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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Thoughts regarding vegan ism

Ok, so this will be a rather long post with just different topics i have thought about regarding veganism which i wanted to share. Maybe things you have thought about or havent thought about before!

I am sure in the future i will make a list with even more things, but for now this is some of ideas/thoughts in my mind:

I am not in the place where i want to date again, but when i think about it i am actually a little worried about dating again. Many guys dont seem to understand veganism and maybe wont be understanding or want to compromise. And i dont want to be an inconvenience... example, what if we (i.e a future boyfriend/date and myself?) go on a first date and then there is nothing vegan to order and then i just sit there with a salad, hahaa. But also i wonder whether its best to just be upfront and say "im vegan" so that the person knows or to just wait.... but i know that many wouldnt want to date someone who is vegan as they are seen as extreme or just an inconvenience, and you know what... i wouldnt want to date someone who thinks like that anyway. I think my future boyfriend has to be someone who enjoys working out/exercising and is vegan or atleast understands veganism so that my food choices arent seen as inconvenice for him. I dont even know if i could date someone who eats alot of dairy or meat, i would just find that hard to be around and even if i dont want to make comments or judgements about peoples food i would find it disturbing and a little sad to see someone eat lots of meat around me.

I've been thinking about all the items that are non vegan or are tested on animals..... candles, nail Polish, hair colour, condiments etc it definitely makes me less willing to buy things because i dont want to buy wrong. Of course i amnt materialistic and i think its a good thing if people buy less items and products, its just a waste. But when i think back about some of the items i have bought the past few months - such as my running shoes, who knows if they are vegan or not... i didnt even consider that when i bought them.  If anyone wants maybe i can make a list of items that ARE cruelty free and vegan and other items which you would think are vegan but arent? 

Would i buy non vegan food or items for family/friends as a present? Ive thought about this alot. When i was at home and if i was ever asked to buy food for my parents i would just buy the vegan alternative to them, example if they asked me to buy milk or yoghurt i bought them soy milk or soy yoghurt. Luckily i wasnt asked so often to buy them food, so i wasnt put in the position where i had to buy non vegan food. Because even if i wouldnt eat that food myself - by buying it for another person, i am contributing to their animal suffering. Its not just about the food - whether i eat animal products or not - but its about the animal suffering and well, buying a product that has animal substances just contributes to the demand of those products. I think if i buy a present for someone i will choose a vegan and non creutly option as much as possible as that would feel better for myself!

At times it can be so overwhelming when I think about how much suffering happens everyday and so few people care. Vegans are the minority and are just trying to make a difference but yet we are the inconvenience  people. I dont want to be someone who is extreme or judges people or tells people what to do or what to eat, but i have considered joining some vegan groups and doing demonstrations here in Gothenburg. It feels like i want to do more than i am already doing right now... but i know that with my blog and social media i can hopefully make a small difference and that means alot to me! And all i can focus on is what i can do... i cant change people or make people choose to go vegan and i cant end all animal suffering, and when i think about how much suffering there is (both animal and human suffering) it can make me just want to curl into a ball and not deal with humanity. But i know that if these types of thoughts get too strong or get the better of me, it can lead to a depression or very negative thinking... so i am focusing on positivity and the difference that IS being made. Focusing on the change happening and how far it has come (even if i am a newbie vegan, haha), instead of how much still needs to change.

It's always meat and dairy on sale :( Each week when i look at the discounts i get at my local store, it is always meat and dairy... sometimes potatoes or bananas which is awesome. But i wish that they would have vegan options on sale as well sometime. The sale of meat and dairy just means more people buy them... and they are cheap enough as it is.

Veganism has made me more confident.  Daring to post what I want online and not caring if i am an inconvenience. I feel that people can unfollow me if they dont like what i post, but i will keep doing my thing. But also, not caring if i am an "inconvenience" when eating - of course i try to not be a problem when it comes to food or eating out or eating with other people. Mostly because i dont want food to be a problem or a big deal. Either i have vegan food with me or i know that there will be options for me when we go out to eat/eat at other peoples places.

Veganism you set your own guidelines what's OK... for example smoking isn't vegan. And what about driving a car.... think about all the bugs you kill. Or what about all the oil you use or about the exhaust... (though vegan ism is about the animals and not the planet. However I guess there are environmental vegans, health vegans, ethical vegans and people who just eat plant based. )  For example, if you kill a spider or a bug... isnt that animal suffering? Who decides whether its ok to kill bugs and not cows or not dogs? But those are your own definition and what you think is ok or not.

Would I eat super meat (real meat that is grown in a lab from a cell). I've thought about this and my answer is no...  I don't think I could consciously put flesh into my mouth or body.  It disgusts me a little too much, even if there was no animal suffering involved. It's still flesh. However if I had my own hens and they lived a happy life and laid eggs I think I would eat the eggs because I do like eggs and when I lack protein I get egg cravings.   And hens naturally lay eggs.... however I won't eat organic eggs from other people's farms.... only if I had my own hens.

