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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

I now blog about recovery, my life, veganism and positivity!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Being suspicious of others making you food as a vegan

Do you trust restaurants when they say something is vegan? like do you get suspicious of cafes or restaurants that they use butter when frying or that there is milk or eggs in the food? what about when other people like your family make you food? and the same with products, sometimes i dont want to buy food even though it says it is vegan just incase it actually isnt? i dont know how i should think because i dont want to eat any animal products and feel like people are lying to me in restaurants and i dont let anyone else make me food.

When i read this comment it struck me alot as the way i used to think when i was sick. So scared of people lying to me about what was in the food when they made it. Scared that my family would drown the food in oil and cream just to make me fat, or didnt even believe bar tenders had actually given me diet coke and would get so paraonoid that they had given me regular cola instead. I was paranoid about anyone making me food and i needed control over my own food so that no one would add something without me knowing. That type of mindset is very unhealthy and very obsessive, and i can understand that as a vegan some might feel that way... the paranoid feeling but you know what... then you have to ask yourself why you are vegan? If its because you dont want to contribue to animal suffering then no, you wont consciously buy anything with animal products but if you accidently eat something with animal products it is not the end of the world and you shouldnt feel guilty, especially not if it was just an accident such as you ordered a food at a restaurant and there was butter in it. You can not live a life feeling paranoid and scared and worried that people are trying to trick you, that is a very lonely and sick mindset and it will stop you from socializing or feeling normal.... being vegan shouldnt mean that you never eat out or never eat with friends or never let other people make you food. Sometimes you just need to be more clear about what foods shouldnt be part of your dish, but  mistakes happen.
  However legally restaurants, cafes and products have to state what is in them or if you ask for a food without milk or butter or egg then they have to make the food without those ingredients if it is possible. This is because those foods can cause allergic reactions, just like dishes with nuts have to have it stated.
  I choose to believe restaurants and cafes and products when i ask for them vegan or buy food that is "said" to be vegan, but if a mistake happens i wont beat myself up over it... I can just be thankful that i am not allergic to those foods because then it would be a whole other problem both for the person and the brand/restaurant.

You shouldnt live your life in fear and it sounds like that is what you are doing. Veganism shouldnt be restrictive or hold you back, you should still be able to go out and eat and not have to panic or worry... maybe just be clear about what the food should contain or not contain and then trust the staff. You are not a bad person if you do accidently eat non vegan and your parents arent bad people if they accidently fry your food in butter - of course hopefully next time they would be more aware and not make the same mistake twice, but if it happens its ok.

Dont walk around feeling paranoid and suspicious of everyone. Instead, dare to go out and eat more and allow others to make you food. But also know that vegan branded food IS vegan, it has to be otherwise it is false marketing and branding which is illegal (?).
I dont know whether you have/have had an eating disorder or not, but if you find yourself too controlling with food and too obsessed and suspicious over people making you food, then you really need to take a step back and not let food control you so much. Not let food give you guilt or anxiety and also question whether your choice to be a vegan is a healthy one or one that might (?) stem from an eating disorder/eating disorder behaviour.

It's my Birthday!!

I am mostly writing this post as a stating fact rather than a super excited post, hahaha. This year there hasnt been much excitement leading up to my birthday and today doesnt feel like my birthday at all. Of course i am not much for celebrating or having attention on myself, so in a way it suits me well that today is just another "regular day", i dont need the special attention and i dont need presents either. The only thing that bothers me though is the "being all alone" today, i have no lectures so wont see my university friends and dont have my family here, so today will be spent with myself, hahaha. But i will spend time with friends tomorrow and my family during the weekend :)

This past year has been a rollercoaster of emotions and happenings and life changing changes, hahah. The time has both flown by and gone extremely slowly. I am not much for birthdays or getting older. It has always scared me to grow older but as i do i feel like i handle life a little better than i did the previous year, i feel more calm and just a little bit more wiser from experience and knowledge learnt. Each year i make mistakes but i also grow and learn from them and become smarter and more mature and each year there are exciting things to look forward to and new experiences and life to be lived and that is what i look forward to as i get older!!

Now i am one year older and one year wiser from the previous year!!! For me a birthday is also a type of milestone and can amaze me because so many times in my life i have thought, "i cant keep going" or thought i would never make it past X years old, but here i am.... and its like i am proving myself wrong each year and proving that actually i can keep going even when i didnt think i could or when i didnt want to!! 

I am going to make today a positive day!!

