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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Life and vegan dinner recipe (lasagna!)

Hello and good afternoon!!

Finally a long day has come to its end and i can creep into my bed and just watch series!!

Yesterday i finally did my chemistry test - the test ive been worried and stressed about, but now its over. And the results - it is impossible to know,  but i am reminding myself that if i didnt do so well its ok, its not the end of the world. Not to mention that when you have 101 other things in your life and worries in your head its not easy to sit and concentrate and remember new information for a test. But whats done is done!

And to celebrate that my test was over i used my present card which i got from my mum and bought myself a new pair of pants and a cardigan which is much needed in this cold weather!!

And then the rest of the day i spent with a whole bunch of stomach ache and had to lie in bed curled into a ball because of stomach pain, so i didnt get much else done, hahaha.

Today its been a long day in school where i had lectures from 9 until 4pm. I love university and what im studying but to have 6 hours of lectures in one day is just a little too much, the brain stops taking in new information after the 4 hour mark and the next 2 hours i just spend feeling irritated and restless and tired, hahaha. 
During one of my lectures i sat scrolling through Instagram (hmmm, maybe i shouldnt mention this XD), and i saw so many photos of lasagna and so i got so many cravings for just that! So finally when it was 4pm and time to head home i got the information that no trams were heading in my direction because of a crash, so it was just to put on a smile and a podcast and walk home instead - my only motivation was that when i got home i would make lasagna!!!

I never follow recipes, so its best that you Google to actually follow a recipe, but i can atleast write out what i did. And also to mention that it tastes AMAZING and that half the lasagna is now gone XD

Step 1) Boil lentils with spinach for 15-20 minutes
Step 2) Meanwhile microwave the sweet potatoe (make fork holes in it before hand!), so that it softens and has time to cool down as well.
Step 3) Either 1 make a vegan bechemel sauce or do like i did and just mix oat cream with the cooked lentils.
Step 4) Place the lasagna plates in the form (and dont forget to grease the pan!)
Step 5) Either 1) mix the sweet potatoe together with the lentil mix, or do like i did and do different layers. I.e first lasagna plates then mashed sweet potatoe, then the lentil mix, then vegan cheese and REPEAT!
Step 6) Keep making the layers until everything is gone.
Step 7) Into the oven for roughly 15 minutes. Then take out and add vegan cheese ontop and then back into the oven for roughly 5 minutes.

It might not look amazing, i am aware of this! But  it tasted so good (forgot to mention - add whatever flavourings you want, i just used salt and pepper!) and it is so simple to make. A little time consuming as you have to cook the lentils and such, but once you have made the lasagna it will last a few days so its worth the time. And if you dont want to use lentils you can use soy meat instead!

So... just a little dinner inspiration for you all :)

I hope you have all had a lovely day and i will hopefully to reply to comments sometime the end of this week (hahaha)


  1. Hi Izzy! Hope you're doing well :) That actually looks really good, especially since I'm obsessed with sweet potatoes, and I plan on making it sometime soon!! I was wondering about something though. Last night in class we talked about veganism and how some vets and other pet owners have put their pets on vegan diets. What do you think of this? Like, would you ever put your dog on a vegan diet???Have a good day :P

    1. I wrote a little about this in a previous post and I don't know. A dog can eat vegan food but a cat can't so if I had a cat I wouldn't make it vegan. Personally I don't mind buying normal dog food for my dog but I could never buy things like pig ears or bones or meat for my dog that would just feel wrong. Who knows in the future and when I have another dog I might buy vegan dog food. But at the moments it's my parents who take care of my dog. As long as the animal is healthy and gets the right nutrients and energy then whatever, it's up till the owner if they want their dog to eat vegan or not. But just like if I have children I would let my children choose what they want to eat while at school but at home they would eat plant based anyway!

  2. Good news that your test is done and out of the way - you can relax after all that stress now :) It must be hard going having tests as often as you do - or apart from the stress, do you find it beneficial to your learning being tested after each subject or would you prefer just one big exam at the end of the whole course?
    I love your new cardigan - I just adore long, thick woollies.
    The lasagne looks so good - one to definitely try myself. And thanks for posting how you made it too. I was pleased to see that the cheese in your photo is the exact same cheese they have started selling here, and I intended to buy some this evening! I have got a sudden urge for a cheese sandwich, goodness knows why - but there it is.
    Hope you have a great week!

  3. I forgot to ask - what is "oat cream"? They sell the Oatly crème fraiche in the supermarket, is this it or is it something different?
    Thankyou :)

    1. It's basically like food cooking cream but made from oats! Haha like liquid cream :)

    2. Thankyou - I`ll probably have a go at making the béchamel sauce, I don`t really like cream and it doesn't seem to like me either :(