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Sunday, October 23, 2016

S.A.D - Seasonal affective disorder

Seasonal affective disorder is a serious illness and people are diagnosed for it as ewll as requiring treatment to recover. Over the years ive wondered if i do have S.A.D or whether its just that i am more sensitive to the weather change and the coldness. I've never gone to a doctor but i have talked to my family about it in previous years and my mum doesnt think its anything serious, but my sister says she experiences the exact same thing and has considered light therapy during the winters. Sweden isnt exactly the best place to live if you suffer from S.A.D as it gets darker in october and that dark and coldness lasts until march/april... so basically half the year its dark and cold. I dont want to diagnose myself as that isnt something you should do, its more speculating. But each year during winter and when it starts getting darker i feel how my mindset changes and how everything becomes harder, i feel more tired and low and less happy. Also when it gets colder and darker i either lose appetite (due to stress or darkness...) or feel extra hungry, not to mention that my sleep routine messes up completely and getting out of bed gets so much harder as well as actually falling asleep.

From research i know that people in Ireland and Sweden have the highest (top 10) amount of people suffering from S.A.D so i guess it's not so strange, and my sister has mentioned the same feelings as me this time of the year. But in all honesty, whether its just the "winter blues" i.e a little tired, a little sad, a little unmotivated or an actual illness i dont know. But ive had enough of depression and feeling sad, so i am really hoping that i can fight these feelings that are starting to show now when the darkness and coldness is creeping in. I really dont want to feel sad and lethargic again, i barely got a month or two of happiness. Of course mental illnesses are just that - mental, and not just about hoping and wishing. But for now i am going to make sure that i dont start feeling more negative or "out of myself", and keep taking my D vitamin and get as much sunlight as i can!!

Some of you might feel the same way during the winter season and my best suggestion is to go to a doctor if you feel yourself struggling. Dont do like me and just google and speculate, hahaha. (But i know i have written about this previous years as it has been a reoccuring thing the past few winters).

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  1. Hi Izzy - I hope you didn't mind me asking you about the possibility of this in a previous post. I don`t mean to intrude - just was aware that you suffered low moods at this time of year and wondered if you had ever given any thought to actually having SAD.
    Rather than speculate or self label I would go to the doctor. Just think, there could be aperfectly good reason why you begin to feel down at this time of year and that could be avoided - just think what a difference that would make to you!
    Please see a doctor and get this checked out :)

    1. Haha don't worry I'm not self diagnosing and just reading... I've had thoughts about this for a few years but I really don't feel like being diagnosed or tested for anything. Maybe in the future....

  2. Therapy/doctors will help you, reading about it and thinking positive won't solve the problem

    1. Haha don't worry I'm not self diagnosing and just reading... I've had thoughts about this for a few years but I really don't feel like being diagnosed or tested for anything. Maybe in the future.... but of course I know that depression isn't solved by just positive thinking. I had to start taking medication and change lifestyle as well as thoughts to recover from my previous depression which I've only just gotten out of.

  3. Ok Izzy - you know your body best :)


    Maybe something for you? :)