Last years birthday!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Health vegan or ethical vegan?

Izzy, what do you think about eating vegan just because it's healthy? I have a friend who is vegan and he is constantly telling me that eating meat, eggs and dairy is very unhealthy. Have you become vegan because of ethical reasons or have you also do it because it's a healthy diet? :) 

Well there are "Health vegans" and "ethical vegans" and "environmental vegans" however i think by definition vegan means for the ethical reasons and if you are just doing it for health reasons you are more of a plant based eater. But also it depends on whether its just a diet or a lifestyle.
Considering that i am studying nutrition and have been taught that meat and dairy is "healthy" i do also believe that. I know there are many vegans who preach how bad meat and dairy are and i think they are bad for ethical and environmental reasons (but lets not forget that soy beans and palm oil are also bad for environmental reasons and too much pasta or potatoes or too much fruit isnt good for health reasons either...). So i believe that it is all about balance... and i feel like in todays society people have lost that balance and they are eating way too much meat and dairy which causes too high cholesterol or too much fat as well as inflammation in the body.

I believe that you can be healthy eating meat and dairy, because the truth is that meat is a complete protein compared to beans and lentils as well as egg containing almost all the vitamins and minerals you need as well as health fat and proten (but no carbohydrates.) HOWEVER i cant look past the ethical aspects of meat and dairy, i cant look past the fact that it is an animal or there is animal suffering behind the "food", and that is what makes me want to be (and why i am) a vegan. You can also be healthy on a vegan diet despite what people think. If you combine your food right and if you make sure to get enough energy and vary food intake you can get everything you need (apart from b12) and stay healthy on a plant based diet. But i do understand that some people due to malabsorption illnesses or other illnesses cant stay healthy while on a plant based diet and i respect that as well. That is why i would love if everyone went vegan, but i also know that if atleast everyone ate more plant based it would make a difference because the truth is not everyone will go vegan and not everyone can be healthy on a vegan diet. I know that if i wasnt aware and interested in nutrition i most likely would not be able to stay healthy or get enough energy on a plant based diet due to my CF and the amount of exercise i do.... i would most likely lack alot of vitamins or nutrients to keep me healthy. So i think it is very important to look up nutrition and know how and what to eat if you are considering going vegan, but also to maybe transition so that you dont end up not eating enough or deficiences!

Because i am not a health vegan i also eat alot of vegan junk food, i eat lots of bread and processed vegan food, i eat oreos and chocolate and ice cream and make cake and eat buns etc So i am not eating plant based because i want to eat "as little processed as possible", but i do admit that naturally when you eat plant based you eat alot more vegetables and beans which are very healthy and what make your body feel best. Even if i love processed and junk food, i also love non processed and "whole foods" best, but i feel like i have a very balanced and healthy intake for ME. And from blood tests i also get enough and vitamins through my diet (as well as some extra vitamins because my body doesnt absorp nutrients and vitamins as well as other people).

SOOO... anyway, i think that if you are vegan for ethical reasons it will also make you stay vegan because you arent tempted to eat meat or dairy - not when you know the truth. But if you are vegan for health reasons, overtime you might feel like you are too strict or too restricted or might end up with eating disorder thoughts or behaviours or lose weight as you arent eating enough. Veganism isnt about a diet or losing weight, but about making a difference, and if you are vegan for ethical reasons you wont want to go back and you wont feel restricted either!!

Image result for vegan for the animals
Image result for vegan for the animals
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Beginning to relapse, what to do?

I was asked if i could write about what to do if you begin to relapse. But first off i'll post the two photos below which i think are very good to remember/keep in mind, because sometimes you do something such as not finish your whole dinner because you werent so hungry that day but then suddenly it becomes a compulsion to not finish your whole dinner any day, just because you can. Or you feel guilty after eating so you decide to go out for a run due to the guilt and even if you know you shouldnt because it is compensation you do it anyway and then that using behaviour only once becomes more frequent etc

Relapse is not the end of the world, you just have to keep fighting day after day and continue to choose life without Eating Disorders.:

When it comes to relapse others around you might not even notice that you are relapsing unless you begin to show signs or the eating disorder behaviours. So the best thing is that if you notice you are beginning to relapse, Talk to someone. Communicate. It can be hard to talk especially when the eating disorder voice/control begins to get stronger again and that old compulsions and habits are being used again. But you need to realise that if you dont try to stop the relapse at the beginning it will just worse and you will spiral down again, and that is most likely not a place you want to be at.

