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Monday, November 21, 2016

How often do i workout? My workout routine?

Recently i have been requested to write more about my exercise and workouts, as well as some people assuming i workout everyday or twice a day which is not the case. In all honesty, i dont even know how i would have the time to workout twice a day XD

If exercise or reading about exercise triggers you then just skip this post, but i thought i would answer for those who are interested.

The amount of times i workout in a week vary alot, all depending on my school schedule, my motivation and energy levels and whether i am sore or tired in my body. But generally i go to the gym 5 times a week (sometimes less, sometimes more) and take 2 days of rest where either i am just at school/home all day studying or take a short walk. My activitiy level is definitely alot less than it was before, mostly because there is alot of school work and just other things going on in my life and i dont priortize going to the gym first. But also if i have alot of anxiety or alot of things on my mind going to the gym doesnt help, instead going for a short walk (which of course is also exercise!), is what helps me the best then.

I dont have any workout goals, i just do it because its fun and gives me energy, but i have been thinking more about workout goals and i would love to run a half marathon in Gothenburg next year. However ive been having alot of hip and lower back pain as well as not the right support in my running shoes so i havent been able to do any long distance running... first i just need to get back into the swing of running 10km again before i start thinking about 21km, hahah.
 And recently i have been trying to get more into the base strength exercises and some crossfit inspired exercises. I dont have a plan i follow but i try to workout legs 2 times a week, deadlifts once, shoulders and back once a week and core two times a week, as i have realised that a strong core is such a benefit for life and posture and other exercises. And then i try to throw in some chest, bicep and tricep exercises every second week or so, hahaha.

I am the type of person who likes to do the things i am good at and find fun, so i often forget the things i am less good at because they arent as fun, such as working biceps and chest.... but at times that can be a problem because my back and shoulder muscles are alot stronger than my chest and just leads to an unbalance. So trying to remind myself to work on the things i amnt so good at!!

My strength workouts typically last 40-55minutes and usually i just do 3-4 exercises but alot of sets and that works for me now. But like i said, i dont follow a program and my goal isnt to build muscle, mostly i just want to feel myself getting stronger but most of all be more functionally capable. I want to be able to run and lift and do all sorts of things in life.

For example, yesterday when i was moving half of my stuff i was so thankful for the fact that i take care of my body and that i strength train because there was NO WAY i would have been able to carry all that stuff if i didnt strength train!! So thankful for my strong body - and that is exactly why i workout, to take care of my body and be able to do things in life. I mean whats so great about huge biceps or abs if you feel like collapsing while carrying a heavy bag up some stairs or when walking with heavy groceries home.

My goal at the moment is just to try to get back into running and i would love to do more crossfit type workouts as i love the mix of cardio and strength training!

Also about my cardio... well the only cardio i do at the moment is when i feel like going for a walk instead of the gym, and somedays i might walk to school (35 minutes), but otherwise no form of cardio. And i know i need to get back into some form of intervals or running for my CF health but due to wrong shoe support and hip pain i just havent been able to motivate myself to do that - but now my CF health care is definitely take the consequences of it.

Anyway, this post might be a little bit all over the place - but thats because its early morning when i  am writing this as well as having a headache. But if you have any questions leave them below and ill try my best to help or answer :)

I miss running, hahahah.... not so sure i can call myself a runner at the moment. XD


  1. I like workout posts a lot :D As you already know i guess haha. Those two pictures at the end are so awesome. Youlook so genuinely happy there. Love that!
    And i agree with you that it's so nice to feel strong and capable and not as if your body doesn't work with you when you need it to. So totally get you on that. Also a great benefit of working out imo is the admiration that grows towards your body. At least for me it is. I love what my bod can do, how it recuperates, howw it gets stronger, gets more endurance, it makes me feel happy, and it makes me feel so much sexier too! Really! Not necesarily because it changes my appearance but more so because i feel more tuned into my body rather than just .. idk, have this half connection i guess. Don't know if you get me ;)
    Although i must say that working out when i was severily uderweight and just not fueling my bod properly it was a drag! So thats a HUGE difference af course.

