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Friday, October 14, 2016

Eat like me and look like me.... Rant! My thoughts

Warning for rant- haha.

One thing which I hate and see a lot of online is when people use their bodies  sell a diet or way of eating. When people write /say things like "eat this way and you'll look like me/look skinny". For example I see a lot of people who eat lchf and write things like... "eat lchf and you'll lose 15kg like me" or people who eat hclf and write things like "eat a bunch of fruit and potatoes and you'll be skinny like me".

I hate it... because how people look is so individual. And just because you eat a certain way and look a certain way doesn't mean that someone else will look the same if they follow your diet plan.

I would never tell people to "eat plant based and you'll look like me" because truth is you won't.  You could eat the same way as me and workout the same way as me but you would never look like me or have the same body as me. Sure I can say "eat plant based and you'll feel more energetic or have better skin etc " and write things I  have noticed... but those aren't necessarily universal changes people will notice. Just like someone can write "eat lchf and you'll feel less bloated"... sure the individual might feel bloated but that doesn't mean everyone will notice that if they eat lchf.

I love eating potatoes and oats and lots of carbs but I know that everyone needs different amounts.  So sure, I can write "don't skip carbs. Your body needs them" (a universal fact!), but I wouldn't write eat 60% carbs and feel your absolute best because that isn't generally true. Some people feel best eating 40% carbs others feel best eating 60% carbs. It's different.

But also I don't believe different diets are long term. Most people I follow have eventually stopped following a diet such as lchf or hclf or paleo or rt4  because the diets weren't maintainable long term. Eventually they lessened the strictness and rules regarding their eating.

People need to stop trying to copy how others are eating and focus on what their body feels best from. You won't ever look like someone else... you will always have your body and with your genetics.

A person can say that they feel best eating a certain way but they can't say that everyone will feel best eating that way.  Just like I feel best eating intuitive but some people need some forms of meal plan and structure to feel best... and that's OK as well. Different things work for different people.

You won't look like someone else just because you eat the same thing as them.

In the past I remember I wrote a post saying "you can still eat ice cream and have abs" and I regret that post. You can eat ice cream even if you don't have abs or low body fat percent.  I was basically saying "look... I can stay skinny and eat ice cream" and it's so f**king detrimental to write things like that.  Using my body and how I looked as a way to "ok" what I was eating.  You can eat whatever food you want no matter how your body looks. Of course aiming for whole foods will always be best for health but you can still eat McDonald's despite being 20kg overweight... is it healthy? Maybe not but you don't need to "ok" your eating just because of your body shape.

Anyway, a bit of a morning rant on a Friday morning. But I needed to write these thoughts out!!

What are your opinions on this? Have you noticed this online and what do you think about it? Or do people in your real life say things like this?


  1. A very good post and a valid observation. I have found magazines to be one of the worst culprits for diets and getting "a body that looks like mine" so much so that I have stopped buying them. I am sick of seeing diet after diet and checklists of how you too can get "this body". I think it is very damaging, especially as there are a lot of vulnerable people out there who will just lap this up and spend their lives trying to be something they were not intended to be. All for the sake of what? celebrities have a lot to answer for too where this is concerned as they are always advocating a certain look or a certain diet, and people look up to these people and try to copy them - celebrities should be using their position to speak out about the truth of such diets and try to talk some common sense rather than preach about how they got a certain look and tell people to eat like them and they too will have a body like them. What we need is some out spoken person in the media spotlight to say things like you have said in your post Izzy!
    My partner is guilty of following a trend too and is easily influenced by others views and reccomendations on diets. His latest plan is to follow a meal replacement milk shake style diet as several people at work have been on it and they have told him it gives good results, losing lots of weight in a matter of weeks. I had to remond him that he has been on these before and they made him ill, but I just know that this diet is going to be the next one he will try :(
    I agree with you that we are all individual and to give advice about diets or a way of eating is one thing, to say that everyone will react the same way and look alike as a result is going too far. People should exercise a little common sense and those in a certain position should be more responsible for what they say!

  2. Hi Izzy, I think you really hit the spot with this post. The internet is full of people recommending the strangest diets ever, claiming to achieve a certain look when you only eat this and that and at certain times in a day. I find this horrible and truly dangerous to young girls and women. How are they supposed to find their own balanced diet and their own way of exercise (or not)?
    However, I have to disagree on your comment about eating WHATEVER you want and at ANY weight, like going to McDonalds when you're obese. Weight is an indicator for your health and it works in both extreme ways, being heavily underweight or overweight. And if there is no physical condition which leads to extreme weightloss or weightgain, there is always a mental problem behind that (which should be treated, for the sake of mental and physical reasons) leading to a very unhealthy relationship to food. A person doesn't get extremely skinny or obese with normal eating habits. I'm not talking about being slightly over- or underweight but for example I find these "body acceptance" campaigns sometimes very disturbing since they picture women who are clearly and unhealthily obese and to put it drastically, then their campaign should include anorexic looking girls as well, for it's an "all body acceptance" campaign. In general, I really appreciate this movement - we desperately need different looking bodytypes in ads and should embrace the beauty and variety of models, who don't look like they starved to death but more relatable. But by promoting an unhealthy body extreme just to overcome another doesn't help here, I think.

    1. ^Lena, this is really interesting -- thank you. I agree with you ... except that it also reminds me of how I felt when I was very thin (long ago). I used to feel that people only saw the body, and never saw Me. I agree that "body acceptance" is inappropriate if it means saying that an unhealthy body is a healthy one, and I do, in all honesty, agree with you that a very unhealthy body is a symptom of something wrong. But I always found that the connection between body and state of mind was made so simplistically in our society that it was as if people saw the body and assumed I had X mental problem, which was so far from the truth, and they never really saw me. If we didn't read so much into bodies, but just accepted the PEOPLE whatever their body, then perhaps their bodies would fall into place a little more smoothly too. That is one thing I have been grateful for as an older woman -- that people tend more often to accept you as a person, and to be less interested in your body and what it "means". What do you think?

  3. Do you think being vegan made you more healthy?

  4. I agree. Women do seem to have more acceptance of who they are rather than a focus on their bodiesas they get older. Maybe this is one of the pluses of growing older! Also we tend to be more accepting of oiur own bodies as we get older