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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Appreciate what you have in life - vegan dinner buffe.

Good morning/afternoon everyone :)

At the moment its full focus on studies. Skipping lectures to catch up on lectures ;) hahahha. No not really, but i feel that the lectures arent much help for me and instead i work better when i can just sit and read the litterature, so that is what i did yesterday. And then today i will go to the last lectures and the "prepare for the test" lecture so i can check to see what i know and dont know, haha.
Next Monday is my test and i am both worried and anxious about it, but will also feel good to just have it over with! And after that it is another intense 2 week course before hopefully an easier and longer course in physiology!!
Its all very interesting what i am learning but when its an intense, quick tempo 2 week course it takes the fun away from the learning and puts more stress on trying to remember instead of understand and learn.

But moving on from studies!! Yesterday my step dad was in town so when he was done working he took me out for dinner. I gave him brownies and saffron buns and he bought me dinner, hahaha. 
It was a vegetarian buffe where the salad bar was mostly vegan and then i could get the vegan versions of the main dishes as well so i was very satisfied, and there was also a vegan chocolate cake for dessert. (Though i must admit, it wasnt as good as my own home baked brownies!)

It was soo nice to meet my step dad again, to talk openly and freely and just feel that family connection again. If i am honest it feels like since both my sister and I have moved away from home our family connection has gotten alot better. A group family chat on facebook with continuous messages and pictures about what we are doing as well as daily phone calls with my sister or my mum as well as snap chat conversations with my sister hahaa. I dont think i ever communicated with my family this much when i lived at home or even when i first moved away from home.... But then again i was very depressed when i moved away from home the first time as well as when i lived at home, but now when i am in a city xxxxkm away from home i can really feel the distance somedays.
Lliek the quote goes, You dont know what you have until its gone. (even if my family isnt gone, i never really appreciated the fact that i saw them everyday when i lived at home.)

So to end this post (also, i ended my day on a positive note by getting to meet my step dad!), i want to say....Appreciate what you have. Maybe send a message to a friend or a family member and just say a little thank you that they are there for you, or just a kind message!
its so easy to focus on all the things you dont have or all the things you want, instead of actually taking a moment to appreciate what you do have and to appreciate the people around you!!

I hope you all have a great day and can make this a positive day no matter what happens :)

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  1. Its good to read that you met up with your step dad and had a nice time out with him - the buffet looked lovely :) Iget what you mean about family connections - when I first moved away from home my relationship with my sister improved a lot - suddenly she was visiting me and we would go out into town for shopping sprees or just for a coffee and a chat. None of which we ever did when I was at home. Its starnge how things change when you are no longer with people everyday, and yes I did feel that I appreciated her more for being my big sister more!
    By now you will have had your test and I hope that it went well. You seem to get a lot of tests and quite frequently, does this help your learning or would you rather you didn't have them ie just study for one bigger exam at the end of your course rather than tests after every subject?
    Glad your week has got off to a good start - heres to a happy and positive week for us all :)