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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's my Birthday!!

I am mostly writing this post as a stating fact rather than a super excited post, hahaha. This year there hasnt been much excitement leading up to my birthday and today doesnt feel like my birthday at all. Of course i am not much for celebrating or having attention on myself, so in a way it suits me well that today is just another "regular day", i dont need the special attention and i dont need presents either. The only thing that bothers me though is the "being all alone" today, i have no lectures so wont see my university friends and dont have my family here, so today will be spent with myself, hahaha. But i will spend time with friends tomorrow and my family during the weekend :)

This past year has been a rollercoaster of emotions and happenings and life changing changes, hahah. The time has both flown by and gone extremely slowly. I am not much for birthdays or getting older. It has always scared me to grow older but as i do i feel like i handle life a little better than i did the previous year, i feel more calm and just a little bit more wiser from experience and knowledge learnt. Each year i make mistakes but i also grow and learn from them and become smarter and more mature and each year there are exciting things to look forward to and new experiences and life to be lived and that is what i look forward to as i get older!!

Now i am one year older and one year wiser from the previous year!!! For me a birthday is also a type of milestone and can amaze me because so many times in my life i have thought, "i cant keep going" or thought i would never make it past X years old, but here i am.... and its like i am proving myself wrong each year and proving that actually i can keep going even when i didnt think i could or when i didnt want to!! 

I am going to make today a positive day!!

Last years birthday!!


  1. Dear Izzy!! Happy happy birthday to you!! have a nice day! 🎉☺️

  2. Happy birthday Izzy!! :) Hope you have a great year ahead of you and also that cake looks delicious <3

  3. Happy birthday Izzy! Its a "mile stone" age this year isn't it? Officially an adult at last! Hope you have a lovely day!
    I have spent quite a few birthdays on my own so I know about the "just another day" scenario - falling on a weekday when family friends are all at work. But you know that was ok. I just took myself off to my favourite hobby shop and spent a long time just browsing through all the craft stuff I enjoyed doing then going into the café for coffee and cake afterwards. Other years it has been to go for a peaceful walk in my favourite place. So having to spend your birthday alone doesn't have to be that bad - just fill the time doing something you really like and it can turn out to be a nice day afterall :) And you have your friends to look forward to tomorrow and then your visit from your family.

  4. Happy birthday Izzy! Hope you have a lovely day whatever you choose to do!
    Another year older another year wiser, or so the saying goes - and isn't 21 a milestone age this year?
    Hope you have a great time with your friends tomorrow and a lovely weekend with your family - lots to look forward to :)

  5. Happy Birthday!! Thank you for existing <3

  6. Happy birthday Izzy! :D I hope you have a lovely day X

  7. I guess i now have congratulated you on pretty much all your social media hahah :p But of cocurse your blog won't be missed! HAPPY 21th BIRTHDAY!!!
    I can totally relate to your feelings regarding your own birthday. However you are right you know, you can Always keep going and you are getting wiser and more awesome every year ;) Hahah. So enjoy the day and the celebration with your firends and fam later! You deserve to be celebrated girl, remember that.

  8. Happy birthday, you beautiful girl!!!
    I can totally relate to the whole being alone on your birthday....mine is during the summer, so my friends are never around and I've been away from my family at work for the last 4 summers :p
    Oh well!!
    Enjoy your celebrations this weekend!! I hope you bake another crazy cake to celebrate...
    And have a wonderful day today :)

  9. AAAAAAAH Izzy I wish you happy happy birthday and alles alles Gute zum Geburtstag from Germany ;) *_* I hope you had a wonderful, special, bright and sunny day with everything you want to ;) And of course all the best for the upcoming year in your life ;) 21 is a great number, I can speak from my own experience at the moment haha ;) so have a wonderful evening and stay as you are ;) Lots and lots of love xxxxx Ange :-*

  10. Happy birthday Izzy! Enjoy 21 :)