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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Being suspicious of others making you food as a vegan

Do you trust restaurants when they say something is vegan? like do you get suspicious of cafes or restaurants that they use butter when frying or that there is milk or eggs in the food? what about when other people like your family make you food? and the same with products, sometimes i dont want to buy food even though it says it is vegan just incase it actually isnt? i dont know how i should think because i dont want to eat any animal products and feel like people are lying to me in restaurants and i dont let anyone else make me food.

When i read this comment it struck me alot as the way i used to think when i was sick. So scared of people lying to me about what was in the food when they made it. Scared that my family would drown the food in oil and cream just to make me fat, or didnt even believe bar tenders had actually given me diet coke and would get so paraonoid that they had given me regular cola instead. I was paranoid about anyone making me food and i needed control over my own food so that no one would add something without me knowing. That type of mindset is very unhealthy and very obsessive, and i can understand that as a vegan some might feel that way... the paranoid feeling but you know what... then you have to ask yourself why you are vegan? If its because you dont want to contribue to animal suffering then no, you wont consciously buy anything with animal products but if you accidently eat something with animal products it is not the end of the world and you shouldnt feel guilty, especially not if it was just an accident such as you ordered a food at a restaurant and there was butter in it. You can not live a life feeling paranoid and scared and worried that people are trying to trick you, that is a very lonely and sick mindset and it will stop you from socializing or feeling normal.... being vegan shouldnt mean that you never eat out or never eat with friends or never let other people make you food. Sometimes you just need to be more clear about what foods shouldnt be part of your dish, but  mistakes happen.
  However legally restaurants, cafes and products have to state what is in them or if you ask for a food without milk or butter or egg then they have to make the food without those ingredients if it is possible. This is because those foods can cause allergic reactions, just like dishes with nuts have to have it stated.
  I choose to believe restaurants and cafes and products when i ask for them vegan or buy food that is "said" to be vegan, but if a mistake happens i wont beat myself up over it... I can just be thankful that i am not allergic to those foods because then it would be a whole other problem both for the person and the brand/restaurant.

You shouldnt live your life in fear and it sounds like that is what you are doing. Veganism shouldnt be restrictive or hold you back, you should still be able to go out and eat and not have to panic or worry... maybe just be clear about what the food should contain or not contain and then trust the staff. You are not a bad person if you do accidently eat non vegan and your parents arent bad people if they accidently fry your food in butter - of course hopefully next time they would be more aware and not make the same mistake twice, but if it happens its ok.

Dont walk around feeling paranoid and suspicious of everyone. Instead, dare to go out and eat more and allow others to make you food. But also know that vegan branded food IS vegan, it has to be otherwise it is false marketing and branding which is illegal (?).
I dont know whether you have/have had an eating disorder or not, but if you find yourself too controlling with food and too obsessed and suspicious over people making you food, then you really need to take a step back and not let food control you so much. Not let food give you guilt or anxiety and also question whether your choice to be a vegan is a healthy one or one that might (?) stem from an eating disorder/eating disorder behaviour.


  1. I feel the same! You can't go around your entire (vegan) life being suspicious when others make you food. That's a sad way to live and it's restricting you in life. Not being able to ever eat out or eat atsomeone else's place is just not the way you should even want to live. This being said: Yes, people will make mistakes i think. Especially if they are pretty much unaware about the vegan lifestyle and what foods are and aren't vegan. However when someone serves you a dish (assuming you aren't allergic of course) which turns out to not be vegan by accident but has been made especially for you with ll the good intentions, i think it's actually pretty wasteful to not accept that. As well as a little rude.. I mean i personnaly choose to not eat nor buy any products and food that has animal products in them. But if it's going to be thrown away otherwise and you've actually started eating it already too, it's super wasteful to not eat it. I think i would get over it, suck it up, and just eat it. (although i can't personally eat meat.. that would be too much of a no go for me! Also because i'm raised vegetarian so that's really out of my way...) But let's say someone fried in some butter and the rest of the dish is vegan and i would taste that halfway through the dish i might just eat it and tell them for a next time ;)
    It's just to do whatever you want in the end but i think by being really picky and annoying all the time instead of open and explaining people will shy away from your lifestyle choice. And that should be te last thing 'we' as vegans want. I mean people should see how easy it actually is, not how annoying, haha.
    And you are right Izzy by being super suspicious and not trusting people that really sounds like ED. Something i don't ever want to go back to personally. Veganism is about compassion, not about banning foods from your life!!

  2. Hello Izzy. Happy Birthday, I'm so happy for you that it's your birthday!!🎂
    I have a question for you, I was eating around 2,500-3000 calories in recovery, but for some reason I slowed down and now i'm just eating 2,000 calories. I only have about 5-8 pounds left to gain and I don't know if I should increase again. Also, I do moderately exercise (I do make up the calories) and I still haven't had my period yet.

    Thanks, Again have a Happy Birthday and answer this when you can

  3. Happy birthday, Izzy!!!�������� wish you an amazing celebration with your family and friends! Thank you for saving my life. You saved me when I thought the only thing that was left for me was death.. You should be proud of yourself how far you have come in your life!! Hugs��

    1. Oh, such a pitty. The emojis are invisible :'D

  4. Happy birthday Izzy! Best wishes for the year ahead, enjoy your celebrations with your family <3