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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How to stay motivated when you are depressed

hey izzy, this is a great post, and i'm afraid i'm in need of some help.
lately my depression has been progressively getting worse, and i have no energy (cant even brush my hair in the morning from tiredness) or motivation to do things. life just seems to be pointless and i'm tired of it all. is there any tips youd recommend to make myself get more motivation?

When you are depressed its easy for life to feel to overwhelming, you have no motivation to get up in the morning. All you want to do is sleep, stay in bed all day. And maybe for a day or two that is exactly what you need, but in the end you cant sleep away your life and hiding under the duvet wont make your problems go away. Especially  not when they are in your head.
  The most important thing is that everyday you GET up and leave bed and preferably do something... not just go lie in the coach.
 But instead decide that every morning you are going to wake up preferably between 8-10am (depending on if you are at work or school). And you are going to drink a glass of water... you are also going to try take a shower if you have time. Focus on those 2 things and also getting some breakfast into you. Those 3 things can be your main focus everyday for a week. Just getting out of bed and getting dressed. The next week focus on getting some sunshine.Getting out of the house or calling a friend/family. Drink plenty of water as well. Focus on those things as well as the others. Then slowly add in other things like going to the shop, meeting a friend, starting a new hobby, getting 7-9 hours sleep each night. Making a delicious meal for yourself.

When you are depressed PLEASE talk to somebody, Dont suffer in silence and alone, reach out for help. Try not to be alone too much either and staying in bed and isolating yourself wont help either.

Eat NUTRITIOUS food, when you are depressed it can be easy to reach for the chocolate and crisps, and in moderation thats fine. But when you suffer from something like depression eating food like oatmeal, dark cacao/chocolate, walnuts, avocado, salmon, nuts are all good to eat. (Foods with serotonin are important as there is usually less serotonin in the brain/body when you are depressed. And also make sure to get enough vitamins and minerals. I would highly suggest getting your blood checked to see if maybe you need extra supplements of something)
Image result for foods with serotonin

Also drinking lots of water.

When you feel you have energy for it, also try to make a vision board or a mindmap of what you want to do with your life. Things you enjoy doing, things you want to do, things that make you feel happy.

Also try exercising, this can REALLY help. I know from experience and also getting D vitamin. So if you are able to go for a 20 minute walk when the sun is out, (or if its in winter - go when its daylight), then you get both D vitamin and exercise which should help. Find good music  you can listen to and find podcasts. Listening to podcasts or radios can make you feel less lonely and can lighten your mood.

Also try do something you enjoy... maybe bake/write/dance/sing/workout/go for coffee/do yoga etc etc do old hobbies which you liked before. Dont just say no and that it wont make you feel better, instead give it a try.

Try to find your happiness, because happiness wont just come like a miracle, its something you have to find and create for yourself!

Also if you can try to eliminate stress in your life... take a break from school or work. This can have the opposite effect though as it makes you feel more lonely and de motivatedc and you never leave your bed. But if the stress is making you feel bad and you feel bad because you cant study or get your work done, that wont help you either. So make a decision that will help YOU.

Either print/get someone to make them for you/or make thems yourself - small sticky notes/notes which you can place on doors, on mirrors and around the house to help make you feel and think more positive.

Meditation and yoga are also very helpful!!

Make a list of 3 things you are going to achieve each day, even if its just to brush your hair, make yourself a cup of tea and to draw  a picture of a flower or a sun. Those 3 things are big things and achievements when you are depressed. And later on your goals can be to leave the house, go for coffee/tea and to make sure to smile 3 times in a day. etc

But most important ASK FOR HELP. Talking to someone, having someone show that they care and listen to you is helpful!!!


  1. When I was in treatment we ate 6 times a day which I followed for some months, but lately I started eating two of the snacks together with the bigger meals. So I eat Four times a day but huge meals when I eat instead. I do this bc I like to eat a lot at once rather than smaller amounts frequantly. Is this a problem or disorded you think?

    Thanks for great blog and support.

    1. No as long as you eat enough and find that eating 4 meals a day work for you :) I prefer eating 4 big meals a day aso well, but some days I eat 7 small meals... so it varies! Find your way or intuitive eating:)

    2. Hey you! (-:
      I think it is no problem or disordered to eat four meal instead of six, as long as you have eaten the amounts you need to maintain / gain weight at the end of the day. If you personally like it more to eat less but bigger meals, well that's okay, everyone is different, as long as you don't try to reduce your daily intake in this way, as I already stated.
      It's great that you decided for recovery, keep going, you will do it! (-:

    3. Thank you both! :)

  2. Hey Izzy!
    This comment doesn't really fit to the post, but kind of, as it also leads to my depression and anxiety.
    I am scared of sugar and avoid eating anything which contains it. I'm also not very "excited" about natural sweeteners like honey, agave sirup and so on, but my main problem is the "real" sugar, which is part of the usual sweets. I know, I know, there is not such a thing as good or bad food and in the end it's all just energy for my body. But I've got that feeling/fear, that my body gets kind of angry (haha), unhealthy and poisoned, when I eat just a little amount of sugar. I really prefer eating whole and clean foods, even if I know that it's not good to get obsessed about eating completely healthy. For the body maybe it would be if I get enough nutrients and so on, but for the mind.. well, certainly not. I think what I really need is a valid and scientific explanation why it is NOT bad, unhealthy, poisonous, ... for my body to eat sugar (and in general "unclean" food), because mostly we get explained in a detailed way why it is! Can you try to give such an explanation or a comment about it? Your opinion always really matters to me, as you have got a whole lot of experience and knowledge (due to your studies) as well! (-:

    1. Ive made a post about this now which you might find helpful :)

  3. I find this advice very good, but honestly, for someone who still struggles with depression despite lots of treatment, there’s too much here. It’s overehelming & long. Depression also makes it difficult to concentrate. Thank you for the helpful advice, but breaking it down to smaller pieces might be able to reach more people in the depths of their struggles.

    Lung -