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Friday, October 21, 2016

Did veganism make me more healthy? My opinions on different plant based diets?

I have recently been asked whether veganism has made me more healthy and what my opinons on different plant based diets are, so i thought i would answer them in a post!

Its hard to know whether my change to veganism or change to a plant based diet has made me healthier or not. I was healthy before i went vegan, however i do believe that i was overconsuming dairy products as well as meat and eggs and that was having its effect on my body. At the time i went vegan i changed alot of things in my life as well, progressivly anyway... but within a matter of 2 months i made alot of changes to my life that made me happier and healthier so its hard to know how much of a role a plant based diet had. However i do know that a change to a plant based diet has done wonders for my stomach problems, before i had stomach pain weekly and i would be in so much pain that i had to cancel social events and would lie in bed and have the worst stomach cramps. But now that sort of stomach pain is maybe once or twice a month and then i often know that its because of too much fruit or too much fiber or other food which my body doesnt tolerate so well. With the change to a plant based diet i also introduced more carbohydrates into my diet. I wasnt scared of carboydrates, i ate plenty beforehand, but i also ate ALOT of protein and priortized protein in my diet... I didnt think in macronutrients but when i ate food i would plate up my protein source first and then carbohydrates. For example i would eat eggs or quark as a snack instead of fruit or sandwiches because eggs and quark where more protein rich.  But now with a vegan diet i have no stress about "getting enough protein" and my diet includes alot of carbohydrates which i feel is the best for my body right now. Who knows maybe in the future i will eat differently (still vegan!), but for now this works for me.

However veganism isnt just a diet change - then it would just be a plant based eater - i made myself more aware to the animal cruelty in the world. This has had both a positive and a negative effect - positive because i know i am making a difference, even if its just a small difference. But negative because i so badly want to do more, i mean its great that i dont eat meat or dairy or dont buy leather or fur, but what about the millions of other people doing that.... but i remind myself that all i can do is my best, and that doesnt mean being perfect either.

When it comes to skin, hair, nails i havent noticed a difference. Or well, i do take a multivitamin with a certain b12 sort which gives me spots, so i am going to buy a new multivitamin which has another type of b12 which wont give me spots!

And my opinions on different plant based diets saw as raw till four, completely raw, frutarian, hclf etc
   I dont think they are sustainable. And when it comes to being a frutarian or completely raw i cant imagine that the person gets all the nutrients they need as well as having to spend many hours eating and chewing each day and maybe not being able to have so much of a social life because 1) they are always eating their huge amounts of fruit or vegetables or because there is no food for them to order when going out to eat with others.

Also with the whole HCLF diet, i just think it must be so sad to not be able to eat oatmeal with peanut butter or eat trail mix with raisins and peanuts or to eat just plain food or not eat avocados (or very small amounts.) Fats are healthy and your body needs healthy fats. And of course everyone feels different with different ratios of the macronutrients, but you still need them in your diet and completely, or almost completely excluding a macronutrient from your diet is never healthy.

Not to mention that the fear of cooked food is not something i agree with. Sure, some raw food is good but humans have evolved and adapted so that we can digest and absorb cooked food, not to mention that certain food (i.e lentils, beans, certain vegetables) are all best absorbed regarding vitamins and nutrients, when they are cooked. So the whole "you can only be healthy if you eat raw food" can be very detrimental to some. Not to mention that if you only eat raw food chances are you wont be getting enough protein which can cause problems as well!!

My opinion is basically that as long as its vegan, eat it. hahaha. Your body needs variety and needs all the vitamins and nutrients from a range of different food. I dont think eating should be complicated or take up all your life or be a hinder in your social life. I mean sure, being a vegan sometimes means you need to bring your own food or read labels or say no when food with meat or dairy is served. But it shouldnt be complicated, i.e just bring your own food with you. I dont believe in any type of fad diets and i dont think they work long term unless someone is very radical, but usually a person become less strict over time.  When it comes to veganism... just eat vegan foods and stop caring about hclf or worrying about using oil in your food or panicking because you eat a cooked lunch etc

This is my opinion anyway!!