It can be good to think about what triggered you or caused you to relapse, because often there is a cause such as stress, low self esteem, maybe getting comments from people etc So knowing that triggered you or caused you to begin using eating disorder habits and coping mechanisms again can help you from falling back again later on in life.

Also be honest to yourself about the fact that you are relapsing. Be honest about what habits you have begun to use again and try to change them.  The habits and thoughts wont go away unless you make them go away, and that is tough, it is challenging but it is possible to fight them and face those fears and be free of them. But that means that you have to decide to change.

Dont accept half recovery or relapse. If you think you cant, then you cant. But if you think you can, then you can!!! You have to believe that you can fully recover and want to fully recover as well!!!

Dont tell yourself that "you dont want to be a burden" or "admit that you have fallen back again" or "think you arent strong when you were doing so well but now relapsing" or that "there is nothing wrong". First off, you arent a burden just because you relapse, however if you struggle in silence and keep falling down then it will become a burden eventually when instead you could have asked for help in the beginning and not have to fight your way back even longer. And also, relapse happens... infact relapse is alot more common than people think though not everyone admits they have relapse and instead just live a life of half recovery. But relapse is  nothing to be ashamed about, instead asking for help and making sure to keep fighting and not allowing yourself to fall back farther.

If you begin to develop another eating disorder, then make sure to talk to someone. It happens, peolpe who had anorexia can develop binge eating disorder or bulimia or orthorexia, or people who struggled with binge eating can develop anorexia it happens. But the important thing is to not be ashamed about it or think "wow, i had such self control and didnt eat anything, and now i cant stop myself from eating" or think "before i couldnt stop eating, now i dont eat at all so this is better when i dont eat/eat very little". Going from one eating disorder to another is not ok, and it happens so it is important to be honest about yourself and notice the warning signs and not be scared to speak up about it. I struggled with binge eating and purging for a few months and it was awful... going from barely eating at all, to suddenly eating everything in the cabinets and having to replace the food because i would eat whole loaves of bread, whole packages of cereal and even a whole cake, and i couldnt stop myself. But i had to realise the warning signs and that what i was doing was another eating disorder and the first thing to do was to eat regular meals and stop the purging and eventually the binges and craving for binges stopped.

When it comes to relapse the important thing to remember is that "one time" is not always one time. I.e if you feel guilty or very full after eating a meal and think, well i'll purge it will only be once, that is not always the case. Or you think, i'll skip a meal becuase you want to save calories.... that might not be the only time it happens. Stop the relapse before you fall further down and remember you arent weak for relapsing it happens, you are strong for fighting and hopefully fighting towards full recovery!!!

And last note, like mentioned earlier. Work on the things that caused the relapse, or things you know you might need to improve as well as working on your thoughts. Because food isnt the problem, thats your way of coping whether its only eating certain foods, restricting or binge eating... its about control and not so much about the food but things in your life that you need to work on!

I have many posts about relapse which might help, if you check out my relapse tag HERE

The path of recovery from Anorexia.:

Past few days in Stockholm and what ive eaten

Hello :)

This is pretty much the first time i have turned on my computer and had time to write since i arrived in Stockholm Thursday evening. These past few days i have priortized time with my family and i just havent felt like blogging or being on the computer, not even watching series or Youtube, instead i have been with my family or in the kitchen making food, haha!!

I really havent done much to be honest but that is exactly what i have needed. I have needed to just do nothing...  to not have to go anywhere or be anywhere, and despite not studying so much (Sunday i took a completely Study free day which is the first time i have done this since i started studying again in August) the days have passed so quickly, almost too quickly.
Ive started my days with a morning walk with my dog, which is my absaloute favourite thing and wish i could start everyday like that. But i must say i do miss the gym alot by now and am already longing to get back into the gym again, but i am thinking what is 11 days out of my life? And what if i was injured or couldnt workout at all, i really shouldnt complain or feel sad about 11 days from the gym i have still had the chance to go for a walk and get some fresh air anyway, it could be worse! But of course when the gym is something i love and i absaloutly love strength training then it feels so strange when i havent been able to do that anymore. Its like if you love paining or singing or theater and then suddenly you cant do that anymore and you feel like something is missing. But moving on!!

