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Monday, October 31, 2016

Body love and bloating

Yesterday i began thinking about how i havent been writing so many posts about body love or bloating recently, and the many reason for that is that i dont think about those things. I remember when bloating was the worst thing i knew, it would ruin my day completely. If i was bloated i would hate myself, feel fat and not feel good at all. Now if i am bloated, it just doesnt matter.... i know it will pass. Sometimes it takes a few hours to pass, other times it takes 5 days to pass but in the end it does.... and i also know that it will be back again sooner or later. Everyone bloats in the evening due to food and water consumption and that is just something to accept. But also that certain foods cause more bloating or if you are stressed or you are on/about to have your period that can all cause bloating... so basically its just something to accept.

Of course if the bloating is accompanied with lots of pain or cramps (that arent because of your menstruation), then it can be good to get it checked out - just in case. You never know if you could have something like IBS or other stomach issues which are the cause of bloating... because even if bloating to some extent is normal, if it is accompanied by pain and a constant or frequent thing, then it can be good to get it checked out.

Anyway, i get so many questions wondering how to deal with bloating or how to make it go away, or how to love yourself after weight gain and my honest answer is just "you will eventually if you change your thoughts". Its all in your mind and like my previous post said, its not your stomach you need to change, its your thoughts.

When im bloated it doesnt steer my day. My focus is not on my appearance as there are far more important things in life than how my body looks. Its something you come to just accept when you begin to focus more on life and less on how you look. When you realise that your appearance really isnt that big of a deal, and of course hygien and some sort of standard is always a good idea, but spending hours of your day trying to shape your body or think about your body will just take energy from other things in your life. It is not much of a life if you cancel all your plans just because you are bloated, or if you restrict yourself just so that you dont bloat..... its better to just accept it and learn to love your body.

And when it comes to body love, that is just a process of accepting and changing your thoughts. Saying positive things about yourself, realizing that you are more than a clothes size, more than the reflection in the mirror, more than your body. Find things that make you happy, create a  life that gives you joy and do things that you like. When you begin to emmerse yourself into study or work or friends or a hobby you begin to care less about your physical appearance because you realise that there is more to life than that, but also that focusing all your thoughts on your body takes time from other things that are more important.

Accepting and changing mindset is the best way. Be kind to yourself. Create a  life you enjoy. Find hobbies you are good at or hobbies you like. Less time spent infront of the mirror, change thoughts and if you workout to change your body then try a different form of exercise or stop exercising to break that negative habit. Also less time spent infront of mirrors and less time spent staring at accounts that might trigger you make you feel bad. More focus on positivity and self love!!

Its a process and takes time, but it is possible. The less you focus on it, the less you care!

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  1. Its so hard when you are bloated not to let it get you down and affect your mood - I know it makes me feel very uncomfortable and really quite wretched. But as you say the best thing is just to try to get on with life and not dwell too much on the negative. It is a learning curve - one that I am gradually learning to do!

    1. It gets easier over time to stop caring about bloating. It's just something that happens and something you need to learn to accept. Of course it sucks when bloating is accompanied by pain, but bloating happens.... learn to try to not care or let it control you. It's a process but as you focus on other more important things in life you realise that bloating really isn't a big deal.

  2. This is such a lovely post!! Life is about so much more than fighting the bloat and letting it dictate what clothes you wear and how you feel.
    Thank you for the reminder :) this is something I still struggle with, but it's becoming less and less of an issue each day

    1. Oh exactly. Bloating really isn't a big thing in my life anymore. I still bloat often but it just doesn't phase me, and thats due to a mental change and focusing less on my body and appearance and more on life!

  3. And most of the time you yourself think it is worse than it actually is, and other people really don`t notice any difference! You are so right that it shouldn't be our focus. There are so many other things to life than having a bit of a bloat. I am going to make this one of my goals for this month - to not let it get me down and not to dwell too much when I bloat!