    1. Hahha thank you! Having a strong and functional body is the most important for me. Working out for health and enjoyment and the body changing is just a byproduct of doing what i love!!! And yes there is such a difference in working out when you have no energy or are depressed or haven't eaten enough compared to when you are fuelled properly and have enough energy and do it for enjoyment not compulsion or anxiety!!

  2. Hey Izzy! I have just started eating vegan. I really love drinking capuccino, the instant one. Do you know any vegan capuccinos that are instant? I would be very happy if you knew about it. :)

    1. Hmmm I'm not aware of any packages of cappuccino because they contain milk/whey powder which gives the milkiness of the cappuccino. I would say that you need to make your own with coffee and some form of alternative milk :) but who knows there might be something similar available depending on what country you live in.

    2. This really frustrates me too - I love hot chocolate and Horlicks but they all have milk in them, even the instant ones. There needs to be some alternative milk products!
      The closest I can think of to cappuccino is the barista whole bean coffee, that gives a frothy top when mixed with water but you will still need to add your own milk. And you can buy a coffee frother wand from Amazon if you want to froth up your coffee/hot chocolate (its like a mini hand blender)
      That's all I can think of I`m afraid. Theres definitely a gap in the market for this sort of thing unfortunately :(

    3. Oh and I forgot to mention - Oatly produce a milk especially for making hot frothy drinks. Its oatmilk but it goes frothy.

  3. Hi Izzy - what is your opinion on exercise DVDs? I am thinking of getting one as i really do need to build the strength back up in my legs, or can you suggest any exercises i could do instead?
    I`m ashamed to say that things aren't too good in that department - to put it bluntly my legs have packed up on me. I have absolutely no strength in them and just walking up the stairs at home is an ordeal. I have had to stop going out for walks as i just can`t walk properly anymore. Just moving around the house is difficult.
    I was thinking some sort of gentle exercise may help? what do you think? Its so frustrating, not to mention hard, living like this - being unable to do anything. Even the normal everyday things are difficult or impossible for me to do - like just doing things around the house and i just want things to get better but i don`t know how or where to start.
    I know my weight is a big, or should i say the main - factor with this but again i am struggling with that too. Just when i think things are going well the scales say otherwise. Some days i think i should try to get outside help but i don`t know where to start.
    And when i say about the exercise DVD i don`t mean the faddy super - quick weight loss ones that the celebrities love to churn out but i was thinking more of a gentle stretching one or yoga-like, definitely not an aierobic one.
    I ummed and ahhed about mentioning this but when i saw you had posted a post about your exercise i thought i`d ask your advice.

    1. I think some yoga and strength ones (not high intensity or super aerobic) ones might help you:) but the most important thing is to eat enough and rest. But to do some stretching and use your muscles in some form might help get your strength back, but food is key!! Keep trying to eat enough... each time you eat you are fueling and helping your body, remember that. Even if you aren't hungry or feel sick you still need to give your body fuel whether it's through a nourishing smoothie or a home cooked meal. Food is energy and will help you :) hope you feel better soon and that your body starts Co operatng again! Remmeber that you are stronger than your eating disorder, you can fight against it!!! But only you have the powder to make the right choices and to recover!

    2. Thanks Izzy, I`ll have a look and see what I can find. You are right - food is the key factor here along with my weight - I have got to improve on those. So I`m working on it - one day at a time. This situation I have found myself in is absolutely awful and its somewhere I don`t want to be.
      Thankyou so much for your advice.

  4. Just a thought - are there any running clubs in your town? Or maybe attached to your university? It would be good way of building up your running again and of meeting new people :) I have noticed there is one where I live - one evening a week I see a whole bunch of people out running so I have gathered they must belong to some sort of club. And have you thought of joining an exercise class at your gym - or do you prefer to work at your own pace and on your own?