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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Life and school update

Hello and good morning :)
It's Thursday and start of a new course for me... or well, it's only 2 weeks  (and I have a test in 11 days time ^-^) and it's about bacteria. Such as bacteria in food and proper hygiene etc
   Despite it being a short course with alot of work and studying involved i don't feel stressed.  My days will be long but I still feel like I have it under control?

In fact something I realised is that my stress levels now are lower than they have ever been and I ain't as worried or stressed about school or exams. I still have high expectations for myself and put in alot of hours and work but I don't feel that stress building up in my body, I don't feel panic or anxiety.  (Well, it's not completely gone but last term I basically suffered from exhaustion and anxiety and stress daily as well as insomnia problems.). The school pressure isn't lower but my mind set is different. But also I guess whatever herbal pills I am taking which my mum gave me are definitely working.  And also I truly believe that not taking birth control anymore has had a huge effect on my mood and hormones. It's nice to not panic and freak out as soon as I get a new assignment or to completely break down 2 weeks before a test because I think I don't have time!!

Also, my living situation? Of course it's an anxiety factor in my life but I'm reminding myself that I have 2 months and some way it will solve itself so I'm not going to panic and freak out. I had my moment to break down and cry, but now I'm all good again!!

Life at the moment? It feels good. Or well I hate the cold and darkness and that makes me feel a little negative but that just means I have to try even harder to find the positives and make sure to feel happy and smile each day! Focusing on the good things and enjoying the bright moments in the day as well as a warm shower and huge jumpers feeling extra cosy now when it's getting colder!
I'm focusing on the positives and dealing with adulthood and school life.  It's not always easy but it's all about mindset and doing my best.

Otherwise, it is only 2 days until the weekend and i am longing already!! A much needed break (again) where i can just rest and do a bunch of litteratur reading!!

I hope you alll have a great day, and remember that there is something good in everyday (of course, its easy to say this and not always feel this way, but its good to practise positive thinking even when life feels awful)


  1. Hi Izzy - it is so good to read that you are feeling happy again and that you are less stressed and anxious about your school work. Feeling less stressed out can only make you feel even better and you will enjoy your work more :)
    Do you think, and this is no way a criticism, that you may suffer from SAD? (seasonal affective disorder). Its so common at this time of year, what with the departure of summer and the sunny days, a lot of people really miss the sunlight. You can get specific light lamps to help you with this, i just wondered and maybe this could be an option for you? I know i tend to feel pretty miserable on dark, dank days.
    Can i ask you how you make your kale chips? It looked very interesting, and i myself love cabbage! At the moment i am craving brussels sprouts and parsnips (that probably says a lot about me!) so i have been eating them quite a lot just lately. But i`d like to try kale chips.
    I hope you are having a good week and i too am looking forward to the weekend. My other half is planning a curry night on Saturday because live speedway is on the tv and he alaways makes an occasion out of it :) Not sure where it is coming from but the last few meetings have come from Sweden - speedway is obviously quite big news where you are.
    I hope you enjoy your studies, learning about bacteria and food hygiene i should imagine is both interesting and useful to know in everyday life. You seem to have tests quite a lot/frequently - is that a good thing (for your studies) or a bad thing?
    Have you any plans/wishes for your birthday yet?

  2. Hi Izzy - Could you please do a post on your experience with birth control? I currently have amenorrhea and my doctor wants to put me on birth control even though I went on hormones and had AWFUL side effects (bloated all the time, anxiety, fatigue, depressed, angry, nauseous) and want to know your experience too. Thank you!

  3. If you have the "right" pill - ie one that really does suit you - and there are loads so its trial and error before you find one that agrees with you - birth control can do wonders with problem periods and regulate your hormone control. Its a case of whether you are brave enough to give it a go having had a bad experience with the hormones. Think about it carefully, there are pluses and minus to every medication and only you can decide if birth control to help your menstrual problems is what you want. There are other remedys to help with hormone control, problem periods - B vitamins, evening primrose oil etc. Research it and see what you make of it. And good luck! Problems with your menstrual cycle suck but you don`t have to carry on suffering - there is a remedy out there that suits you, its just a matter of finding it :)