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Monday, October 17, 2016

Goals for the week

Good morning :)
  It feels like it has been a long time since i wrote a post about my goals for the week or goals for the month. Mostly because i havent had so many goals... just about living life, studying and being happy. But now i want to start setting up goals again, and focuing on small things i can do daily or weekly to improve happiness and my life! 

So i am going to start off this week fresh and with a better and more positive mindset compared to yesterday and the past week. Worrying and anxiety wont bring anything positive.

My goals for the week are:

1) Make sure to talk to my family everyday
2) Look at the sites for renting rooms - daily.
3) Compliment people  whether its class mates or strangers at the gym (ive been doing this more and more - of courseonly compliment when i mean it as fake compliments are silly. But i love seeing how peoples faces light up when i tell them that they are very strong (at the gym) or other compliments)
4) Try new recipes!
5) Drink more tea instead of coffee
6) Go to bed earlier (my late nights have just gotten later and later and its defnitely not good for my humor or energy levels or sleeping routines)
7) Smile daily
8) Try to reply to messages as soon as i get them if i have time. (Otherwise i just forget about the message and never answer)
9) Buy the necessities and i need and stop telling myself that they are "unnecessary" i.e i need a scarf and hat and gloves as mine are in Stockholm, but i keep telling myself that i dont need them or shouldnt "treat" myself etc (i can never seem to buy anything for myself if it isnt food)
10) Less time on my phone and infront of a screen. Time to start journaling and colouring again... if i can actually get around to buying colouring pens! 

These are just some of my goals for the week! Do you have any goals you want to share? :)


  1. Hey Izzy! Hope you'll answer me this time;). So, I've signed for a gym memebership and now I'll start working out. I already do some cardio(i run or ride a bike) but noe i want to start with strenght training... What do you recommend for me, a beginner? I have no idea what i should do in the gym, which workouts i should do... Do you have any advices how to start? I am interesting in HIIT. Thanks!

    1. It depends what your goals are? Stronger? Building muscle? More capable? As well as how often you will do it? I can't really telly you what you should do as it is so individual. But I would ask an instructor or PT at the gym to give you some advice and maybe help you with deadlift and squat technique as those two exercised target alot of muscles when done correctly as well as being a great way to get stronger and build muscle and just be all round stronger and capable.
      But for example if you only strength train 2 days a week then maybe do 2 full body workouts with squats, military presses, lat pull downs, lunges, triceps dips and bicep curls (just an example!). Or do one over body and one lower body workout.

      And if you want to do hiit you could make a circuit (Google you'll find many!) Or Google super set or tricet and do that ime 1-3 exercises done directly after each other with no rest.

      How you workout depends on what you find fun and what your goals are... for example if you have knees pain or back pain then maybe you shouldn't squat but you can do leg press instead etc but do your research and watch videos on right technique and ask someone who works at the gym to give you some advice!

  2. 9 struck me because I read on another thread that this is associated with or common in people with AN. (I know you are recovered, I'm not disputing that, and this is an observation just because it interested me and I'm curious about it, not because I feel judgemental about it, which I really don't.)

    Your goals are lovely, and I really hope you have a good week.

    1. I've noticed this as well! I've always been like this though but it got worse during my struggle with an eating disorder... then I didn't feel worthy of buying myself or even receiving gifts or items. No matter if I needed them or wanted them.... and I guess that just hasn't changed. Now it's not that I don't feel worthy but that I think it's unnecessary to buy more items as well as I have alot of anxiety around money so I don't like spending money however the strange thing is that I can buy gifts for people and buy other people items no problem but can't do the same for myself.

    2. That is interesting. Sometimes I find that things happen that make it hard to distinguish between for others and for oneself quite so sharply, e.g. if one doesn't treat oneself in such a way that one accepts /takes gifts "for oneself", then it upsets other people too. I guess that is similar to how it upsets others if one doesn't eat when one is at a meal with them; everyone has to join in the taking & accepting, not just for their own sake, but because the whole group grieves if one person doesn't receive with all of them. Sometimes things happen that make me aware that other situations are experienced like that by the whole community too, so that one participates in the taking/accepting bits of life as a member of the community and not just as oneself. I don't feel I am articulating this well, and I hope it doesn't come across really badly....

      I hope you have a lovely week. Take care.

    3. I find this too - why is it that women can always put others first before themselves? strange! Problem I have with buying things for myself is that when I finally get round to actually buying what I need more often or not it stays in the drawer/wardrobe for ages because I think I can maage without it and I want to hang on to it - if that makes sense? I have clothes with their tickets still on them and new shoes still in their boxes, its not that I don`t intend to wear them at some point its just that I know I`ve got them and that's enough. it drives my partner mad. This isn't a new thing, I`ve always been like this to some extent. when in my childhood we were taught to look after our toys and always to put them away properly afterwards and always to play with them carefully - and this has sort of stayed with me. Also my childhood wasn't the best so I think some of the behaviour now stems back from them, or maybe not, I don`t know!

    4. Great goals Izzy!
      My goals for the week are -

      to start my home study course when the books finally turn up

      to learn to relax more

      not to get stressed out about what I cannot change

      to continue eating the vegan meals

      to finish my colouring page - I have got so far and stopped!

      to watch what I have recorded on tv instead of letting it all mount up so I end up deleting it all

      to take time to appreciate the smaller things in life and be grateful for them

      to cuddle my kitten more before she gets too much bigger!

      to carry on only going for walks at the weekend - scaling it back has worked out ok

      continue to go to bed at a decent time rather than staying up to the early hours

      All going well they will be achievable :) I think its good to have goals, makes you focus on things clearer and gives you an incentive and motivates you.
      I look forward to seeing this more often if you make a regular thing of posting your goals Izzy :)