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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

World Mental Health day

I seem to have missed that it was World Mental health day yesterday, but who knows... maybe it is still October 10 somewhere in the world at the moment. But i guess, there really shouldnt need to be a specific day to talk about mental health awareness or mental health problems. They are an everyday thing for something and sometimes i still find it strange that mental illnesses are still stigmatized and slightly taboo. I am so open on my blog about my struggles, but definitely not as open in my real life.... in real life i am like anyone else, just a normal university student. But then here on my blog i've been able to share most of my problems and feelings, and be so open that i struggle with different things.

Struggling with a mental illness is an everday battle, and most of the time the battle is inside your head where no one else can see or hear your thoughts. No one can see how much you fight and struggle everyday - which is why communication is so important! Reaching out for help and communication is the number one thing you should do in recovery - as well as seeking proffessional care and some form of treatment or help/support.  Without recieving treatment for my eating disorders or recieving support from my family for my depression i dont know where i would be today. It takes courage to reach out for help, it takes courage to admit that you are struggling and need help, but you need to do it for YOUR life. Noone can see how much you struggle, no one can know what you are going through unless you talk about it. People can't read minds, so if you need help you need to ask for it.

Sometimes the first place you turn to for help or advice or support isnt the best place, but there are other people and places out there. .So dont give up if the first option didnt turn out so great.

You need to want to recover. You need to want it for your own health, for your own life. Because struggling with an eating disorder isnt life... its just surviving. Counting down the days to when you dont need to wake up at all. Wondering what is the point of living, but at the same time not wanting to die. Stuck in a grey zone of suffering where you wonder how everyone else can be so happy and how no one can notice how much you are struggling. But there is help out there, and know that there are thousands of people struggling with mental illnesses so you are not alone.

Choose recovery for YOU. Find someone you can trust and ask for help, but know that the hard work and recovery comes from you and your choices. From you changing your habits and your mindset... you can't keep making the same choices, living the same life, thinking the same thoughts and think that suddenly you will wake up happy, or suddenly you will wake up healthy. It is about change and changing to the positive, and just following the "steps". Recovery is like stumbling in the darkness at times, but that is why you just have to trust the process sometimes.

Recovery is possible for everyone, but then you have to want to recover and not just settle or adapt with half recovery or being a functional sufferer.

Choose health and happiness over darkness and negativity and a life of struggling. Recovery isnt easy, but it it is worth it and possible if you truly want to recover. Stop making excuses for why you cant recover or why you are "unique" and can't recover ... instead just try!

Dare to speak about your problems and hopefully one day mental illnesses wont be stigmatized but also one day hopefully there wont be as many sufferers as their are in todays society.

Be kind to everyone and know that everyone is going through something, and a smile doesnt always mean that someone is happy or has a perfect life. Alot can be hidden behind a smile.


  1. I totally agree - there should be more recognition of mental health and far less stigma, after all a mental illness is far more common than most people are aware that it is. It seems so sad that a day whereby it is recognised can go so unnoticed - there was nothing in the media about it here.
    Reaching out for help is vitally important and a lesson I myself have taken on board just lately. And I have found that people are willing to help and no, they are not mind readers. You have to communicate!
    Thanks for the heads up about this - I`m just sorry it when so unnoticed.

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