My parents have been so kind and bought a bunch of vegan food for me which i wasnt expecting at all as i just figured i would buy my own food and not inconvenience them and i knew that basic things like potatoes, vegetables and lentils would be available at home. But they bought bouught vegan cheese and butter and fake meat and oat cream and cinnamon crisp bread which is vegan etc One of the things about being home again is finding it fun to cook and bake again. Its not fun to cook or bake when i am just doing it for one person and also when i just have very basic ingredients and the same ingredients. But now ive been able to make dinners and lunches for myself and my family and been able to bake both a vegan chocolate cake (to celebrate my birthday), as well as saffron buns and a sweet potatoe pie. And made other delicious food while staying here. My mum is all about me "eating as much as i can" as she is so worried that i might not get the right amount of energy while living on my own, but she really doesnt need to worry about that. And i think it calms her to see how much i eat and that i am still a healthy weight and still healthy and have a huge appetite as usual!! haha

On Sunday my aunt and her partner came over to visit - as well as my step brother, and we ate the cake i made and the saffron buns and i was given some birthday presents which i hadnt expected. Im not so much about material things so i never really wish for anything and always feel embarrassed when i am given gifts - i never want to accept or open them. Which of course is seen as a little rude when i dont really want to accept the present, but i guess ijust have to learn that recieving presents doesnt make me selfish or something i should be ashamed about... i mean most people have a list of 10 items they want for their birthday or Christmas and i can never say 1 thing i want... unless its something like "i would love to have help to pay for my dentist appointment or i really need a winter jacket and the jacket i want is out of my price range... then i can request those things to be a present"

Anyway, moving on!! 

Today it is home time and back to Gothenburg, it feels strange but also good. I am ready to just move into the new apartment and try to settle there for 2-3 weeks. And also my mum is travelling to Gothenburg on Friday and my dad is visiting on Saturday so i will spend my weekend with them. And then it is full focus on studies again before i travel back to Stockholm again for Christmas and then in the new year move again (and then move again in February, hahah). So trying not to panic about all the moving and travelling, but just focusing on the now and getting my tests and studies done and just focusing on over all health, wellbeing and happiness!!

Ohh also, my sister had told my mum about my latest tattoo, but hadnt said what or where ihad gotten it. So when i showed my mum and told her the meaning of it she said that she did like it and could understand that it was a positive quote and meaning for me even if it may be percieved as a negative meaning from an outsider. But the important thing is that i like it and i dont really care what others think!!!

Monday, November 28, 2016


“Though it was not your choice to develop an eating disorder, it is your choice to work towards recovery from one.”
Today is a new day and all of you have the choice to bite the bullet and commit to change. If you do not want to spend your entire life with an eating disorder, then you have to DO something about it. If you settle and remain resistant to change, you will inevitably stay sick. Your eating disorder is not just going to magically go away on its own; it takes years of work and the journey has to start somewhere. 
It is easy to go through the motions and turn a blind eye to your behaviors but when are you going to be honest with yourself? When are you going to decide that you do not want to spend your entire life committed to food, exercise, and your body? When are you going to draw the line and decide that you have had enough? Is it going to be now or is it going to be when you are 45 years old and have already wasted half your life away for a lower number on the scale? 
Wake up. No one is going to be able to save you except yourself. People can help support and guide you but ultimately, it is still your choice whether you make changes. They key to the life you want is in your hands but you have to decide that you want it. You have to decide that you are worth fighting for it. "

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Recovery success of the week

What better way to end the week than to look back and be proud of the progress you may have hopefully made this week!! Whether its recovery or just life related, maybe there is some fear you have overcome or something you have done this week which you want to share and are proud over?

Then comment below and share it!! I love reading all your progresses and it makes me smile and feel so proud over you all even if i may not personally know you. But i hope that you can see your progress as positive and something that you should feel proud over :) Also i have heard from many readers that even if they dont comment themselves it does inspire them to read other peoples messages and recovery progress/life successes, so know that your progress will also help to inspire others!!! :)

For me.... my life progress is learning to take a break. Take a break from blogging, take a break from studying and learning that spending time with family or not being independant isnt a sign of weakness but actually a sign of strength in my case!!! :)

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Questions about exercise and working out

Have you ever considered joining an exercise class or do you prefer to workout to your own agenda and your own pace?

I did think about joining a running group when I lived in Stockholm and felt that I would improve more if I ran with others. But the groups were always in the evenings and I didn't feel super excited to run at those times as well as I do prefer to workout on my own!
   I do want to join a crossfit club sometime as I loved the group feeling which you got while working out there and how everyone kept trying to motivate and pep each other to keep going! I also love that form of exercise with the high intensity!! But for now I enjoy my workouts on my own as they are my time for myself and can just "not think" for an hour, though I don't mind working out with others as long as they actually workout and don't just sit/stand and talk for an hour which many do when working out together!!!