My thoughts about house pets. I think adoption is best and as long as the animal is treated correctly and love for all animals it's OK.  However I don't think having fish or exotic animals as house animals is OK.  House pets and a vegan diet... i know that cats are carnivores so making them eat vegan food is not healthy or ok. But dogs can survive on vegan food... and its up to the individual to decide. I dont think feeding your dog normal dog food makes you less of a vegan, but thats my opinon anyway. I know that my dog - Daisy - loves peas, blueberries, chickpeas as well as soy meat (haha), but she also loves meat. If i adopt a dog in the future i dont know what dog food i will buy, but i would never buy meat or things like pig ears and feed the dog - that would go against my own beliefs.

So this is a long post and just some of my thoughts. Maybe you have other thoughts or questions, or what are your opinions on these different things? Comment below and let me know!!

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  1. '...And what about driving a car.... think about all the bugs you kill...'--> well this is a bit extreme...O.o

    Otherwise, I really love your blog and each new post always makes me happy :) Have a nice day! :)

    1. Hahaha of course that is an extreme thinking. I mean if you worry about killing bugs then it's alost impossible to live a normal life. But it was just a thought;) I am someone who might kill a fly if I have to, but would try to save the bug if I could. But sure if a mosquito is trying to bite me I have no problem killing it... but with an extreme thinning you could ask yourself whether that is OK or not...

  2. The car driving bug kill is a fact though, haha! You kill so much bugs by driving on the high speed roads really :p Though it would go a little too far to not drive than instead. However it 's Always good to be cnoscious about pollution regarding the use of planes, cars, and other transport things. Also with buying as many local products as possible is good i think. Though that's hard for me to be honest with the little variety i wouldend up getting into my diet if i'd focus a lot on doing so. The Netherlands doesn't grow so much variety of good fruits and veg in particular. And i o find it important to eat varied! :)
    I really enjoyed this post btw Izzy! So many vegans are really focused on the health aspects. Well, at least when theý're vlogging/blogging food is popular topic. That's fun to watch and read as well but after a while you kind of find your way thourgh that. And i came to a point where i want to do more as well. So i'm trying to focus more on other, less Obvious, things to incorporate in my daily life. With buyin stuff for others i find it hard to figure out what to do sometimes..
    Especially if my mom or dad asks me to buy them meat or dairy. Oh btw! Really funny story: Last week me and mom decided to not make meat for my dad (he's one of the biggest meat lovers on earth :( ) and instead prepare vegan meats. Without him knowing!! And guess what!? He hasn't got a blody clue :D Really he didn't say anything and didn't notice it. So funny and at the same time super awesome. So while last week we did this three days or so i believe this week we didn't buy any real meat!! So so happy about that. Really curious tbh when he'll figure out though. It's nice this way because when he DOES figure it out we can tell him he's been eating vegan for a while already without even noticing. Pretty cool right!?

    1. That is awesome about the meat thing haha!! With the whole transport and environmental things- a person has to be practical as well. I.e sure you can live on just locally grown potatoes but you need variety as well and all small things make a difference but you need to be able to live life and eat enough and variety- or so I believe!

  3. Oh abou dating.. I'm thinkning about that a lot lately too. I find myselfcoming back to the same conclusion over and over: I simply can't date someone who isn't at least open to veganism. It's fine to me if someone isn't vegan yet as long as they're not offensive and willing to adapt you know. If i would tell someone i am vegan and that person would ask me questions and be interested it would be great. Might take a while as well but that's okay. Would be best if he already is vegan himself of course. But yeah. I mean i haven 't been dating in almost a year now and not in the right place atm i think. But there's a lot of people who aren't ignorend. They're just lacking knowledge and you can't blame them you know. Or like my little brother he thinks he can't make a difference anyway. He'll never go vegan i believe but now that we as a family are introducing more and more vegan things (i'm vegan for over a year now and vegetarian almost my entire life, my parents and brothers not) he is willing to! He doesn't say no to dairy and meat alternatives :) So that's a start! I think a guy who really likes YOU will be interested in your lifestyle and your believes as well. So don't shy away if they're a bit 'scared' or ogfensive even in the first place. That might change soon enough.

    1. Oh exactly. As long as they understand my choice that's good enough and as long as they don't try to change me or my choices! We'll find someone who likes us for who we are, when the time is right :) and it's great that your family are eating more vegan meals with you!

  4. Whaha long comments of me, sorry i really am passionate about this subject ;)
    I don't kill bugs either, or spiders, etc. ONLY if they will harm me. Like mosquito's.

