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Friday, November 25, 2016

Back in Stockholm and a vegan sweet potatoe pie recipe

Hello and good afternoon everyone :)

Its currently Friday afternoon for me but to be honest neither time or date are of so much importance for me the next  few days. Instead i am just "being", hahaha. No place i have to be, nothing i "Have to" do, so i can just mope around inside and take the day as it comes!

Yesterday evening it was a 3,5hour train travel from Gothenburg to Stockholm which passed by quickly, as i had food with me but also spent 2,5 hours studying. (By the 10.30pm mark it was time to realise that no more information would be processed or stored in my brain so then it was just to listen to music the next hour.)

Finally back in Stockholm and everything felt so normal, like i hadnt been gone for the past few months. Everything just like i remembered and it feels nice to arrive at the station and know where to go and what train to get and just feel at ease. Of course i feel at ease while in Gothenburg as well and i am getting the hang of the tram system and which trams go where, but in Stockholm i just know and dont need to double check!

I arrived home safely and it was cuddles with my dog all night and then this morning i started my day with a walk in the forest which was very much needed. I love nature and being out walking or running in the forest, so these next few days i wont be going to a gym either (making it like 10 days gym free when i actually go back again. But thats ok, i have time for other things now!), i will just be out in nature and going for walks with my dog!

I feel happy and relaxed being home again. It feels nice and despite the worry and anxiety before i realise that this is exactly what i needed. It feels so stress free being here, and after the weeks of stress with school work i dont think i realized just how much i needed to zone out for a while. So even if i will still study, i amnt so worried about my test i feel like i have an understanding which will hopefully make me pass anyway without overdoing the study hours!!

So today instead of studying or working out i decided to make a sweet potatoe pie (finally! as i have wanted to make one for weeks but havent had a mixer), and the result was soooo good. Simple and easy to make and very delicious so i can highly recommend it :)

The rest of the day will be spent with a little bit of revising and then hopefully some tacos and a movie to end the day!!!

I hope you are all doing ok and have had a great week and make the best of the weekend!!! And p.s i can recommend making a pie if you have free time or just need some distractions :)

That bloat when you come home and your mum tells you to "eat whatever you want in the fridge/pantry"

For the sweet potatoe pie i used THIS recipe for inspiration but made it a little differently and didnt do the "chai infusing". If you try it let me know :)


  1. I hope u have a nice relaxing break over xmas and a stress-free time with family! :D XX p.s. cute dog

  2. your legs used to look so nice and strong and now they look so scary thin :/

    1. Can I just say that Izzy is taking a much needed break right now and doesn't really need comments like this :(

  3. Ha! I just love the look on your dogs face with that picture of the pie you made - please tell me you let her have a taste after that! She is such a character!
    So glad you managed to get home safe and sound - now you can just chill and unwind.
    Have a lovely couple of days just being "you" and forget all your stresses. The walks in the forrest sound awesome :)
    Take care and enjoy!

  4. PS The pie looks sooo good! I am definitely going to try it and will let you know how it turns out!