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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Daring to step outside of my comfort zone - socializing and being an introvert

One thing i am good at doing is cancelling events or planning to meet friends or people but then getting anxiety or feeling nervous or just feeling tired and then not going.
I want to socialize and meet new people but once it is  time to actually socialize i just back out and dont want to anymore.

Yesterday i asked two of my friends at school whether they wanted to go and eat at a vegan taco buffet today. Ii was a little nervous to ask but both agreed and i thought that was super fun and was looking forward to today.... that was until one of my friends wrote and said that she had a fever and wouldnt be joining today. Then suddenly i got anxiety and thought... i dont want to go. What if its just me and the other girl and we sit there awkwardly and have nothing to say. Or what if the other girl doesnt even want to meet me or doesnt want to go or she goes just to be polite but hates it. All these thoughts and i wanted to cancel, i kept thinking i should write and just say "sorry, im not feeling so well and cancel"... or secretly hoping that the other girl would cancel so that i could just stay at home.
All the anxiety and the introvert inside of me wanted to stay at home. But i know that this feeling holds me back in life.. it makes me say no to social events and i decided "enough was enough". If i want to make friends in university i need to leave the house and not just hide away and not socialize because it gives me anxiety. So i got ready and left and i actually had a good time.
It was just me and the other girl, but both of us are vegan so we had things to talk about that as well as school and travelling etc Its good to meet and talk to people outside of school so that its not just a "school acquaintence" thing, but also ive realized that I need to be the one to suggest meeting or doing things, because my friends who already have their lives in gothenburg dont really think about inviting me to do things, as they already have their friends and lives here. Whereas i am the new one and still trying to make friends and have people to hang out with outside of school.

I always feel strangely proud over myself when i conquer that voice in my head that says "stay at home". Each time i refuse to listen to that voice, the more confident i feel!

If you feel that you suffer from the same thing or feel that anxiety or fear holds you back, or you are very much introverted... just know that it gets easier and that you just have to force yourself out of the house and dare to talk to people. Dare to socialize. And not let the voice that says "everyone hates me. Or people just hang out with me because of sympathy" control you or hold you back from socializing - because it isnt worth it. Making friends is about daring to talk to new people, suggesting that you meet and do things, its the only way really.
Push past the uncomfortable feeling and the anxiety and know that even if you just go for 10 minutes to a social event, it means that you have atleast tried and that is the important thing!

This evening it was supposed to be a vegan meet up in Gothenburg, but the event got cancelled, which i am a little upset over but at the same time relieved about, because it is cold and im tired and ive had enough socializing for the day, hahahah! But hopefully i will go when the meet up gets rescheduled!!

Anyway... to end this post, it seems like my previous post got a little misinterpreted. It was just thoughts i had. There are SO MANY THINGS to take into condsideration and so many different aspects and reasonings and different stances on things and there is no way you can do it all. You still need to be able to live life! Those were just hypothetical thoughts i had and yes, my lifestyle HAS changed thats the point about veganism. I havent just changed my diet, but my lifestyle as well and that makes me think more about things before i buy them or just about different world problems... its good to be aware of the different problems, but once again you cant become overcome by the problems because then you just feel paralyzed and overwhelmed by it all. And you need to be practical and live life. Its hard to explain over text, it would be easier to talk about it... but for now im not going to do that as i have already written the long text, haha!! But do feel free to leave your opinon or comment if you have anything to add, i dont take things personally unless it is an actual attack on me!

Anyway, ending this post here so that it doesnt get too long! 

I hope you have all had a great day and have a lovely weekend :)

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  1. yay! lovely post, made me smile. so glad you had a lovely time out with your friend, and are making progress through the social anxiety thing <3 :)

  2. Well done!! Really if this is something so hard for you to do, then BE proud. That' ll boost your self esteem I think :)
    About your previous post: People might interpret it as if you' re completely obsessed about living a perfect life. But honestly it didn' t came across like that to me at all. Not in the slightest actually.
    Like you said yourself: It's about doing what you can do. Not about being the most perfect and conscious living human being on the planet. Besides, it would be amazing already if people just put the idea of veganism being extreme aside and focus more on what they can do themselves to make a change! Even a meal a day is a change already you know :) You don't necessarily have to turn your life upside down if you don't want to imo. But neglecting everything that's going on is something I can't wrap my mind around personally!
    Lastly: This buffet you went to looks super yummy :D

  3. i identify so much with this post! i'm a die-hard introvert and have struggled all my life with wanting to have a good social life but then feeling unwilling to follow through. even now, in my 30s, I still feel a little thrill of triumph whenever I go out with a group, just like you described. I, too, have realized that the best way to realize my goal of having friends is to be the one to initiate plans. it can be a bit scary to put yourself out there, but like anything else, practice makes perfect. it is also a good confidence booster to be the initiator. I'm excited for you to be making friends and stepping out of your comfort zone! wishing doesn't get us far, but action will take you the distance, and you are taking action!

  4. Well done for achieving your successful social arrangement! I can fully understand how difficult this was for you so you have done really well to see it through when you had so many doubts about what you were doing. Hopefully you can build on this and the other girl will become a friend :)
    Hope you have a great week ahead!

  5. That is so cool that you pushed yourself to do that Izzy.