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Monday, October 3, 2016

Studying nutrition while having an eating disorder? Vlogg


Ive been thinking about this for a while and thought i would make a video about it as it is easier to formulate myself through spoken word rather than written words. However as i was outside i was a little unfocused.

But basically... studying nutrition and health while having an eating disorder can be helpful as you learn more about how your body works and why you need to fuel yourself properly. But it can also be triggering as you need to focus so much on calories and macros and know how many calories are in different foods, know which oils are good and which are less good, know recommended portion sizes and "good food" and "bad food"... and well - there is alot of focus on food and numbers, basically the last thing you need to focus on while recovering or struggling with an eating disorder.
 But also that i think it is a little hypocritical for someone who isnt fueling themselves properly, to then be giving advice to others about how to eat properly. Of course it is easier to give advice than to follow it yourself, and also if you have knowledge you want to share it... but well, sometimes you need to follow your own advice. I.e it would be majorly hypocritical of me to tell everyone to eat and eat enough and fuel your body if i was doing the exact opposite.

Of coures you dont recover over a night, and well health/nutrition can be your job even if you are struggling with an eating disorder.... but i hope you all understand what i mean. And i would love to hear your opinons whether you agree or disagree with me!


  1. I totally agree with you on this! Addition to what you said: I think lots of people with ED' s aren' t genuinely interested in foods/nutrtition. Like, they do find it interesting because of their messed up brain if you know what I mean.. But if all is well, that should pass when one is fully recovered mentally. So in saying that I think it's best to wait with studying nutrtition or anything alike until one is fully recovered. Then you know better what truly interests you :) Or for example you could think back of the time before you had ed thoughts or anything like that. For me I liked cooking and stuff and during my ed I actually HATED anything that had to do with preparing my own food. Somehow it scared me. I only ate things prepared by others (weird, I know) when it came to cooked foods. When it came to uncooked foods like muesli and breads etc. I only ate it if I had prepared it myself :p Logics of an ed hahah. Back to the topic: So now I do enjoy cooking yummy meals for myself and/or my family again! Just like I enjoyed doing so once in a while before I had an ed. Though I was very young then so now I don' t always enjoy it because it' s a bit of a chore some times. But that' s the adult life I guess hahah.
    Anyhow I like your vlogs a lot! It' s nice to feel like you' re really talking to me instead of just reading the words on a screen :p Have a good week to you to Izzy!

  2. Its hard not to be interested in food and nutrition when in recovery because you are working at improving your diet, making new food choices, eating new foods etc. But I get what you mean. I suppose its ok to have that interest, to be motivated about food but not to go to such a level (too deeply) where you come to analyse everything?
    Interesting topic and I loved your little video! I think its great that you are doing these :)