If you have gone vegan, have you noticed any changes? Do you feel healthier? What are your opinons on different diets?

(Sorry for the screenshots... to busy with school work to fix them!)


  1. So happy you're experiencing less stomach aches now that you've been eating vegan :) It was the same for me, very postive effects on my body! Such as less nausea, no more vomiting (not on purpose, just my body getting out food it didn't want i guess. usually happend after lots of dairy and high processed sugary foods), no more binging, usually better digestion, and my mental well being as well. So yeah, veganism has high health benefits!! But indeed, besides that, i also feel much more connected to the entire world around me. This might sound a bit cheezy but it's really how i feel. Also agree on the fad diets. Why would you do such a thing? I don't think it's healthy to consciously deprive yourself of any foodgroups. I mean, if you listen to your cravings it'll be fine. Unless you're allergic or sth of course haha. Have a good weekend girl!

    1. A plant based diet can definitely lead to more health benefits if done right - and thats what i want to promote, as so many end up eating restrictively or not enough when eating plant based. The best is to just eat vegan food whether thats oreos, vegan burgers or salad and fruit, hahah.

    2. Hahah, exactly! There's a lot of food i can't digest unfortunately but that's just a personal thing and a bad side effect from being severaly underweight for way too long. Otherwise my motto is the same ;) As long as it's vegan: eat it! :)

  2. Hey! Great post - I found this really helpful. I really need some help though!

    I am slowly transitioning into a vegan lifestyle and starting with vegetarianism. I have found that, since i have started eating this way, my stomach has been so unhappy. I only eat dairy once a day so I'm not consuming more than usual. I have found that lentils, beans and many vegetables upset me, but I thought this would get better if i stopped eating meat - it has gotten worse. It got so bad once that i thought id magically gotten pregnant and was having contractions! haha (not really just trying to explain the pain).

    I would be so grateful for advice as i do not want to eat meat but this stomach pain is awful and I want to ensure that I am getting all the nutrients that my body needs.


    1. Hello,
      Ive answered you in a post now which i hope helps :) I figured other people might be in the same situation so they might benefit of the answer as well!

  3. I really prefer this way of eating. It is on the whole simpler and more cost effective, and the variations of food you can eat are far more yummier than the "meat and two veg" scenario I was eating before. I thought I`d miss eating chicken - but it all honesty I don`t. On the whole my digestion has improved and I don`t get that lingering bloated uncomfortable feeling after meals anymore.
    When it comes to vitamins I think I may need to make some changes there? At the moment I take a good multi vitamin and a probiotic, but I notice from your post that you also take a B12? Not sure if my multi vitamin has that, will have to check. Even if it does do you still recommend having B12 as a separate supplement? why is this?
    Its really good to read that on the whole your tummy pain has improved too since you`ve been eating vegan and what a difference the whole lifestyle has made for you!

    1. If you are completely vegan its important to take b12 as b12 is only found in animal products (or it comes from the ground originally, but as a vegan you dont get b12 in the foods you eat, or not enough anyway.) Some multivitamins have b12, but some dont, so check that up. However if you consume animal products you most likely get enough b12.
      Also if you dont get enough b12 in your diet (however b12 is stored in the liver so it can take 3-5 years before symptoms show) but being deficient in b12 can lead to problems with the nerve system and other complications you want to avoid. So if you plan to eat fully vegan i would get a b12 supplement, and because of the high dose in most b12 tablets you only need to take it once or twice a week.

    2. Thankyou so much for telling me this Izzy. My multi vit doesn't contain any B12 and I`m no longer eating any animal products so I`ll need to get a supplement. I`ll have a look in the shop this week :)
      Hope you`re having a good weekend! Any plans for next week?

  4. I am vegan .... not fully raw but almost. My plates are full of raw veggies BUT I still always have somes beans with ...and as just cant quit nuts butter (peanut, almond, tahini...) AND OATS !!!
    Love this way of eating and feel comfortable when it comes to digestion (had hard time with animal product especially dairy), not carb crazy has I feel very weird after a carb meal , so not so much pasta, potatoes, sugary food, rice....just oats for breakfast...but also in peace with me.