Do you change your diet at all when you are running or training for one of the runs you do? What is the longest distance you have ran?

The longest distance I have ran is 21,5km :) and when I was training for the half marathon I didn't think so much about changing my diet but I did make myself eat more. Long runs don't actually make me so hungry, strength training does. So I had to consciously make myself more.  I did however make sure to eat lots the night before I would do a long distance run as I would then eat something small like a banana and raisins or rice cakes in the morning before I ran and then post run even more. I know one day after a 20km run I had a 1000+ calorie breakfast  (I roughly calculated the calories as I was interested to see how much it actually was!). As I was eating enough I didn't really need to change my diet, just needed to increase on the days I did long distance and also to get more sleep which was important!!!

Have you ever considered running a marathon?
  I have and it's been on my bucket list for years however now I am beginning to realise that I don't know if I can or want to run a marathon.  At this point in my life I am not willing to put down the hours of running necessary to run 42km, as well as having hip and knee problems that can flare up after just a 15km run so I wouldn't want to end up very injured just to finish a run. But never say never, in a few years maybe I will but first I need to get back into running and maybe run a 21km again!!

Do you do the runs for yourself or do people sponsor you for charities?
All the races I've done have just been for fun:) but one day I would like to raise money for either CF foundation or for mental health awareness/foundation! :)

How did you discover you were good at and liked running?
I wasn't actually so good at running, that just came from practise and lots of running.... and I still wasn't that great, and now I'm basically back to stage 1 of running as I don't do it so often, haha! I enjoyed the freedom and feeling of running- once I had gotten rid/changed the thoughts that connected running with anxiety and burning calories.  Once I reached the stage where I could exercise for enjoyment and appreciate my bodies capabilities and how strong it was, running was alot more fun. And then as I ran more and practised I also got better!!! Running and strength training are things which are "fresh produce" so to say,I. E if you go with months without running then you will notice that you might not be where you were before, just like with strength training.  However cardiovascular health is easy to work up again and you will have  muscle memory making it easier to get back to where you were before. So I know that once I begin to dedicate more time to running it  won't be too hard to make progress!

What classes should you take to become a health coach and your passion about it.
What classes you take depends on where you study and also if it's more PT focused or more nutrition  focused. Some of the classes I'm taking/have taken are nutrition, food knowledge , bacteria and food, chemistry and biochemistry, physiology and will be taking health coaching classes  (with practical work), sicknesses and health care/sickness in society, more about nutrition and food and things such as bmr,rmr, activities levels and then in my 5th term I might read some psychology and business and maybe something about exercise nutrition!! There are of course some courses which aren't as fun but most of them are alot of fun and there is a mix of practical and theoretical!!! :)

And why I want to study this program? Well because I want to help people stay healthy or want to be healthy.  Help people with their nutrition to be optimally healthy and happy and then also if I study some psychology and business I can have my own company and maybe help people more with their mental care (even if I could never replace a therapist, I think it's good to have some understanding!). There are some online educations which give people a "health coach" diploma after 2 weeks which is a little irritating considering that I will study 3 years at university and sort of have the same title "though my title will be more "hälsovetare" which is translated to health knower hahha a.  I am pretty sure people who study 4 years to become a dietician feel irritated when someone who has gone a 3 week online course starts writing lots of meal plans and making money. Of course there is nothing wrong with not studying at university  (not everyone wants to or can), but sometimes I think people in university question there choice of study when someone hm else has done a 3 week online course and is given the same job title (almost!) And does the same thing.... hahah.

Anyway, this was part one of some of your questions and I'll try get around to the rest of the Questions :)

(Note, this is written on my phone if there are any grammar mistakes!!)

Friday, November 25, 2016

Mentioning your mental illness/history of mental illness when applying for work

On application forms for employment it sometimes mentions medical history. My question is do you write that you have had/got an ED? Is it best to be completely honest or is it wise to withhold this information?
Have you ever been in this situation regarding application forms for various things that require a medical history?

I think it depends on what the former is for. If it's for a job it's not necessary unless it will interfere with your work  (but even then you don't always need to mention it, that's a personal choice.) but for example if you go to therapy 2 times a week and certain hours you can't work then maybe you want to mention that. but if it's nothing that will affect your work then it doesn't have to be mentioned. I remember when I signed up for my first gym card and I had to write my medical history and I wrote that I had had an eating disorder but in all honesty they didn't care. The medical history is mostly if the illness can cause a problem or be a reason as to why you can't do something for example if you've have back problems maybe you can't lift heavy for a job and then you get assigned to something else.

