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Saturday, October 1, 2016

What i eat in a day vlog

Hello :)

So finally i made my first "What i eat in a day" videos. I had begun to do one on Wednesday during my free day, but then i ended up eating a vegetable soup and i dont think i had washed the vegetbales properly or something so i was super sick for the rest of the day and the only thing i managed to eat was some vegan brownies... so that video/vlog day sort of failed, hahaa.

Today however i needed to write a 24 hour food registration for my university course. So that means i write down everthing i eat and also weigh or measure it. Which is always an inconvenience and i wonder "how many of these food registrations will i have to do in my life?". I didnt weigh everything i ate today, i did some guestimation but i do find it interesting to see how much i eat and how much protein/carbs/fat and vitamins and minerals i get when i just eat according to my body. So i will analyse that on Monday during my class :)

I didnt do any talking in the video today, apart from in the start, because my house tennant was at home and the walls are so thin, so i didnt feel comfortable talking infront of the camera...  I vlog when she isnt home as i feel more comfortable then.

Anyway, let me know what you think and if you want me to make more videos or more full day of eating vlogs :)


  1. Hahah that must have been extremely annoying to literally write down everything all the time and measure your food as well. At least you got to film a what I eat this way :p I liked your video!! Despite the fact you didn't talk much indeed but understandable if your house mate was home. Have a good Sunday tomorrow and good night :)

  2. Great vlog! I agree it will be interesting to see how much protein/fat etc you eat when just eating according to your body. Ofcourse you must do more videos - I love them! (time/comitments permiting)
    Hope you had a good weekend :)

    1. Today i calculated how much i ate on average for two days and how i eat naturally is almost exactly what the recommendations are. I.e 50% carbs, 32% fat and 17% fat (calculated based on the calorie intake i require) and with my vegan diet i consumed around 90g of protein which is roughly 1,5g per kg body weight. Of course this wasnt super specific as i didnt measure everything and had to "Guess" some food items in the computer system i used... but its interesting to see how eating according to my bodies signals leads to me following the recommendations and enough energy for my body (or well, i actually ate less than recommended, but somedays i eat less, somedays i eat more and so there is a balance over the course of the week!)

  3. Just shows how well tuned you are to your body - which is really good.