my first option will be to adopt and then if i want another child maybe have a biological one... but i am still young and well, first off i need to have a partner i want to spend the rest of my life with. And once i have a partner, then i want to adopt a dofg or two before i begin thinking about children!! But also want to travel and have a career before i begin thinking about having kids!!

I dont have a 5 or 10 year plan, i have learnt by now that life doesnt always go the way you had planned or thought it would, so its better to just make the best out of life and learn to adadpt to to the changes in life!!

Sometimes the future scares me, infact it can terrify me if i think about it too long and sometimes i feel like i dont have the energy or strength to carry on and the future just doesnt seem so tempting. But othertimes when i think about all the exciting things that the future can entail such as travelling, helping people, new memories and adventures, dogs to adopt, parties to go to, films to see and goals to achieve, well then i lon for the future and can barely stand being in the present, hahaha! For me, i need goals and things to look forward to because otherwise the future just scares me too much, but if i have goals and dreams it keeps me fighting and keeps me going!!

Anyway, a very long post and i am pretty sure i have already written about all of these things before, but maybe it was interesting for some of you to read!!! :)

Do you have any long term goals? Does the future scare you or excite you? 


  1. Ahhh thank you for making this post and answering my question:) I already have some goals, for example next year I am gonna study psychology which I am really looking forward to! And I can't wait to recover completely because when I am healthy, I will be allowed to become vegan(of course I am already buying non-animal products and care for animals and nature, but eating vegan is definitely my future goal!). I really want to travel, for example New Zealand sounds pretty cool:) I also want to live abroad, probably in UK. I want to have just one or two children. And I have a goal to write a book and be an inspiration like you, I want to help people with ED. Anyway, I hope my comment doesn't bother you, I am really excited about my future and at the same time scared! But I think life without ED is so much better!!

  2. Hi :) Just wondering what made you switch from wanting to be a dietician to a health coach?? I want to study something similar and would like your experience ! ~ thanks <3

  3. It both scares and excites me :) Scare because sometimes I just don`t see an end to the way I am now and the thought that I could be in the same position (health wise) even a year from now scares me. Excite because I really don`t know whats around the corner - hopefully good things - and that's a good feeling. So a mix of emotions really.
    Thinking of the future makes me more mindful of today, in that I am trying to be aware of the decisions I make and that they will effect my future. Regarding recovery I am trying to make each day as successful as I can so that those success add up to changes in the weeks/months to come. As for long term goals - I work better to short term ones! I find having short term goals more motivating in day to life but I also have some things which I guess are long term, like managing to restore my health and overcoming my ED. I would also like to be well enough to one day be able to drive again.
    So its a bit of a mixed bag for me :)