Maybe someone else has some better advice to share or their experience. I think some can find that unfortunately - mentioning that you have or have had a mental illness can hinder you from certain jobs or things in life and it's best to leave it out unless it will infact impact your work abilities.  For example I'm sure if I had said that I was depressed when I applied for my job in summer I wouldn't have gotten the job because usually people with depression might not show up or there is the stereotypical picture that people with depression just lie in bed and do nothing and don't show up.  Whereas I did the exact opposite and worked an extreme amount which was in fact actually due to my depression and wanting to just work to fill time and not deal with stress or feelings.

Comment below if you have any experience or other advice or tips! I do personally think that if you do get a job and you are currently struggling with some forms of mental illness, then in the long term you can mention it if you feel that it will help the manager to get a better picture of you or understand you better. I have had some people email me and tell me that work was better once they had told the manager/person in charge and there was a better understanding. but I don't think it has to be mentioned in the interviews anyway!

Back in Stockholm and a vegan sweet potatoe pie recipe

Hello and good afternoon everyone :)

Its currently Friday afternoon for me but to be honest neither time or date are of so much importance for me the next  few days. Instead i am just "being", hahaha. No place i have to be, nothing i "Have to" do, so i can just mope around inside and take the day as it comes!

Yesterday evening it was a 3,5hour train travel from Gothenburg to Stockholm which passed by quickly, as i had food with me but also spent 2,5 hours studying. (By the 10.30pm mark it was time to realise that no more information would be processed or stored in my brain so then it was just to listen to music the next hour.)

Finally back in Stockholm and everything felt so normal, like i hadnt been gone for the past few months. Everything just like i remembered and it feels nice to arrive at the station and know where to go and what train to get and just feel at ease. Of course i feel at ease while in Gothenburg as well and i am getting the hang of the tram system and which trams go where, but in Stockholm i just know and dont need to double check!

I arrived home safely and it was cuddles with my dog all night and then this morning i started my day with a walk in the forest which was very much needed. I love nature and being out walking or running in the forest, so these next few days i wont be going to a gym either (making it like 10 days gym free when i actually go back again. But thats ok, i have time for other things now!), i will just be out in nature and going for walks with my dog!

I feel happy and relaxed being home again. It feels nice and despite the worry and anxiety before i realise that this is exactly what i needed. It feels so stress free being here, and after the weeks of stress with school work i dont think i realized just how much i needed to zone out for a while. So even if i will still study, i amnt so worried about my test i feel like i have an understanding which will hopefully make me pass anyway without overdoing the study hours!!

So today instead of studying or working out i decided to make a sweet potatoe pie (finally! as i have wanted to make one for weeks but havent had a mixer), and the result was soooo good. Simple and easy to make and very delicious so i can highly recommend it :)

The rest of the day will be spent with a little bit of revising and then hopefully some tacos and a movie to end the day!!!

I hope you are all doing ok and have had a great week and make the best of the weekend!!! And p.s i can recommend making a pie if you have free time or just need some distractions :)

That bloat when you come home and your mum tells you to "eat whatever you want in the fridge/pantry"

For the sweet potatoe pie i used THIS recipe for inspiration but made it a little differently and didnt do the "chai infusing". If you try it let me know :)

Simple vegan recipe

I know that many people think that vegan food is expensive, time consuming and complicated but i find that it is the exact opposite. Most of my meals are very basic, cheap and not time consuming at all. Of course with any type of food or certain way of eating the money spent on food can rack up as well as dishes can be made as complicated as possible. But i thought i would share some yummy vegan recipes i have seen and you might want to try yourself :)

I rarely follow recipes, even when i bake or make more time consuming dishes i just use recipes as inspiration but never weigh or measure and sometimes that leads to food disasters but other times it turns out great!! I've gotten this "not following recipes" trait from my mum, i dont think i have ever seen her follow a recipe exactly - she just uses it as inspiration!!! :)

Maybe you want to give some plant based dishes a try! But remember that most often vegan food contains alot of fiber which can lead to stomach discomfort in the beginning if your body isnt used to alot of fiber, but over time your body will adapt :)

Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Lentil Curry

Vegan nasi goreng with ginger tofu / Recipe