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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Eating more during your menstrual cycle - answer

Hi! I've had my period for three months now and I paniced because I realise i'm much more tired when I have it and crave more food. I don't think it is a increased hunger as much as it is cravings. Yesterday I ate like crazy many apples and i know I eat like 500 calories above what I should eat to be stable. I also now that's fine to do sometimes, like I do it once a week that I eat a little more but I'm afraid it will happen more days now. One day a week is ok I've figured but I don't know how to handle if I feel the same cravings again more days. How do you cope with all those cravings during your period and a need of more resting when you have it?

Thanks for awesome posts!

You have to remember that when you are on your period there is more happening in your body than when you arent on your period, so its not so strange that you feel more hungry and more tired. There are a whole bunch of processes happening in your body as well as hormones being a little all over the place... hence the extra hunger, more irritability, more tired etc
Ii found an article  HERE which might help you and give you some more advice:

Quote from the article: "On top of that, your body's basal metabolic rate speeds up just before and during the early part of your period to fuel the process of menstruation, says Gerardo Bustillo, M.D., an OB/GYN at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center.  Up to 15 percent more calories are burned (around 100 to 300 calories more per day), which can also make you feel hungrier."

You feel more hungry for a reason, and its ok to eat more. Sure, alot of it is cravings when you are on your period but follow those cravings... you dont have to go over the top and eat everything. Instead i would suggest that you eat wholesome foods and foods with alot of iron and then eat that chocolate or ice cream after your main meal... dont replace your main meals or snacks with junk food, as nobody feels good doing that. Instead things like chocolate or ice cream and such should be extras/on the side.

You have to learn to listen to your body and treat it right. Just like if you are sick or injured you need more rest and more food, and thats just a part of life. You learn to listen to your bodies signals and your body will balance itself out.

When you first get your period back, it can be a little overwhelming. The extra hungry might be scary or you might feel extra hungry 1-2 weeks before you even get your period, aswell as being more irritable and bloated, not to mention if you have an irrgeular period so then you never really know when you're next period will come so you just have times where you eat more, cry more and get irritated over everything until a few days/week later you realise it was just PMS and due to your menstrual cycle.

It will get easier to cope over time... at first its just about listening to your body, its ok to eat more. You wont gain weight (and even if you do, WHO CARES?!). A few days of eating more due to your menstrual cycle wont matter... your body will look for balance anyway so you might naturally do more or eat less the days following as your body wants balance. You arent being lazy or greedy for eating more or needing more rest - you are just human, and know that many girls during their period (or even when not on their period!) eat a whole ben and jerrys tub or eat a whole 150g chocolate bar and it isnt the end of the world. And as you say, as long as overeating isnt an everyday thing it is nothing to worry about.

You will feel more balanced and more in tune with your body as the months go on :) Also know that the bloat wont last forever either.. untfortunatly its just a part of being a female and something you get used to :)

Also if you are constantly craving something ask yourself why... are you eating enough? Getting enough vitamins and minerals? Eating from all the macronutrients? Often cravings are there for a reason... for example if you crave chocolate during your period it might not be the chocolate you are craving, but the iron in cacao beans so maybe eat some raisins or dark chocolate or even spinach to get some iron, hahaha. Or maybe its just the fact that you want the sugar and high calories BECAUSE your body is using more energy, or maybe you just want that extra serotonin which you can get from chocolate :)

You will be ok, its ok to overeat as long as its not an everyday thing! The best thing is to not restrict because that can lead to you think about food or what you "cant" eat and then you go crazy on those foods and cant stop eating them. So eat enough and fuel yourself properly :)

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