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Friday, October 7, 2016

Finally the weekend

Hello :)

Finally this school week is over and its been a long week to say the least. Long days with lots of work, but its been fun nonetheless! Ive baked bread in class (hahah), learnt about potatoes and vegetables and how to bake bread. Ive learnt about food combining, antinutritional substances in food (though this was a bit of a repeat!), different qualities of food and how to best prepare food for the nutritional benefits as well as taste benefits and not to mention why we salt food, or what temperature to cook food. At times it has felt a bit like a home economics/cooking class, but when i think about it, it is still valuable information! And of course there has been counting calories and macros and energipercent as well as activity level and BMR and BMI. Though all of that is just a repeat for me and not so hard!

Apart from my lectures and seminars ive done a whole bunch of studying in the library - having to read my lecture book in the library as the course book i bought online hadnt arrived yet and the book in the library wasnt allowed to be borrowed. So yesterday, after a great morning where i felt happy and energetic and ready to get back into studying (after the 4 hours i spent note taking on Wednesday), i turned on my computer and trid to find the document but it had disappeared.... apparently i hadnt saved it properly before turning off my computer so all my noteswere gone. My frustration level was on top.... and i just wanted to scream. I dont easily get irritated, infact few things make me angry or irritated, but school related problemslike this always seem to flip that irritation switch. I went from energetic and ready to study, to wanting to just give up. So i went for a walk and then recollected myself and when i got home again decided to sit down and take notes/read from the pictures i had taken of the course book.

I also decided to ring the company from which i bought my course book, and well it turns out my book had disappeared in the mail.... Frustration once again. Luckily the guy i spoke with was kind enough to send me a new one which arrived today, which i am so thankful for - means that i can now study and read this weekend!  Frustrating when things like that happen i.e i paid for my course book and it should have arrived Thursday/Ffriday last week, but never showed up and then i began to wonder.....

Anyway, moving on... i decided to make today a great day! So i headed to school for 9am and sat in the library note taking/studying until 12.30pm when my first seminar began, and then another seminar after that. So finally home by 5pm and i was super hungry and just wanted food.... but everything seemed to go wrong. I dropped the lentil package, so lentils were allover the floor. Then the lentil/vegetable soup began overflowing as the heat was too high. I spilled water all overmyself, i burnt my food. hahahah. Chaos.

But now its the weekend and i am going to spend my evening watching series as that is all i need right now - a mental break!! And hopefully i have some good plans for tomorrow, including a vegan taco buffet - maybe!!

I hope you have all had a great day, and have a lovely weekend :) I am sorry for my lack of posts - lots of school work at the moment. So trying to balance everything as best possible :)

Let me know if you want me to film any video this weekend or a vlog topic etc :)

To end this post: The positives of the day!

Lots of studying and work done
Delicious lunch!
A new podcast!
It wasnt so cold this morning when i walked to school
Its Friday!


  1. s like you 've had an intense week to say the least, hahah. Can imagine your happy it's the weekend now! For me it's been toughas well with my new rehabilitation schedule to follow. It's a lot and i'm bloody exhausted. Though this weekend i'm planning on a magnesium salted bath which is gonna help my muscles restore a bit better i hope. And i need to get my shit together and cook myself lunches. I really eat a lot ofcrap during the day because i slack on lunch making. So i admire you a lot for Always having good nutrtitious lunches! Itend to end up eating a few slices of bread with avo or pb and then continue on snacking all afternoon. Which Always leaves me TO FULL and nauseous. So aannoying!! But yeah. Ramble, sorry :p
    Anyway: I do have a question/suggestion for a video :) To me it would be interesting to hear your opinion on FAD diets within the range of veganism. In particular HCLF diets such as the WSLF and the RT4 diet. LAtely lots of 'followers' of either one of those two high carb diets seemto have or currently are falling off the wagon. I know that it's all about cals in vs cals out.. But still curious about what you, from your nutrition student point of view, think of it!
    Also wondering what you're expierncing now on a vegan diet reagarding energy levels and how you feel and think about muscle building/ what you're experiencing yourself.Just some requests hahah OF COURSE do not feel as if you have to answer this at all. Just that i think it would be fun!

  2. hi izzy sorry to bother you but can you help? i am gaining approx 1kg a week which is tons for me and I'm putting weight on fast which is scary. i am now eating 1700 cals a week but i am always hungry. i can't concentrate on my studies and have no time or energy to exercise in week just body pump at wend. i feel so lazy as i used to exeercise every day but now can't i don't know what to do as if i eat more i will gain too much and i feel like a greedy pig

    1. i also am drinking an excess amount to try stop the hunger but i hate this as I'm constantly bloated yet and always needing the toilet

  3. What is your opinion about people who are declared healthy from anorexia still has the physique as they would compete in bikini fitness all year round? Do you think they're healthy?

  4. Glad I'm not the only one who eats whole bags of nuts in single sittings. XD

  5. Hi Izzy - hope you`re having a good weekend and enjoying a break after your somewhat frustrating/ demanding week :) Your food lessons sound really interesting, I took home economics at school and loved them. Learning how to cook food properly is a good tool to have.
    I know how frustrating it is when you "lose" things on the pc - the times I have done that. Now whenever I need to take notes I always handwrite - that way I know they can`t be lost unless I myself accidently throw them away.
    I have found some great series on TV - we recently got Sky Q which has got loads of new box sets so I am having great fun looking at those - trouble is they are addictive and I find myself still watching far too long into the night!
    Have`nt really got much planned for this weekend - just been catching up with things and having a quieter couple of days as the last few weekends have been full of furniture rearranging and diy, so its nice to have a break from that. But my positives so far are
    - good sunny weather meaning I can get out for a walk ( first one this week - I took your advice and scaled right back)
    - my toothache has finally gone after suffering most of the week (the dentist pulled the tooth when the antibiotics didn't work)
    - my kitten! she is so gorgeous and affectionate!
    - I found and brought myself a couple of lovely new mugs ( I have a "thing" about mugs:)
    - we booked a three day break away for ourselves in four weeks time
    - I have had no stomach ache this week and have managed to eat really well!

    Have a great week next week!