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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Monday, October 31, 2016

New week and new positive thinking

It's Monday, 12.30pm and i am finally home again after having 1) had a short morning workout, 2) Written my test, 3) gone food shopping for the week and 4) made myself a delicious lunch which i will now eat once this post is written!

Today i am feeling positive and more like myself again. A week of negativity and stomach pain and overwhelming anxiety, but this week i am focusing on the positives! My test is written and it feels ok. I wish i was one of the people who could feel confident after or before a test, feel like all the studying was enough and that the test went well... but i never really feel like ive done enough until i see on paper that i have passed. But i can say that all my hours of studying and focusing solely on my work hopefully paid off! It definitely feels like a weight has lifted off of my shoulders now, however its just 14 days until my next test.... hahahaha. But instead of thinking about that, i can focus on the fact that in 30 days its my birthday and i get to see my mum again and also my dad and younger brother!! 
I am going to make November a great month, and finish the last two months of this year in a positive way!! I want to atleast get 2 months of positivity out of the year, hahahah?

Of course depression isnt just about thinking positive and putting on a smile - there is a chemical imbalance in the brain which requires some form of treatment, i am aware of this. But i guess mindset plays its role as well!

Anyway, this afternoon i am going to take some time off but then i need to start working on a group report as well as start reading for my chemistry class which begins tomorrow. But i can take a few hours of "freedom" anyway :)

Also want to tips you about my delicious lunch:
1) Boil lentils and if you want add soy meat (i dont like the texture of just lentils so i always add chickpeas or potatoes or vegetables or soy meat to my lentils!) and add some salt. Add paprika or other vegetables near the end of the cook time.
2) Pour in some oat cream/cream/tomatoe sauce.
3) Cut open the "lid" of a paprika, put in the filling.
4) If you have more time, then add cheese ontop of the filling and bake in the oven for 3-7 minutes (or more) so that the cheese melts and the paprika becomes more soft!

= super delicious meal. And of course to get more energy add bread, potatoes, nuts, (vegan) sour cream etc

It feels so good to eat wholesome meals like this and to take some time to just cook food and not just heat up food in the microwave like ive been doing the past while.

My food for the week, and it cost 30 euro which really isnt alot. However i will of course buy more vegetables throughout the week and other small things like sweet potatoe!

I hope you all have a lovely day. Think positive, and comment your positives of the day below :)

Also do you want me to post more food pictures/recipes? I just eat simple, quick and cheap meals but maybe that can be helpful to some of you?
(Also things like combining lentils with potatoes = full protein source) :)


  1. O yes please more recipes! They are always so easy and quick to make :) and keep thinking positive, I hate to hear that you're sad or depressed... I know you can do anything you want, you're a strong person! Keep that in mind, I believe in you :)

  2. Just submitted a huge essay today. Taking the afternoon off to nap because I'm so tired- spent over 20 hours working on it this weekend and more before that. Bought myself a yummy lunch and a magazine to read. Also, Please can you do like a room tour or show more pictures of Gothenberg?

    1. Sounds like a good idea with rest! I'm not so much in gothenburg as I'm either studying, at the gym or at home. But I'll take some photos if I walk around the town and such :)

  3. More photos and some of your cheap easy to prepare meal ideas would be great Izzy. And those stuffed peppers look so good! I love stuffed peppers, they are so versatile and filling.
    So pleased that you are feeling a bit brighter about things. I can understand you feeling relief that your test is done, put it behind you now, whats done is done and I`m sure you did better than you believe yourself to have done :)
    Have a good day and a great week!

  4. Well my positive of the day has got to be that my local shop have started stocking the OATLY range of foods, which is just brilliant because being gluten free means I can have these foods! I have brought some of the oat milk to try, as well as the vanilla custard. I have also found some alternative yogurt to try, which I am so pleased about. For some reason the shop have suddenly expanded their "free from" range of foods and are selling lots of different foods they never had before which is good, because it was so limited before.
    I have also brought some vegan chocolate and biscuits :)

    The second positive of the day is that my study books have finally arrived so now I can make a start on my course work! There was a delay through the parcel getting damaged in the post so I had to re order, which all took up time. So I am super excited about starting this course as I`ve wanted to do it for a long time!

  5. My positives of the day are: the sun is shining so beautiful and the colors of the autumny leaves are soooo amazing ;) how is the weather in sweden at the moment? ;) Awwww, seeing the sun always makes my mood rise up immediately ;) and i had a wonderful weekend with many new, stunning people so i try to keep this in mind ;) also today is a public holiday here in Germany so I have free time from work ;)
    Awww and i would also love to get many more recipes ;) they always look yuuum *_* xxxxx Ange