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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Day of studying and chemistry, first snowfall and room searching

Hello everyone :)

6pm and finally home from a very long day at school.  I was up at 5.30 am this morning and got a workout in before school, which lasted from 8am until 16.15. Where I had 4 hours of lectures and 4 hours of own study time. Most of it is repetition but there is still alot I need to revise and look over so it's not a "chill" course, lots to remmeber.  These next 4-5 weeks are going to be filled with hours of studying as it's two short but intense courses in chemistry and  I am feeling so mentally exhausted and my eyes hurt from staring at a screen and my back is aching like crazy  from all the hours spent sitting. I could focus on the negatives such as that it's cold, it's snowing and i really don't feel like studying. But instead focusing on the positives that 1) I have the privilege of actually studying, 2) it's fun to learn and all the hours I spend studying pays off in the end, 3) the snow and cold just means that warm showers and cosy clothes feel even better. Trying to find the positives!! And I am so ready and excited for the weekend... to be able to sleep, have long workouts and be able to study in my bed and go for walks when it's daylight, hahaha!!!

Anyway, after my long 8 hour school day I headed to look at a room that was for rent in an apartment. It is definitely a possible place I could live but there are still some uncertainties. If I get offered to live there long term I might say yes, however there is another room that I am more interested in but I don't get to look at it until 2 weeks time and I wouldn't get to move in until February.... so it's hard to know what the right choice is. But I'm just thinking that everything happens for a reason. And at least I didn't have a panic attack and filled with anxiety after looking at this room! Not to mention that I am super proud that I even went to look at it as I was considering not going at all as I was so tired, not to mention that meeting new people always gives me a little anxiety. But each time I do it I get a little stronger and face my fear and step outside of my comfort zone. So that's a positive thing about having to move, that I have to step outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself!!!

Anyway, this evening I'm just going to make myself a huge dinner and watch series as I am so mentally exhausted as well as my back aches like crazy from sitting in the lecture chairs :(

I hope you all have a great evening and remmeber to focus on the positives! Change your mindset and a bad situation can feel a little better anyway, haha!!


  1. Could you take the room you went to look at and when the other room comes available in febuary move there? This way you will be moving from your present accommodation on time and still get the room you are most interested in at a later date? Would this work out for you?
    Sorry to hear you are so tired - make sure you have a good rest at the weekend, and enjoy a bit of a break :)
    We have recently subscribed to a new telly service and its got loads and loads of series and box sets! They are so addictive - you start watching one episode then another....then another! I think its great having all theses box sets to choose from :) What are you watching at the moment? We`re working our way through Lucifer.

    1. I havent actually looked at the apartment that becomes available in february yet... im going to do it in 2 weeks time. And then i would be living with 2 other vegans who are my age and its about the same distance to school as it is from where i live now, so i feel like that might workout better... though i havent actually met the two others or loooked at the room, so i dont know!! But also that there would be 2 weeks from when i have to move out of the room i am in now until i would get to move into the other apartment... so its all very confusing. But i am sure it will workout one way or another.
      I used to have netflix which i liked... so easy to just watch 5 episodes at once, hahaha. But now it is mostly youtube i watch and some swedish shows :)

  2. Hi Izzy - I hope its ok to ask you a question ( I know you are so busy but I`m a bit stuck) Its just that my doctor has prescribed supplement drinks for me again and I`m supposed to be having 4 a day. But he didn't say how I should progress up to having 4 and stupidly I didn't ask either. I know I shouldn't go straight from having none to having 4 a day, but how should I do it? The drinks I have got are Ensure plus and Ensure plus juice and are 300 calories each.
    If you can advise me on this it would be great :)

    1. I would suggest starting with 2 ensure a day and then after 1-3 weeks add another two into your intake. But maybe you can call your doctor and ask? I used to have 3 ensure drinks as well as my huge meal plan when i was at Mando as that was what my body needed and i couldnt eat the 3000-3500kcal i needed so needed to drink supplement drinks. They were a great help even if i hated them, but eventually i changed the drinks to food which i prefered!

  3. Ugh, we had our first snow here back in October (I'm in canada, but the southernmost oart!) and I was NOT impressed. I am trying to change my attitude about winter coming, seeing it as a cozy time instead of an awful time of year. But it's an uphill battle!

    1. hahah i can relate. Trying to think positive about winter and the snow, but its definitely not so easy!! hahaha. Just want summer again, but i guess i just need to accept that its cold and dark and snowy now, so might as well make the best of it!