    1. Haha don't worry, I love when people share their ideas and opinions:)

  5. Since you ask for readers' opinions...
    I respect you and what you are doing and the way you are doing it.
    I think I feel differently about a lot of these things. The ethics of shopping (for example) are just so complicated: if one reduces them to thoughts about animals or even animals + environment that is still only one aspect of a much more complex web of ethical issues in supply chains and so on. I think at some point one has to decide which bits one is going to be careful about and which bits one is going to be practical and/or sociable about. Different people make different choices. But I doubt that perfection is an option.
    On the issue of how other people react to veganism: I like your way of looking at it. I tend to feel that it is another ethical problem. That is, I tend to feel that there are conflicting ethical imperatives -- one to be sociable and fit in with those around me in ways that make sense to them, the other to do the vegan thing or whatever else. To my mind, both of those are good ethical things. I know people who eat vegan in private but disregard it in public for the sake of sociability. I think you feel like the vegan thing is so much more important, and the sociability one so much less, that it doesn't seem to you to be a conflict in that kind of way. But as you say, that is leading you into some social challenges, or potential social challenges.

    Take care, x.

    1. Oh exactly. These are just thoughts. There is no such thing as perfection- all you can do is your best. And of course there are so many problems and I mean when it comes to shopping you can think about animal products, transport and environmental problems, or child labour etc etc but in the end you have to be able to live life as well. You don't have to make things complicated. It's up to each person about how much or little consideration they want to put into different aspects or ethical problems. You still need of be able to live life... because otherwise you'll end up just lying in bed. I may be vegan but that isn't going to stop me from living life and that's important :)

  6. Omg You have gotten so complicated through this vegan thing, its sad that this has to consume your life. Its like another disorder. I mean i also keep animal products minmal and if i buy them i buy locally. But i think you are extrem. Which is very sad because that doesnt help the people that have an ed. I mean you feel like a better human if you do that? I think that isnt the real happiness. Its like you are again in your own world were you have to follow rules that make your life more complicated, like in that time were you had anorexia.
    Well however i actually liked you very much but just think about it once, and i dont want to offend you :)

    1. These are just thoughts I have and I don't consider myself extreme. However I haven't just changed my diet I. E plant based eating. But actually changing my lifestyle as well. I've become more conscious- and to some that may seem different or extreme. But for me it isn't. It isn't consuming my life. I.enjoy I still buy products,still go out to eat, still take public transport etc but of course I might make different choices based on my beliefs compared to others. These are just thoughts I've had... it's not like I'm walking around in home made clothes and not daring to stand on a bug or use lights or buy a book because of the environmental problems behind them... I still need to be able to live life. But I am also aware of the different problems in the world and try my best to make a difference.

  7. I find these veganism posts pretty interesting. I think you are grappling with some really common questions and conflicts when one decides to go vegan. especially at a young age. i definitely remember myself passing through those stages and thinking the same sorts of things. I did not remain vegan, I returned to a vegetarian lifestyle after a year or so, but it was an interesting time. I think these questions are largely a by-product of youth, when questions of self and identity and values are so much more complicated and weighty. now that I'm older things are a lot simpler and a lot clearer. I have faith this will happen for you, too. this is a time of transition and experimentation for you while you figure out where you stand and what things mean to you, what works and what does not. thanks for sharing your journey here, it takes some bravery to be so open about a topic so potentially polarizing.

  8. It shouldn't be considered extreme to care about the planet and animals. Unfortunately it is because most people don't think about such details for a second so when somebody questions their mindset they can't understand it.
    I think you're brave to be honest about your thoughts on here. Those who think that consideration is a disorder, are probably pretty disordered themselves. One needs to be healthy to understand that not everybody acts according to set "norms".

  9. Hi Izzy - what a great post! You certainly raised some very valid points and I admire that you feel able to express yourself on here.
    Can I just add to what you said about making a difference through your actions concerning veganism. This past week I haven't eaten meat at all and have been eating recipes I have found on vegan sites online. I have found that with my list of food intolerances vegan eating really suits me and I have been cooking things I normally wouldn't have thought of, thinking they were out of bounds but there seems to be an alternative for everything "normal", which is great! So I owe this purely to you. Without your inspiration I would have still been stuck in the miserable rut I was in thinking of how restrictive my diet had become. Instead you have opened up a whole new world to me and I am so grateful :) I can certainly understand how you are so passionate about veganism so there is no need to apologise and think you are a complication - your views matter too!
    But anyway, as I was saying - this pastweek I haven't touched meat at all and you know what? NO STOMACH ACHE/PROBLEMS!! yhay! I have actually gone a whole week eating everyday with no problems when prior to this I would of had at least 3 days unwell at some point! And I feel so much better in myself too!
    So thankyou for inspiring me to try some vegan meals and now you know that already you yourself HAVE made a difference. So I just wanted to say thankyou xx