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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Health vegan or ethical vegan?

Izzy, what do you think about eating vegan just because it's healthy? I have a friend who is vegan and he is constantly telling me that eating meat, eggs and dairy is very unhealthy. Have you become vegan because of ethical reasons or have you also do it because it's a healthy diet? :) 

Well there are "Health vegans" and "ethical vegans" and "environmental vegans" however i think by definition vegan means for the ethical reasons and if you are just doing it for health reasons you are more of a plant based eater. But also it depends on whether its just a diet or a lifestyle.
Considering that i am studying nutrition and have been taught that meat and dairy is "healthy" i do also believe that. I know there are many vegans who preach how bad meat and dairy are and i think they are bad for ethical and environmental reasons (but lets not forget that soy beans and palm oil are also bad for environmental reasons and too much pasta or potatoes or too much fruit isnt good for health reasons either...). So i believe that it is all about balance... and i feel like in todays society people have lost that balance and they are eating way too much meat and dairy which causes too high cholesterol or too much fat as well as inflammation in the body.

I believe that you can be healthy eating meat and dairy, because the truth is that meat is a complete protein compared to beans and lentils as well as egg containing almost all the vitamins and minerals you need as well as health fat and proten (but no carbohydrates.) HOWEVER i cant look past the ethical aspects of meat and dairy, i cant look past the fact that it is an animal or there is animal suffering behind the "food", and that is what makes me want to be (and why i am) a vegan. You can also be healthy on a vegan diet despite what people think. If you combine your food right and if you make sure to get enough energy and vary food intake you can get everything you need (apart from b12) and stay healthy on a plant based diet. But i do understand that some people due to malabsorption illnesses or other illnesses cant stay healthy while on a plant based diet and i respect that as well. That is why i would love if everyone went vegan, but i also know that if atleast everyone ate more plant based it would make a difference because the truth is not everyone will go vegan and not everyone can be healthy on a vegan diet. I know that if i wasnt aware and interested in nutrition i most likely would not be able to stay healthy or get enough energy on a plant based diet due to my CF and the amount of exercise i do.... i would most likely lack alot of vitamins or nutrients to keep me healthy. So i think it is very important to look up nutrition and know how and what to eat if you are considering going vegan, but also to maybe transition so that you dont end up not eating enough or deficiences!

Because i am not a health vegan i also eat alot of vegan junk food, i eat lots of bread and processed vegan food, i eat oreos and chocolate and ice cream and make cake and eat buns etc So i am not eating plant based because i want to eat "as little processed as possible", but i do admit that naturally when you eat plant based you eat alot more vegetables and beans which are very healthy and what make your body feel best. Even if i love processed and junk food, i also love non processed and "whole foods" best, but i feel like i have a very balanced and healthy intake for ME. And from blood tests i also get enough and vitamins through my diet (as well as some extra vitamins because my body doesnt absorp nutrients and vitamins as well as other people).

SOOO... anyway, i think that if you are vegan for ethical reasons it will also make you stay vegan because you arent tempted to eat meat or dairy - not when you know the truth. But if you are vegan for health reasons, overtime you might feel like you are too strict or too restricted or might end up with eating disorder thoughts or behaviours or lose weight as you arent eating enough. Veganism isnt about a diet or losing weight, but about making a difference, and if you are vegan for ethical reasons you wont want to go back and you wont feel restricted either!!

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  1. Do you trust restaurants when they say something is vegan? like do you get suspicious of cafes or restaurants that they use butter when frying or that there is milk or eggs in the food? what about when other people like your family make you food? and the same with products, sometimes i dont want to buy food even though it says it is vegan just incase it actually isnt? i dont know how i should think because i dont want to eat any animal products and feel like people are lying to me in restaurants and i dont let anyone else make me food.

    1. Im going to answer this in a post tomorrow. :)